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M.J. looked into the mirror with a black dress held across her chest.

"Nah, too much," she muttered as she threw it on her bed.

A typical girl dilemma: What to wear on a first date? But she was never normally like this. When she was with Flash she put anything on and that seemed to please him. The same went for Harry. But with Peter it was different. She wanted to impress him so bad. Even though he was very enigmatic she felt she knew him best and was her closest confidant. Only one major thing still nagged her. Dare she confront him on her suspicions of his other life? She had thought about it over and over for the past year. Was Peter who she thought he was? If so why didn't he tell her? She didn't want to look like a fool if she got it wrong but... that kiss. The two kisses between Spiderman and Peter. Identical. The thought of them sent tingles down her spine.

"Perhaps a dress is a bit too much for now"

Peter had told her they could only be friends. It hurt when he told her that but the again, why should it be only his decision? She had stuck herself on the line. And he had turned her down. She just had to try and deal with it, but yet she was still very intrigued by what would be the outcome of the meal with Peter. She decided not to get her hopes up and just take things as they came. She also had other things on her mind. Like her career. She had had heard that Vogue and Elle were at the fashion show that she was recently in. She had been told by fellow wannabe models that they were contacting models from the show for contract offers. Mary wasn't getting her hopes up. Her self-esteem was at an all time low at the moment.

"Ah ha!" She had found the perfect attire. A blue above knee length skirt with leather boots and a red low cut short sleeve top and blue suede jacket.

Red and blue? Hmmmm.........

"Why me?" said Spiderman as he punched a rioter in face. "When I got a date, you kind of guys have to cause trouble." He followed up by a kick into another rioter; sweeping him clean of his feet and making him land awkwardly on his side. While Peter was getting ready for his date with M.J. he heard on the radio that a gang of thugs were terrorising a street in downtown New York. The police were having trouble and so as always Peter felt obliged to help, especially if people were getting hurt. He had packed his dinner clothes into a rucksack and off he went. It was now seven thirty and he just knew he was going to be late again.


He rolled forward just quick enough to avoid be cracked over the head with a baseball bat. He turned to see a bulky man charging at him. This time he was more than ready for him. He jumped gracefully over him and while in mid- air fired his trademark webbing at the thug. As soon as he landed he pulled the webbing and the thug came crashing into a crumpled heap before his feet.

"Cool," and with that he launched himself back into the fray.

M.J. shut the door behind her and locked it. Okay, here we go she thought. Don't expect too much. She walked down the corridor, which was in major need of redecorating. The paint and plaster was chipped and the carpet was seriously worn. While she was accessing the d├ęcor she noticed the colour scheme. Deep purple and brown. A big mistake! She couldn't really complain though as it was all she could afford on the shaky wages she received from part time model and waitress. Seeing that the elevator was broke again, she headed for the stairs. On her decent, she involuntarily found herself daydreaming about the date again when she accidentally bumped into a passer by. He was wearing a dirty yellow jacket and carrying a very tattered rucksack.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Mary Jane realising her mistake.

"Yeah, whatever," replied the man avoiding eye contact. "I could have fallen and broke my neck"

"Okay, like I said, I'm sorry," repeated MJ unphased by his rudeness. She did use to go out with Flash Thompson and have a drunk for a father after all! He shrugged and walked by her. M.J. sighed and continued out of the apartment block.

Spiderman flipped another thug into two more that were coming up from behind. As they fell he webbed them to the ground.

"Now be good boys and stay," he said mockingly and shaking his finger at them.

He surveyed the area around him. IT looked as if everything was finally under control. He looked up at a clock in one of the street shops. Eight- fifteen. Damn! Quarter of an hour to get to the restaurant.

"Can you guys handle it form him?" he said to a couple of police officers handcuffing the rioters.

"Yeah, sure thing. Thanks for you help Spidey," replied one of the officers. "Just remember not everyone in this city hate or afraid of you."

"Thanks pal." It was good to know some of his work wasn't going unappreciated. He swung in a nearby alley to pick up his rucksack. He then launched himself onto a wall and crawled up gracefully and with ease. Pulling himself on to the ledge of the building, he ran along it and jumped off the edge. He flipped several times and then let loose the webbing to the corner of another building.

M.J. couldn't believe it had taken so long to get a taxi. She was ten minutes late and stuck in traffic.

"I'm sorry Peter," she said quietly.

"I just knew," Peter said in dismay as he did up his shirt. Things never run smoothly he thought. He webbed his rucksack out of view reading to pick up later and dashed out of the alley he was in to the restaurant. "I'm sorry MJ."

As the taxi turned round the corner M.J. looked to the entrance of the restaurant. He wasn't there. Her face sank faster than the titanic as she got out of the taxi and paid the fair. She looked along the street and then turned to the other direction.

Peter turned the corner and saw her standing there, looking beautiful as always. It made him stop in his tracks momentarily. He couldn't let her go again, not now. He had never wanted anybody so bad. Regaining his composure he walked up to her.



"I'm sorry I'm later," they both said in unison. They both smile at there brief unity.

"So umm, ahh, are you ahh ready to go in madam," said Peter in his best impression of a foreign waiter. He tried to be French but he sounded more like he had a speech impediment.

"I certainly am," she replied, again with a smile.

He held the door open for her respectfully and they headed in. They both had the same thoughts on their minds and they both worried how they were going to put those thoughts into words.