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3rd Chp. Finding out the Truth

Ponyboy's P.O.V

I was walking in a dark deserted hall. Where there looked like there was no beginning and no end. The eerie chill pressing against my body making it hard to breath. It felt as if I would fall into a deep dark pit with every step. I walked with my hands outstretched, as I couldn't see anything. I walked for what seemed like forever, when soon enough my foot felt nothing, and was being pulled down as gravity would do to anything that's falling. I caught my breath and my heart seemed to stop. I tried to grab something, anything as I fell but instead felt my nails being ripped off from the walls surrounding me. I screamed in pain and fear of what awaited me at the bottom. Then all to suddenly my feet hit the bottom and with a gruesome pain my legs snapped. I jerked wildly and sat bolt upright, hitting something painfully hard on the head. There was a huge grunt and a loud yell of "Oowww!". I fell back on my bed feeling extremely dazed, seeing little white dots teasingly dancing in front of me.

Sodapop's P.O.V

I was so exhausted. I had been sitting on the hospitals bed for almost four days now. Darry had just gone out to the house to get some food and would be back in an hour. I sat there looking at Pony. I was real worried about him. He was looking real pale, sick, and extremely thin. I couldn't sleep with my baby in this condition, but if I don't get any sleep I feel like I would die. So I finally thought it safe to fall asleep.

I pulled my chair up to Pony's bed and went to sleep at the foot of his bed. I fell fast asleep in a dreamless sleep. Finally sleep. Though it wasn't too long till something jerked out and hit me in the head. I sat up quickly and looked around wildly for the culprit. Suddenly I felt wild movements, turned and saw my Pony twisting and turning madly around in his bed sheets. Without much thinking almost automatically I grabbed a cloth, shoved it into a bowl of water and splotted it onto Ponyboy's head forgetting to wring it. I went close to his face and started to gently dab it. I looked at his gentle innocent sleeping form. Poor baby.

Then all of a sudden without warning 2 emerald green eyes snapped open, and flew up to meet mine at such an incredible speed I had no time to react and, WHAM! I fell back clutching my head in extreme pain.

"Ponyboy! You're awake!" I screamed in total exasperation jumping up and hugging my baby in a bear hug, forgetting completely about my head.

"Gerrof" came a muffled moan from under me.

Author's P.O.V (I guess you would say.)

Soda sat up and seated himself at the end of the bed jumping up and down slightly with all the excitement inside him about to erupt at any moment like a volcano.

"Where am I?" asked Ponyboy rather confusedly.

"Gosh you mean you don't remember anything?" asked Sodapop, now stopping his jumping. But then he thought, course he just got hit in the head I don't think he'll remember anything for a few minutes.

Before anyone could say anything more Darry walked in, in a tip-toe fashion as if not to wake anyone up, holding a huge chocolate cake.

"Ponyboy you're awake?" he asked in total surprise.

"Well I guess you could call it awake" Ponyboy answered smiling.

"How are you feeling?" Darry said as he put the cake down on the bedside table and made a reach to feel Ponyboy's forehead. He put his hand on Pony's head and felt it. Darry pulled his hand away and looked at Soda in a strange way, because Ponyboy's head was soaking wet. Soda just gave him a look of puzzlement.

"What?" he said with a slight smile.

There was a knock on the door and all their attention was wiped and directed on the doctor at the door.

Darry's P.O.V

It was the same doc that took care of Ponyboy when he came back from Windrixville. He looked about my age and a bit nervous since he must have been new when I last saw him, but this time he looked more confident about his job. He walked in a cleared his throat.

"Can I please have the Parent Guardian step out with me please." He said as Darry stepped up. Soda automatically followed pursuit, as he wanted to hear all that was going on. The doctor thought for a second than just nodded.

"Yes well, just follow me." He said as he walked out.

We walked down a narrow hallway with many doors with patients inside and into a smaller room with a desk full of papers and posters of body organs and skeletal models. It was undoubtedly his office. He pointed to some chairs where we sat down and while he sat across from us at his desk. He folded his hands, and had a good look at us. Then finally he decided to speak.

"Here, I'll put it straight forward for you. Your brother Ponyboy Curtis seems to be suffering from anorexia." He ended in a dead serious tone.

I looked at Soda and we both exchanged the same nervous bewildered faces. Anorexia? What on earth was that? Though it didn't sound too good and got me worried. The Doc just stared at us as if we where supposed o make some kind of reaction. When we made none, but our eager puzzled looks he went on.

"Anorexia is an eating disorder. It is when one reduces there eating habits until it is reduced to nothing on the belief that they are fat or so we believe. When they eat nothing they feel total guilt to eat the other half of the apple or eat the last spoon of rice. Their lives then completely revolve around what to eat and what not to eat. It is a very serious disorder that can be even fatal to those who do not seek help in time. We're just happy you didn't bring him in too late."

I was completely struck dumbfounded when he ended. Soda made an odd noise, which made me think he must be on the verge of tears. I'm amazed I'm not already in tears. I couldn't believe it. My Ponyboy, my Baby, this just couldn't be true, it just couldn't be right. There must have been some kind of mistake. I was about to point that out to the doctor, but I was wrong. He proved me wrong. Wrong.

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