Suicide Solution.

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Summary: A Severitus challenge, [Snape is Harry's father] Story begins at 11.59pm on July 30th. It's the summer before Harry's 6th year, and Harry's changing . . .

Chapter 1

Harry placed the quill and parchment that he was using under his bed in the hole covered by the loose floorboard. He then moved to his window and opened it slightly so Hedwig could fly back in if he was asleep. He looked sleepily down to his watch and saw it flash '23.59' he rubbed his eyes behind his thickly rimmed glasses, and climbed back into bed.

He laid still waiting for his watch to change to '00.00'. It was a habit he had done ever since Hagrid had visited him on the small hut on the rock, 6 years ago. He had changed a lot since he started at Hogwarts, when he was only eleven. Back then he had a small and skinny frame, messy black hair, emerald green eyes, and thick black rimmed glasses.

Now however he had broad shoulders (from playing quidditch for 5 years) he was tall (almost as tall as his freckled friend Ron Weasley) but he still had the thick black rimmed glasses and the emerald green eyes, his hair however was still black, and still messy, but not for long. His watch then beeped, harry was 16.

He smiled to himself in the darkness that was in his room at this late hour, but his smile changed to a look of hurt and confusion as his body convulsed rapidly. He clenched himself up into a tight ball, his arms around his stomach, his face screwed up in pain, his forehead drenched in sweat, and his eyes tightly shut. His tongue was bleeding in his mouth from where he was biting down to prevent himself from crying out.

His watch flashed again, '00.01', the minute had felt like and hour to him. Still sweating he fell back onto his bed and laid their panting, his heart racing as if he had just run the 100meter sprint, chest rising up and down, one hand placed over his heart while the other was over his scar.

It hadn't hurt.

Normally when he felt pain his scar stung too. But no, not this time, there was nothing. It was just his body that had hurt not his scar.

Harry looked at his watch again '00.05'. Taking his glasses off and placing them on his bedside table, he fell back onto his pillows and immediately fell asleep.


An: sorry its short - but its just an intro to the story, k.

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