They think they know everything about me, but they don't. What they see of me is what they chose to see and few bother to look deeper then that. Not that I'm complaining. The ones who do know are the ones I care most about.

War is not good for the soul. It tears your heart, even if you don't claim to have one. I hate it. I hate fighting and I hate killing but what else can I do? I supposed if they just threatened me, I wouldn't fight so hard...but they want to destroy my home and the homes of my friends.

I don't hate them. I don't think I can. They're soldiers, following the orders of their superiors. I know they must have families on earth, waiting for them to return and I know I'm the reason they never will. I feel for those families. If I could replace the ones they lost, I gladly would, but no one can change the past.

They say I was born with an amazing talent. They say that by the age of two I had better coordination then most five-year-olds and that is why now, I'm able to pilot so well. Whether that is true or not, I feel it's my destiny to do this.

As much as I hate killing. I will. I will kill in cold blood if it is absolutely necessary. They don't think I can be cold-hearted. They don't think I can assassinate someone with a shot in the dark but I have the ability and I will use it. I will do whatever it takes to end this war and protect my home, even if my colony shows no gratitude for what I have done.

I do it because I have to, because this is what I was born to do and this is what my heart tells me to do. If I had the ability to change fate, if I could make it so someone else would pilot in my stead, I wouldn't. This is my duty. My place. For better or for worse, this is who I am and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.

Quatre Raberba Winner

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