All I Have Left

By Finaille Nailo


" Misty, Brock, I can't go out and battle! What if I lose?" Ash is asking them, as Misty is dragging Ash to the Pokemon stadium, and Brock is watching.

" What happened to " I'm gonna be a Pokemon trainer someday" remark, Ash?" Misty says, imitating Ash. " You're going out there, and you're going to win the Johto League Championships whether you like it or not." Misty demands.

" Pika." Pikachu says with a sweatdrop.

" Um, I don't like it! Please! I'm not ready!" Ash says. Misty continues to drag him, and Brock has a huge grin on his face. They finally enter the stadium, and Ash finally gets acting back to normal. Before Misty and Brock leave to get a seat to watch the battle, Ash stops them.

" Misty! Brock! Wait a minute!" Ash yells. Only Misty hears him, and she goes back into the stadium.

" Yeah?" Misty asks.

" Come here for a second." Ash says. Misty goes to him. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small wrapped box. He gives it to Misty.

" What is this for?" Misty asks.

" It's for being such a good friend. just, don't open in until after my battle is over, ok?" Ash asks.

" Ok. Why?" Misty asks. Ash hugs her quick without a reply.

" I have to go. I'll see you later." Ash says. Misty waves and leaves the stadium to find a seat to watch the battle.

**************************************************************************** *****

After the battle.

"I'm so happy Ash won!" Misty says to Brock.

" We should throw a party. And invite all the Nurse Joy's and Officer Jenny's." Brock says, drooling. Misty hits the back of his head with her palm. " You have serious problems. I should take you to a GUY psychologist." Misty says. Brock sulks. They walk in the stadium to look for Ash.

" Ash! Are you here?" Brock yells inside the stadium. They look around for a long time, when Misty remembers the locket. She pulls it out of her backpack.

" I wonder what it is." She says to herself, while opening it. She opens the small box after taking off the wrapping paper, and inside was a beautiful gold locket. Brock sees Misty looking at something, and goes to sit next to her.

" Hey Mist, what is that?" Brock asks. Misty doesn't say anything, as she opens the locket. Inside was a picture of Ash and Misty, at the last PokeBall they were at. They went as each other's date, and were required to get a picture. Misty smiles, when she notices a small piece of folded paper with her name on it, lying on the ground. She picks it up. It reads:

Dear Misty,

After my battle today, I'm going to go off to train on my own. I feel like you two are going to fall way behind me, so I thought it would be better if I just left. Misty, don't bother looking for me. I don't know where I'm headed off to, just where I feel like I'm being called to. I do want to see you again, though, because I love you more than anything in this world does. I want you to live your life normally for now, continue traveling with Brock, or whatever. So, in five years, you can look for me. Until then, goodbye.

Love Ash

Misty quietly folds the note back up.

" Brock?" Misty asks him.

" Yeah?" Brock asks back.

" Ash isn't coming back." Misty says. Brock gave Misty a stunned look.

" What do you mean?" Brock asks.

" He left! For good!" Misty says.

" Why?" Brock asks.

" I don't know. He left me with this note." Misty says, handing it to Brock. Brock quietly reads the note.

" I see." Brock says. " . so what are we going to do?"

" Do exactly what he told us to. Live our lives normally." Misty says. " Then in five years, we'll go looking for him again."

" I so knew he liked you." Brock says with a smile. " How do you feel about him?"

" Uh. that's none of your business!" Misty says. Brock grins.

" I think somebody has a crush." Brock says in a sing song voice. Misty raises her fist.

" You better shut up!" Misty says.

" Ooh, I'm scared!" Brock says. Misty smacks him on the head.

" Oh shut up you big baby." Misty says while Brock rubs his head.

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