Chapter 7: Message From Anima

The group of girls walked along the streets in the dark. Their hair blew in the breeze as they walked.

"How am I gonna explain this to my mom?" Serena complained, pointing to her right arm.

"I really don't know, Serena," Mina said looking down at her arm. The four holes were deep. Mina looked at the wounds closely. She thought she had seen Serena's bone! She quickly looked away suddenly disgusted by what she had seen.

"Hey, Serena, you could tell her that you were being really stupid and you ran up to a bunny and it grew and sucked all your energy," Rei teased. Serena stuck her tongue out at Rei and Rei did the same to get even.

Lita, Mina, and Amy giggled a little.

"I suddenly feel kinda cold. It's like the wind is getting into my body," Serena said as she gently hugged herself for warmth. She made sure that she didn't press her hands on her arms to much so the wounds wouldn't hurt.

Amy pointed at Serena's arm, "Maybe that's why," she said.

"Here, Serena take my sweater," Lita offered. She lifted it up over her head and gently pulled it off and handed it over to Serena.

"Thanks, Lita," Serena took the sweater and put it on. She felt warmer than before. "I guess I'll come up with something to explain the deep holes in my arms to my mom. I'll think of something." They walked up to Serena's house and stopped in front of it. "I never thanked you guys for what you did. I'm very grateful for it. Thank you so much. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and.....Darien." A tear filled Serena's eye showing her appreciation.

"Don't get all mushy on us, Serena. But just to let you know..." Rei's voice softened. ".. your welcome and I for one was happy to." Rei looked at Serena. They didn't like each other at times but Serena could tell Rei meant what she was saying. She hugged Rei than turned to face Amy. As Amy spoke Serena hugged her.

"You're welcome, Serena." Amy sounded so gentle.

"You're welcome, Serena!" Lita and Mina said in unison. Serena turned to them and hugged them one bye one. She was so happy to have friends like them. She was also very lucky.

They all said their "good-bye's" and Serena walked inside as her friends walked off into the night. Serena closed the door. When she turned to walk up the stairs lights filled the room. Her mother and father were standing right in front of her.

"Where have you been young lady! I've been worried sick about you!" Mrs.Tsukino yelled. "And who's sweater is that?" She had her hands on her hips.

"Well, I was at Rei's temple and I lost track of time. I'm sorry. And this is Lita's sweater she let me borrow it 'cause I was cold. Sorry to worry you."

"Well, the important thing is that your safe and back home." Mr.Tsukino said as he hugged Serena.

"Now go up stairs, rest, and in the morning we'll figure out what your punishment will be." Serena's mother gave her a hug. Serena twitched with pain as her mother's arms squeezed hers. She walked up stairs and into her room.

Serena was in deep thought. "Should I go to Darien and tell him how grateful I am that he saved me? Maybe I shouldn't. He probably won't even look at me. Or maybe he'll slam the door in face and never ever talk to me again." She wasn't sure what she should do. She desperately wanted an excuse to see Darien so she got up, put on her bunny slippers, put on a jacket, and climbed out her window.

She walked down the street to Darien's apartment building. And she watched the shadows shift in the night.

She was finally there about ten minutes later. She knocked on the door. She was shacking. She didn't know what Darien would do. It's not like he could make things any worse. Or could he? Serena froze as she heard footsteps coming towards the door on the other side. The door slowly opened and Darien appeared.

He looked surprised and a little disappointed. Disappointed? Why? Was it because she had arrived at the door instead of another girl? She didn't think about it. He sighed. "What are you doing Here, Serena?" He didn't even bother looking at her.

"Please, just listen to me. I didn't come here to try and find out why you don't wanna be with me. Although, I would still like to know. But anyway, I just came here to say that I appreciate what you did for me tonight." Serena looked at the floor. And Darien looked up at her.

She was wearing bunny slippers. The ears dangled. He almost smiled. He didn't realize how cute she looked in her p-jays until now. It was the first time he'd seen her in p-jays. "Thank you, Darien." Serena still looked down at the floor.

"Your welcome," Darien said. "Look, do you wanna come in?" he asked.

"Just for a short while. I'm not suppose to be here." She stepped inside.

"So your mother doesn't know you're here?" Darien seemed amused. He closed the door. She smiled shyly and shrugged. Darien almost smiled again. But he held back. "So how are your arms? Did you see a doctor? Let me see them?"

Now he seemed concerned. She un-zippered her jacket a took her left arm out. She showed him the four holes on her arms. He gently lifted her arm four inches to his chest. He examined her arm. And then he placed his fingers gently on the first hole and gingerly slide his fingers down her arm to the fourth hole. Serena blushed and turned away. He didn't notice. "See a doctor for it, ok?" he asked but it sounded more like he was pleading her to.

He placed her arm to her side and Serena put her arm back into her jacket.

"Yeah...sure." They looked into each others eyes. Darien placed a hand on Serena's face. He leaned in. She closed her eyes and waited patiently. She stayed like that for a couple of seconds.

"I can't!" And then Darien's hand was no longer on her face. She opened her eyes again to see Darien sitting on his bed. He was looking down.

"Well, I-I gotta go," she said as she took one step backwards. She turned around and walked to the door.

"Serena," Darien said. Serena turned around. "Don't come here anymore. I....." he looked down as he spoke. He breathed out a sigh and said,"I don't wanna see you anymore. You should go." Serena didn't speak he could tell by the look on her face that not only was she confused but hurt. She left.

Serena walked down the black lonely street. From a distance she saw something shimmering in the dark. She quickened her pace and soon she stood over of it. She picked it up. It looked like some kind of communicator. Had someone dropped it?

Just then there was a flash of light and a woman popped up on the screen.

"Anima!" Serena was frightened.

"Hahahaha!!" A wicked laugh came from the small communicator. "This message is for the Sailor Scouts. Hi, I would like to order 5 large Sailors to destroy. Send them to me at ooooooh say two light-years above the Earth. Hahahah!" She laughed again. "Anyway, down to business. I want you...Well, not you but Tuxedo Mask but I want ALL of you Sailors to come to my spaceship. I'll be waiting. Oh and by the way if you need anymore information press the red button." And then the picture vanished. Serena stood on the corner of the street dumbfounded.