"Hunter. I missed you" Camille threw her arms around her boyfriend, aka...

Detective JC Hunter, and kissed him.

"I missed you too, but for now we have to get to work." Hunter sat down on the couch in

Camille's office. "Four young girls."

"This is makes me sick. Do you have any suspects?"

"No. None."

Camille looked at Hunter. "None? Not one single lead?"

*ring* the phone in her office rang. She just looked at it knowing her assistant, Scott,

would pick it up. The phone did not stop. "Scott, where are you when I need you?"

Camille picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Camille Paris?"

"Yes, Who's this?"

"The case you are working on now, that you and your boyfriend have in your office at this

moment. Don't take it."

"What? Who is this?" Hunter looked up at Camille. "Who is it?" He reached for the phone.

Camille shook her head no. He backed off looking at Camille's eyes that were filling with

fear. She pressed the button to put it on speaker phone. She put her finger to her mouth

to be sure Hunter did not say anything.

"You heard me, don't take the case. You are a big lawyer, you can afford it, and I know

your boss won't mind, considering what happened to your sister, she knows you have been

through so much, she wouldn't not question you and you know it. So take the folder back

to her office and tell her you are not taking this case for personal reasons. If you do

listen to me it could put your beatiful daughter, and nephew in danger, and I know you

would not like that."

"Listen, whoever this is. Don't call my office, and don't ever touch my kids. I will not

give up this case because of a few threats, it is my job, and I have had them before, and

the slim ball that makes them always gets caught."

"See that is why I am different. I will not get caught, not for this, or for any of my

other buttons."

"Buttons, what?" Camille gasped. Buttons, that is what the killer had taken from the

all his victims.

"You case flashing through your head? Don't try me Mrs. Paris, for your kids well being,

do not try me, And Detective Hunter, this call can not be traced, so don't waste your


"Listen, whoever..." Camille stopped she heard a dial tone. She turned off the phone.

She looked at Hunter and he back at her. He saw the fear in her eyes. He pulled her

close to him.

"We will find him, Camille, God help me, I will look for the rest of my life, before I

let him go free."