AUTHOR'S NOTE Here is the sequel to "Immortal Night." This prologue retells the life of Raélowen Mirimë, my original character, as well as the bare details of the first story. It will make more sense if you read "Immortal Night" also but I guess it's not essential.

DISCLAIMER I don't own Tolkien's characters, but I do own Raélowen, Calíme, Emeriel, Shamiel, and Colindor. There will be other characters introduced later on as well.

It's strange how just a single event can change everything. Just days ago, I was Raélowen – a human girl with an Elvish name living in a world where I was different. Now, I am Raélowen Mirimë, Elf-maiden of Lórien.

The story of both of my lives is relatively short from an elven perspective. I was born to human parents in a village south of the Forest of Lothlórien a little over 20 years ago. Just after I was born, my village was attacked and destroyed. My parents and all the other adults were killed.

Our attackers were goblins. Only the infants and young children were spared from the village, but not for very long. They had taken us for a reason. I don't remember any of this but it hurts to think about just the same. Our kidnappers spared the young only for food.

It wasn't very long before the goblins wandered too far north. A group of elven guards from Lórien encountered them west of Caras Galadhon. Their leader, Haldir, brought me back after the goblins' defeat and "gave" me to the Lord and Lady. I was the only child ever to escape.

From then on, I've been a resident of Caras Galadhon – capitol city of Lórien. Galadriel and Celeborn would not raise me themselves, as they were still recovering from their loss of their daughter Celebrian, who had passed to Valinor. Also, Celeborn carries many duties as Lord of Lórien and Galadriel wields the heavy burden of her Elven Ring. But I was raised by a demure and quiet elven woman who loved me and did not treat me as different.

I grew up with a sparse few friends to play with, as elven cities rarely have children in them. But my childhood was never dull as I was an imaginative girl.

I was befriended when I was in my teens by Emeriel Nierë and Calíme Serewen – two Elf maidens of the city. They have always stuck by my side no matter how much my dark hair and rounded ears reminded others that I was human.

But with their friendship, I gained an enemy: Shamiel Nasse. A friend of Calíme's, Shamiel never approved of a human living among Elves. Her constant battery of my self-esteem proved very difficult to withstand at times, but it was only another part of my life that I learned to deal with.

The story of my ascension to my second life as an Elf must be told in two parts. When I was but a girl, fifteen years old, I was brought before Lady Galadriel at her Mirror. In its crystal clear waters, I was shown an Elf warrior. Galadriel informed me that he was to be my destiny.

It took me five years to discover his identity and only then it was semi by accident. A group of travelers known as the Fellowship journeyed through Lothlórien for a single night. Legolas Greenleaf, Elf Prince of Mirkwood and the face I had seen in the Mirror, was one of them.

We do not know why we were only given on night together. But the power of our physical act of love opened my body to the Essence of the Elves.

Legolas left the next morning to follow his companions on the journey. Galadriel however used the powers bestowed upon her by her Elven Ring Nenya to fulfill my destiny. She awakened the Elvish Life Essence within me and my life as human was over.

My life as an Elf had barely begun.