I own none of the characters from either Neon Genesis Evangelion or the characters from Robotech, they belong to Gainax and Harmony Gold, I think. This is a very odd little fusion story, and can be blamed on too much coffee and too little sleep. Or just temporary insanity...

Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Robotech

"A very successful mission, Lt. Langley," her immediate superior beamed at her from behind his desk, rumpled black hair falling into his eyes.

"Successful? Successful!" Asuka gaped at him in shock, "We were nearly killed!" She shook her head, remembering what had happened out in the dogfight only a few hours ago.

There was a fireball where her enemy was, and Asuka plowed her fighter straight through it while she tried to get a read on the battle all around her and her two wingmen. The skies above the SDF-1 were filled with human and alien mecha, and they were barely holding their own.

On Asuka's console screen a face appeared, red eyes and a crop of blue hair under a flight helmet. "They're about to break through in quadrant five," Rei reported in her deadpan way, "I'm moving to reinforce."

"Ayanami," Asuka yelled out as the girl cut her off, peeling away in her blue marked fighter, "that's where the greatest concentration of the enemy's Angel suits are! It's suicide." There was no answer, she just kept on going.

"Shinji!" Asuka barked as she switched channels, bringing the black haired young man up on her over view screen.

"If Ayanami wants to commit suicide, let her," the black haired pilot shrugged, "it doesn't matter. We're all basically irrelevant, anyway."

"Baka!" she growled. Asuka grit her teeth before ordering, "We're going in after her."

They both pulled off a turn that would have torn a normal fighter apart, and then dove into the firestorm after Rei. The variable fighter Evangelion was the greatest innovation to come out of Gendo Ikari's study of the wrecked alien starship, a fighting vehicle that was generations ahead of anything else humanity had.

Bobbing and weaving they raced through both enemy and human fighters leaving more enemy fireballs in their wake, reaching quadrant five in only moments. Rei had shifted to EVA mode, her vulcan cannon blazing as she cut down the sleek Angel suits the Zentradi used. Shinji and Asuka took up positions beside her as their fighters transformed as well, heavy cannons blazing against the enemy force only a stone throw's away.

There was just a bit of surprise in Rei's normally cool voice as she said to them, "You didn't have to follow me in here."

Asuka cursed softly, "You don't get to die that easy, Ayanami."

"Incoming," Shinji noted nonchalantly.

Asuka saw the additional swarm of fighters coming in and hefted her cannon, "Let's just hope we don't run out of bullets, then."

Back in the office Kagi scratched at his stubble covered chin as he offered her a charming smile, "Well, it seems you didn't run out of bullets, so everything's all right." He sat back in his chair and beamed at Asuka, seeing the throbbing red vein in her forehead.

Asuka looked like she was fighting the urge to hit him. "Look, I'm not a subtle person," she said, "so I'll just tell it to you directly. Ayanami is suicidal crazy, and Ikari is so damn passive he doesn't even care! Reassign me!"

"We can't do that. You're the only one who's survived the Angels of Death for any length of time," he blurted out.

"Angels of Death?" Asuka repeated weakly.

"Well, that's the nickname that Ikari and Ayanami have picked up," Kagi quietly admitted. "You see, no lieutenant has survived commanding them for more than a week. You're the fist one to last as long as you have," he shrugged.

Asuka flopped down in her chair with a weary sigh, "Mein Gott."

Kagi looked a bit embarrassed, "You remember when you punched out that admiral for grabbing your ass? It seems he was feeling vindictive, so he pulled strings to see the two of them assigned to you. He didn't expect you to survive."

"So what do I do now?" Asuka mumbled.

"No other lieutenant is willingly going to take those two on," he explained apologetically. He brightened a bit as he said, "At least you're getting plenty of kills, now. I've heard you already made ace. And who knows, you might even get promoted."

Asuka put her head in her hands and moaned, "I need a beer."

It was a sentiment being echoed on the bridge as the ship's Captain said morosely, "I need a beer." Misato Kisaragi looked over at her second in command, "Could I just go off duty a few minutes to get one? I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm."

"No, you can't," Ritsuko Akagi said to her firmly, pushing back her long blonde hair with a smile, "it would set a bad example for the troops."

"But I want a beer," Misato wined.

"Sempai's right," Maya spoke up from her post beside Ritsuko, "besides, something could happen while you were gone."

Softly Ritsuko said to Maya, "I thought I told you only to call me sempai in the bedroom."

"Sorry," Maya blushed cutely.

Misato sweatdropped, and decided that she just didn't want to know. Her personal screen chimed and Misato answered, "Yes?"

Gendo Ikari's face appeared, looking especially creepy today. His hair was standing straight up, and his eyes had that odd sheen to them again. "The new fighter design is ready," he laughed, "we can begin the test runs soon."

"Thank you," Misato smiled and disconnected. With a sigh she looked over at Ritsuko and said, "Gendo has a new fighter design to test. Do we have any pilots that we can afford to loose if this goes wrong again?"

"Again?" Maya echoed weakly.

"His last design blew up on the launch pad," Ritsuko explained with a sigh.

"Hunter had nearly made it to being transferred back to being a combat pilot as well," Misato mused. She sighed, "It's too bad, he was cute, too."

"He was also much younger than you," Ritsuko added.

"I wasn't going to take him to bed or anything," Misato said defensively, "I was just saying that he was cute."

"With you, cute usually leads to bed," Ritsuko smirked.

Maya shook her head and tried to ignore their arguing. "Whom did you want to assign to Gendo's flight test?" she brought them back on topic.

"Who's assigned to the Angels of Death this month?" Misato asked, using the nickname of Ikari and Ayanami, the two most lethal pilots they had, both to the enemy forces and to their own commanding officers.

"Asuka Langley," Maya read off the data swiftly.

"Let's assign her," Ritsuko agreed, "maybe Gendo will put the poor girl out of her misery."

To be continued...?

Author's Notes: Probably not, honestly. For those who didn't see it, Robotech was in part an Americanized version of the anime Macross, the segment I'm dealing with here. It's a fusion, so I subbed in some 'Eva' elements, like the villains called Angels, and referring to the fighters as Evangelion. I replaced the main characters of Robotech with the Evangelion cast, making some changes to get them to fit. The pilot Gendo blew up was Rick Hunter, the main character of the first segment of Robotech, and whom Asuka is replacing, more or less.