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Distorted Reflections

Chap. 1 A Mirrors Illusion:

Ponyboy's P.O.V:

I looked at my girlfriend; her beauty surpasses that of any girl I have ever seen. She had waterfalls of Raven black hair framing her perfect pale face. She had shocking blue eyes, always bright and happy. Oh but the thing I loved about her was her perfect thin body. Her body was thin and curvaceous. She was perfect, no more than perfect, and she was mine.

"Hey Ponyboy, lets go in there." Fay said happily pointing at a funhouse.

I had taken her to the carnival for the date she looked so happy I thought smiling to myself.

"Okay let's go." I said running after her.

We walked into the first room, which had something closely resembling a huge hamster's wheel. As soon as we went on it the world around us was spinning in a confusion of colors. It was just me and her giggling and laughing rolling over and over unable to control ourselves, until miraculously I crawled out grabbing her graceful hand and helping her out. We went through a series of enjoyments, laughing and screaming and holding each other in excitement. My heart was always beating so fast when we held hands.

We walked through a door, into a mirror house. I usually loved the mirror house, but, I felt a hand slip away from my grasp and I turned to see Fay running away in horror. Keeping her eyes shut and avoiding the mirrors. I wanted to run after her but I caught sight of myself in one of the mirrors. The sight horrified me. My knees almost gave in. I saw my reflection. My face contorted with disgust. The figure before me, and I could find no other word for it, but like an over grown pig. I whipped my gaze away not daring to believe it. I slowly almost cautiously turned back to the mirror. I thought this might be a trick mirror, I reached my already sweaty and shaking hand towards the mirror to find the mirror was as smooth as gleaming steal. I walked out of the room in a bit of a daze. The sun burned my eyes and it took a while for them to adjust. When they did I saw Fay sitting in a near-by bench twisting her hair and little rivers streaming down her moon light pale skin, into little puddles in her hands. I sat down slowly next to her and put my hands in hers.

"What's wrong?" I asked in concern.

"Oh-Oh no I'm-I'm fine" She said in a small voice. Quickly wiping her tears away.

I noticed she wasn't really and I meant to comfort her, but instead I blurted out:
"Am I fat?" It took me a while to register what I had just said.

"No, no you're perfect." She said truthfully, but he didn't quite catch the earnestness in her voice. I just nodded knowing she must be lying, and inside she must be in complete revulsion of me. I thought, I must change myself to be good enough for her. I had to change - become, thin. I had to do what ever it takes, because I couldn't stay in this fat body anymore.

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