Okay in this fanfiction, I am changing around the story a little bit but that is what this is for right?

Okay Camille, has a daughter in this and she is 15. Her name is Alex. Her father died when she was two and her father and Camille were not married. So I am just going to pick up on a regualar day and add some drama, as I go.

"Zack, Alex, lets go were are going to be late."

"Aunt Camille, I am going to get a ride home with the guys after school okay?"

"What guys?"

"Just some friends, they are cool I promise."

"Okay, that is fine, Alex don't go anywhere after school unless you call me and tell me okay?" Camille looked at her daughter, that had her fathers eyes, but looked like her mom for the most part. The strawberry blond hair and a petite figure.

"Yeah yeah yeah mom, I know I don't have plans anyway, I have a big project I have to work on, and I am not thrilled."

"Okay well, lets go."


"Lora, hey."

"Camille, here is the new case, Detective Hunter is already working on the crime scene." Lora handed Camille a folder with her next case in it.

"I'll get right on it." Camille walked to her office, and stopped to talk to her assistant.

"Camille, here is your coffee, because we all know how much you need that, and your messages, one from the famous Detective Hunter, and that is it."

"Thanks Scott." Camille walked into her office and opened the folder. She started reading up on the case.

4 teenage girls dead. All were stabbed, and there were signs of rape in two of them. There were a number of similarities between the girl and the murders. Each girl had signs of rope around their wrist, burn marks from them. Yet no rope or anythink like it was found on or around any of the girls. Each girl had jeans on and they were all missing the button. Camille figured this was a trophey for the killer, something to remember each of his victims by, but why a button?

Camille looked at this and felt sick to her stomach. She looked up and saw the picture frame with her daughter and nephew in it. She though about the mothers of these four girls and how she would feel if anything happened to Alex or Zack.