Title: It's Just A Crush

I don't know what to say to him. " Um well ok, I just have to grab my stuff and we can leave. I promised the guys I would stop by the arena before I left to say good-bye." I turn back into the room and reach down to grab my bag. I jump when I feel Mark run his finger down my lower back. " When did you get this?" I glance at him over my shoulder. " The guys took me to get it yesterday. I'm already thinking about the next one I want to get." I try to walk out of the door with my bags but Mark takes them from me and walks down to the elevator. I close the door behind me and follow him. The ride down in the elevator is completely silent.

Mark puts my bags in the car and I get into the front seat. Mark puts the radio on and drives down to the arena. Luckily they are doing another house show at the same arena otherwise I would have had to say good-bye to everyone last night. When we get to the arena I follow Mark in past security. We go down to ringside and Hunter and Shawn are in the ring practicing and the rest of the guys are sitting around. " All right boys, I guess this is it. Come say good-bye." Steve, Kevin and Shawn come over to hug me. I tell the three of them I will come visit again. Hunter stands there and won't look at me. " Hey I don't think I'm that ugly." He looks up at me and I can see how sad he is. " Hey now don't go crying because it will set me off and I won't stop. I will be watching all of you on TV every chance I get and we all have cell phones so we will talk all the time. Come on Hunter give me a hug good-bye."

He walks over to me and grabs me so tight I may faint from lack of air. When he pulls back he gives me on the cheek. " I am going to call you every chance I get ok?" I tell him he better call or I will make my uncle kick his ass. My uncle is leaning against the ring and I go over to him. " And last but not least, I will miss you the most scarecrow." He glares at me. I hear Kevin ask Shawn if the scarecrow was the one without a heart. I turn back to him. " Nope the scarecrow is the one without a brain."

" Yeah and if you keep it up he is also going to be the one without a niece." I look back at my uncle and stick my tongue out at him. " Don't say anything Chloe just give me a hug." I jump on top of him and wrap my legs around his waist, like I used to do when I was little. " I'll miss you Uncle Glenn, please come home more often." He kisses my forehead and tells me he will do his best. When he sets me back down on my feet I look back at all of the guys. When Shawn sees the tears start to water up in my eyes he tells Mark to take me away because they can't handle seeing me cry. I wave good-bye to them and walk back up the ramp.

I tell Mark there is one more person I have to say good-bye too. I see Stephanie down the hallway and run over to her. " I'm going to miss you Steph." She gives me a hug and when she pulls back I can see she is crying. " Oh no Missy, no crying because I'm going to start." No sooner do I say this that I'm crying too. We both hold on to each other. Mark gently taps my shoulder and tells me we have to go. I pull away from Steph and tell her I will speak to her soon. " Well finally, you are leaving. Have a nice trip but please don't be in a rush to come back." I turn around and see Rena. " Rena I'm glad I ran into you. I wanted to make sure I said good-bye." With that said I reach back and throw my fist as hard as I can into her face. She hits the floor and starts screaming I broke her nose. I look at Stephanie and she is holding her hands up in front of her. " I didn't see a damn thing. As far as I know she fell and hit her face. Well I guess I better go get the medic to help her or maybe I will go get some lunch first. You better go, love you." Steph gives me one more wave and walks away. I laugh when she steps over Rena's writhing body to get by.

When I look at Mark I see the proud look on his face. I know he's happy I hit Rena but I don't want him to smile at me because when he smiles at me I melt. We walk back outside and get into the car to head to the airport. The closer we get to the airport the more butterflies I feel in my stomach. When we get to the airport I check my luggage and we walk down to the gate. An announcement goes over the loud speaker then my flight will be leaving in ten minutes. I guess it's time to say good-bye.

I turn to look at Mark and realize he is staring intently at me. " Well I guess this is it huh?" I don't know what else to say to him. Ok I do know what to say to him, I had planned on getting on that plane without bringing up things between us but screw this. " All right Mark this is it. You do realize that right? I am going to get on that plane and not come back for a very long time. I am not going to call you or write to you. This could be the last time you ever see me." I stare him in the eyes and can see the battle raging on inside of him. By now I've started to cry again. " Tell me you love me and I won't get on that plane. If you tell me you love me I will quit my job and follow you all over the country. I will give up everything to be with you. Please just say it, I know you love me but I need to hear it."

When Mark opens his mouth I brace myself. " I'm sorry Chloe, I just can't say it." That's it, I start hitting Mark in the chest and he pulls me to the side so we don't cause a scene. " How can you say you don't love me? Tell me, how? If you didn't love me then you could of never been so gentle with me when we made love. You would have never gotten so jealous when you thought I was with other men. Why are you doing this to me? Do you want me to beg because I will?" I fall to my knees and look up at him. " Please just tell me you love me, please." Mark reaches down and pulls me up. " Baby please stop doing this. It kills me to see you like this." I put my hand on his cheek. " And it kills me when I say I love you and you say nothing back." A flight attendant walks over to us and tells me it's finally boarding.

I look at Mark in hope he will say the right words. " Last chance deadman, this is it." Mark looks at me and I can see the love in his eyes and then I wait for him to say something. Instead Mark grabs me and kisses me. I throw my arms around his neck and pull him as close to me as I can. He pulls away and presses his forehead against mine. " You better get on the plane." I start to cry even harder when I hear how close to tears he is. I look at him through my blurred vision and I see the first tear slide down his cheek. I turn away from him and walk onto the plane. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I can't be with him and not know for a fact he loves me. As the plane takes off I realize I won't ever be going back to visit the WWE, not while he is there.

Three months later

The first few weeks away from Mark I was miserable. I would wake up from my sleep crying for him. Ok I admit I'm still not dealing well without him. I watch wrestling all the time and when I see him my heart jumps into my throat. I speak to everyone else on a regular basis. They all tell me how miserable Mark seems without me but I won't go back. He had his chance and he didn't take it. Tonight's Thursday so I'm getting ready to watch Smackdown. Since I spoke to Stephanie on Tuesday when they taped it I already know what happens tonight but of course I will still watch it.

I jump when I hear my cell phone ringing. When I look at the caller ID I realize it must be a mistake. There's no way Mark is calling me. " Hello?" I can hear Mark sigh on the other side. " God it's good to hear your voice baby, can you do me a favor and come outside?" With that said he hangs up. I get up off of the couch and walk over to the window. I swear my heart stops beating for a second when I see him sitting on one of his bikes in front of my house. I run and open the door. I walk outside and walk over to him. Mark gets off of his bike and leans against it. We both stare at each other for a minute, looking each other over to see any changes. " Why are you here?" Mark just keeps looking at me.

Before he can say anything there is a big clap of thunder and it starts pouring. In a matter of seconds my t-shirt is plastered against my skin. Mark pulls me to him and tries to cover me up with his coat. He looks down at me and brushes my wet hair away from my face. " Well I know it's not a perfect sunset and I'm on a bike instead of a white horse but how about we still give your fairy tale ending a try?" I look at him and my mouth drops open. " What are you trying to say Mark?"

" Obviously I'm not doing a very good job at trying to get my point across. When you got on that plane and left it felt like my soul was leaving me. I honestly thought it was for the best if you left because I kept making you unhappy. I couldn't bring myself to say the words to you that you wanted to hear till you were gone. I wanted to come out here on the first plane I could get but I realized I needed to give you some space to get over the hurt and I wanted to make sure I could say what I have to say to you." With that said Mark gets down on one knee.

" Chloe I love you, more then I thought I could ever possibly love anyone. I thought I could live my life without you but I can't, I can't live another second without you in my life. I can't promise you that we won't fight or have hard times but I can promise you that from this day on I will tell you I love you and show you how much any way I can. I know I don't deserve your love and if you want to tell me to go to hell you have every right to. Just know that I do love you and I'm so sorry it took so long for me to be a man and admit it. With all of that said I have one more thing to ask of you. Chloe Thompson will you marry me?" Mark pulls a ring out of his pocket and holds it up for me.

I stand there for a second taking everything in. Then I start laughing, Mark gets up and looks dejected. " I guess that's a no." He tries to get on his bike but I grab him. " I'm sorry I'm not laughing at you. I just can't believe you finally admit to me you love me and propose to me and it's in the pouring rain. Before I can give you my answer you are probably going to get pneumonia and die." Mark pulls me to him. " Well darlin, I'm still breathing so now's the time to tell me." I close my eyes for a second and feel the calmness wash over me. When I open my eyes Mark is starting to look a little impatient. " I really should make you suffer and say no for all of the shit you put me through but luckily for you I still love you. So call me crazy but yes I will marry you." Mark slips the ring on my finger and kisses me. When he pulls away he picks me up and starts to carry me into the house. " What are you doing?" Mark laughs and tells me we are going to start trying to make some babies and carries me up to bed.

Later on as I lay in Mark's arms I stare down at my hand at the ring. I still can't believe he proposed to me. Mark tightens his grip on me and pulls me closer. " I love you" When I hear him mumble this I look over my shoulder and realize he is asleep. I know Mark and I are going to have a very happy life together. What I failed to tell Mark was that when I spoke to Stephanie earlier in the week I was offered an entry-level job as her assistant. I guess I will save that little bit of info for him for in the morning. I kiss his cheek and close my eyes to sleep. Who knew what used to be just a crush could turn out to be love?