The voice boomed over the loud hustle and bustle of the offices of the Daily Bugle. Peter Parker, who was talking to J Jonah Jameson's secretary Betty Brant, flinched when he heard his name. Jameson's voice could strike unease into anybody, including a certain neighbourhood Spiderman. He turned around to see Jameson storming towards him with a blank broadsheet clutched in his hand. To Peter, he looked mad as hell with his face twisting and contorting in all different shapes. He got almost nose to nose with Peter and opened his mouth to speak. Peter expected the worst.

"Why on Earth are you just standing around here doing nothing? Wheres the new photos I asked for?"

"Demanded" you mean, Peter quietly thought.

"What is it, don't I pay you enough?"

"Well actually.,"began Peter.

"Actually don't answer that!" interrupted Jameson. "We have a major page one problem and what are you going to do about it?"

"Umm. how about give you the pics you want," and with that he held up a file containing a variety of pictures of Spiderman.
"And," he continued "collect my two hundred dollar bonus you promised me for them". He wearily stuck out his hand for the money. He knew JJJ wouldn't like it, but he just had to see the look his face.

"Nice Parker, what you want? A medal? Gimme those," He snatched the photos out of his hand. "And you get one hundred dollars bonus, not two hundred!"

Better than nothing Peter thought to himself as Jonah walked back to his office analysing the photos on the way.
"Does he ever say thank you?" said Peter as he turned his attention back to Betty.

"Not that I've heard," she replied. "But I know he is appreciative, he just doesn't show it."

"I can definitely see that," he replied, slightly giggling at the same time.

As she smiled back at him he suddenly found himself beginning accessing her. She was quite a pretty lady just a couple of years older than he was. She was a generally nice person and Peter thought to himself he might have a chance with her romantically given the right circumstances. But he then realised to himself. she wasn't Mary Jane Watson. That girl was quite literally of his dreams. He had his chance with her but stopped it before it could go any further after Norman Osborn's funeral. His Spiderman alter ego would put her at risk, just as it did when Norman found out his secret identity and used it to his advantage. It was one of the biggest curses that came with his abilities and it hurt him every time he thought about the girl he loved.
Suddenly Peter jumped as a hand tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see Robbie Robertson, assistant editor of the Daily Bugle. He had become a good friend of Peter's ever since he had stared working there.

"Hey Peter, sorry didn't mean to startle you."

"No worries Robbie, what can I do for you?" It made a nice change to speak to him instead of JJJ, as was so often the case.

"Well Jonah wanted me to ask you something he forgot. It's an assignment."

"Okay, yeah, no probs, Spiderman pictures again?" Peter enquired.

"Ahh, see that's the thing. No it isn't. Jonah wants you to diversify your work"

"Yeah, he wants you to go to City Hall for the annual fashion show. He wants pictures to put in the fashion supplement for Saturday's edition."

"OK, not what I had in mind, but sure I'll do it." He had no choice really, as he really needed the money. "What time?"

"That's the thing Pete, the shows in an hour. Do you think you'll make it?"

"Not a problem Robbie, I know some shortcuts," and with that he quickly excused himself from Betty, took the City Hall pass from Robbie's hand and dashed out of the door.

* * *

Peter stood on top of the Daily Bugle building in his Spiderman attire and his civilian clothing in his backpack.
"This is the best short cut I can think of Robbie," he said as he shot out a web to a nearby building and then jumped gracefully into the air.

* * *

Within twenty minutes peter had arrived at City Hall. Back in his civilian clothing, he walked in with the crowd to where the show was being held. Looking around the huge hall that was packed to maximum capacity, he could see a variety of upper and lower class civilians. A further twenty minutes passed when an announcement over the tannoy declared the show was about to commence. Peter got into position with photographers from other rival newspapers. The tannoy crackled into life again and women's soft voice began to speak.

"First up this afternoon lady's and gentlemen, we have the phoenix range." On came the first model and the photographers began casually snapping pictures.

"Great, this is going to be just great!" Peter thought sarcastically as he already began to lose interest. He looked through his camera again readying the focus on the next oncoming model. As the image cleared he uncontrollably gasped. He watched in awe at the approaching female. She was slim, but curvy, wearing a fire designed figure hugging, ankle-length dress. Her was red, wavy and shoulder length. She was strikingly beautiful. Of course she was. it was Mary Jane. Peter was surprised to see her on stage. He kept in regular contact with her but she hadn't told him anything about a fashion show gig. He was eager to find out and decided he should see her and go back stage after the show using the pass the Bugle had given him. Suddenly his train of thought broke as an intense ringing exploded in his mind.

Spider Sense!

Peter looked around for the impending danger. There was none that he could see in the hall. He looked around again. Nothing. What the hell is it? he thought to himself. At that moment he got his answer. A large deafening explosion rattled the building from the outside. Pandemonium ensued as people at the show began panicking. Peter rapidly began bypassing the riotous crowd to get to the entrance first to see what caused the explosion. He was about to open the main entrance doors but quickly realised there wasn't any. The explosion had blown them off. As Peter virtually leapt out of the building he could see the devastation before him. A building across the street had been completely obliterated. His spider-sense told him that no one was hurt, as it was abandoned derelict flats. His attention quickly got drawn to a black van pulling away at top speed. He was no mind reader but was sure that had something to do with the explosion and he sure as hell was going to find out!