Title: It's Just A Crush

Disclaimer: I've checked again and I still don't own the WWE or it's Superstars.

Summary: Chloe goes on the road to spend time with her Uncle and has to deal with the crush she had so many years ago and comes to realize maybe it can blossom into something more.

Side Note: For those of you that read my last story It's My Time I've decided not to do an epilogue but maybe after this story is finished I will write a small sequel to it. Until then I hope you all enjoy this story.

As I step off the plane I look around in hopes of seeing my uncle. I walk a little further out into the terminal when I hear someone call my name. I see a man holding a sign that says Chloe Thompson. " Hi, I'm Chloe Thompson. Did my uncle send you?" The man tells me that my uncle had gotten tied up at work and sent him to get me. We collect my bags and walk outside. I fully expected to see just a regular car but when the driver pulls up in a limo my jaw drops. I can't believe it my uncle still remembers my fascination with limos. I don't know how anyone can ride in one and not feel glamorous. The driver opens the door for me and I hop right in. After a 45-minute drive we finally stop. The driver opens the door for me and I stand in front of the arena. It's still so cool to know my uncle is one of the top WWE Superstars. Even though I've watched it since I was a little kid. I take out my backstage pass my uncle had pre- sent me and walk to the back.

I flash my pass at the security guard. " Well Miss, are you one of our new diva's?" I blush and tell him I am just visiting my uncle. He tells me I could easily pass as a diva. I was a really gawky looking teenager but I've changed over the past few years yet it's still weird for me to have someone compliment me. The driver hands my bags over to the guard and he promises me he will take care of them for me. I wander around backstage for a while. It's been five years since I've been backstage at a WWE event. I guess I must have been so caught up in my daydreaming I didn't watch where I was going until I bumped into someone. " I am so sorry, here let me help you pick up your papers." As I go to hand the papers back over to the person I look up and see it's Stephanie. She glances up at me. " Chloe, is that you? Oh my god you've grown up. I almost didn't recognize you but I would never forget those eyes." We hug and I apologize again for bumping into her. " Chloe don't worry about it. The guys around here never pay attention to where they going and I'm always getting bumped into. Your uncle told me you were coming to visit. Have you seen him yet?" I tell her I just got there and she tells me he is down in the ring practicing.

She shows me the way and apologizes for having to run off but she has a meeting. She tells me she will come find me later on so we can catch up. I peek my head out of the curtain and see my uncle in the ring goofing off with another wrestler. I walk down to the ring and see my uncle throw him into the corner. I decide to call out to him. " Hey you big idiot, don't you know how to play well with others?" When he turns to look at me his eyes widen and he gets this big smile on his face. " Chloe baby, is that you?" I look at him like no duh who else would it be? " Yes Uncle Glen it's me. Do you think you can spare a few minutes of your time to say hi, considering I flew all the way out here just to see you?" He hops out of the ring and picks me up in a big bear hug. He always did give the best hugs. Except this time I'm running out of air. I smack him on the back. " Uncle Glen I'm starting to see the white light care to loosen up the death grip." He puts me down and steps back to look at me.

" Damn Chloe when did you go and grow up on me. You look beautiful sweetheart but then again you always were." I smack him on the arm. I have to admit I've come a long way since the last time he had seen me. I used to have to wear these bottle coke glasses when I was younger. If that wasn't bad enough I had braces and I was thin as a rail; plus I always used to wear my hair pulled back because every time I tried to wear it down it looked like a bird's nest, no matter how much gel I put in to it. Do you know what it's like to have been a fifteen year old girl with no breasts and no body what's so ever hanging out backstage with the WWE diva's, the women with bodies like goddesses? When I was eight-teen I finally blossomed, as my mom likes to call it. Now at twenty years old I've definitely grown into my body. The braces are gone and so are the braces. I've filled out in all the right places except now I think my hips are too big. And thanks to the miracle invention of straightening irons I can have straight hair any time I please. I always felt ugly when I was younger but my uncle always told me how beautiful I was, especially my eyes. I have jet- black hair with crystal clear blue eyes, which people have told me are a startling combination. Thankfully now I don't have to keep them hidden behind glasses.

My uncle grabs my hand and pulls me over to meet his friend. I know most of the older guys in the company but this guy has only been here the last two years or so. Of course that doesn't mean I'm not a big fan. " Chloe I would like you to meet Shane Helms. Otherwise known as." Before he can finish talking I am already speaking. " Otherwise know as the Hurricane. It's very nice to meet you I'm a very big fan." We make small talk for a little while then Shane says he has to go but tells me he will meet up with me later on. My uncle tells me we can go see some of the guys I know. They have all been waiting to see me.

He takes my hand and walks with me backstage. We go to one of the locker rooms and he knocks on the door to make sure everyone is dressed. Damn here I was hoping to see someone in their towel at least. He walks into the room and pulls me in front of him. " I'm sure you guys remember this little lady right?" I look around and see Steve, Kevin, Hunter and Shawn. Kevin stands up and comes over to me. " This can't be our little Chloe can it? She used to be this little short runt. Well ok you're still short but damn baby look at you." I smile at him. " Well it's nice to see that in your old age your eye sight is still good." As they all start to laugh at me Steve comes over and hugs me. " Yup this is our Chloe. She was always able to put you in your place Nash. Glad to see you haven't lost your touch sweetheart." I go and hug all of the guys then sit down on the couch. We bullshit for a little while then they start talking about tonight's show. I just sit back and listen. It feels just like old times.

I feel like someone is staring at me and I turn and look at Hunter. " Is there something I can help you with Trips?" He smirks at me because he always used to hate it when I called him that. " I just can't believe how amazing you look. I mean come on look at you, you're sexy as hell." My jaw opens in shock. Is he flirting with me? Then of course my uncle has to go and ruin it. " Hunter I know I didn't just hear you tell my niece she is sexy. She is not sexy she is a little girl so leave her alone." Shawn stands up and pats my uncle on the back. " I hate to break it to you buddy but no one would mistake Chloe for a little girl anymore." I stand up with my hands on my hips " Um hello I am still in the room. Don't talk about me like I'm not here."

" Still a damn smart-ass I see. Nice to see you again Chloe." I glance over at the door and my heart stops. Standing in the doorway is the one man I had a huge crush on when I was younger and I hate to admit I still do. I somehow find my ability to speak. " Hey Mark, it's nice to see you again."

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