Suicide Solution

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Chapter 61

They all arrived back in the grounds of the Malfoy Manor, a total of 78 newly initiated Death Eaters, Cercis glanced around at the students, most were the same year as himself and Ginny, thought there were a few that were the next year up and the rest were younger.

He sighed and led the way into the manor, inside everyone was running around like headless chickens. Cercis spotted Philip Jugson.

"Whats going on?" he called to him. Jugson stopped running and moved over to Cercis.

"Somethings up with our lord but Nagini isn't letting anyone near him!"

Cercis swore and apperated to the Dark Lords room. Nagini hissed angrily. Cercis approached her slowly.

"Calm girl. Itsss okay, whatsss happened?" Nagini slithered over to him.

"Massster isss hurt." She hissed.

"How? Where isss he hurt?"

"Wolf man bitesss him, masterssss magic fight it. Masterssss body change." Cercis sighed, the Dark Lords magic was fighting the werewolf gene, though his body had already accepted it.

"Nagini I'm going to cassst a ssspell he will be in no more pain." She flicked her tongue out.

"sssnake child sssave massster"

Cercis nodded, "yessss I will be helping him." Nagini moved from her position next to the bed and settled herself in front of the fireplace. Cercis rubbed his hands together and closed his eyes.

He summoned Draconis, the pure silver dagger he had brought in Knockturn Alley. He sighed, here we go. He began chanting a Silver chant to kill Voldemort s magic, the manor was suddenly filled with the screams of the Death Eaters as their Dark Marks burnt in pain, his scar was screaming too, and Cercis could feel a trickle of blood flowing over his face, he continued with the chant, ignoring the pain in his head, he would know when the magic was dead. The manor would grow silent again.

Their Dark Marks, like his scar would fade, though they would never truly disappear. He moved forwards and raised Draconis, bringing the blade down across Voldemort s throat killing his body. Behind him Nagini hissed angrily and rose to attack Cercis, who with a flick of his wrist banished her to the entrance hall of the manor.

Now to banish the only thing left. He thought bitterly to himself, knowing all that time ago what this plan would lead too, but never knowing if he would go through with it, hoping, always hoping that he would be able to find another way. He sighed. It seemed, that even with all his knowledge of silver arts, ancient arts, dark arts, and every other form of magic ever known, that there was only one was to do what he wanted.

Damn I hate this, but at least I will be able to see Hermione again, and my parents and Sirius, even though he would properly throttle me for coming up with a suicide solution instead of a normal one, but hey since when have I ever been normal? He shook his head and his thoughts drifted to his father.

"I'm sorry Severus." He whispered to the room, not knowing that at this very moment Severus was racing up the stairs to him. Cercis placed one hand on the dead body of Voldemort, and the other over his own heart. Then he began chanting once more.

The manor itself shook as Cercis called up all the powers of the ancients to aid him. Regaining his footing Severus threw open the door to the room, and was forced to immediately put up a shield.

The raw magic coming off his son was incredible and he felt a surge of pride well up inside him. The power continued to grow and Severus realised what chant his son was using.

"Cercis! NO!" he screamed, the raw magic from his own body causing the windows to shatter.

He leapt forward and caught his sons body as it felt backwards. "Cercis!" he looked into his sons face.

He was smiling.

It seemed that finally he had found peace.

For the first time in years, Severus Snape, Potions master, broke down and cried. He was vaguely aware of arms coming around him and holding him but he paid them no mind, all he saw was his son and his sons happy face.

Severus stood at the back of the stair case, hiding in the shadows as he watched the proceedings continue later that afternoon.

The Dark Lady Ginerva stood in front of the now free Death Eaters. The silent tears continued to fall though none of her audience saw. All they saw was the lady of the dark lord and the lover of the boy-who-lived, they would not challenge her.

"This morning was a joyous day" she began, her voice steady, keeping the fact that her heart was screaming in anguish secret, "For we saw the death of Albus Dumbledore." She paused, waiting for the cheering to subside. "however, the afternoon brought sadness, for now both our Dark Lord, Voldemort and his nephew Cercis Snape," she choked, "They ... they are dead."

Silence filled the entrance hall where they stood, but whenever it was from shock or sadness Severus didn't know, nor did he wish too. He looked up at Ginerva as she spoke again.

"The only opposition is the ministry, for without Dumbledore the Order will fall." The Death Eaters all looked up at her, she may be young, and only a girl, but she was radiating power. Her black school robes floating around her as her magic swelled. There was a reason she was the Dark Lady.

"Our first order this afternoon will be to take down the ministry, I want the place burnt to the ground, with everyone inside it. I want every single ministry member dead. I don't care how you do but I want them gone. From tomorrow there will be no such thing as the 'ministry of magic' is that understood?" the Death Eaters all dropped to their knees, all except the circle of ancients. She smiled at them and motioned for them to come to her.

"We are the Circle of Ancients, you will answer to us as you did to Cercis and the Dark Lord." She dropped her voice, "as you did to Harry and Tom. Never forget them for who they were." The circle looked at her, and as if sensing their gazes she smiled at them and then addressed the Death eaters again.

"If you run into anyone from the Order, do not underestimate them, even without Dumbledore they still have a little bit of power and any mistake from you could allow them to win that battle." She looked over them all and then smiled.

"Once the ministry is gone return to your families. We all deserve a break even if only for a little while." The Death Eaters bowed as one then left the manor, and its grounds.

Ginny sighed and fell backwards, warm arms caught her and she relaxed into their embrace.

"I can't believe they're both gone." She said, more to herself then the circle.

"Voldemort was expected." Remus said from somewhere around her.

"True," she agreed, "As was Dumbledore, after all that was my idea, but not Cercis."

"I don't think any of us expected him to do what he did." Narcissa said softly, Ginny glanced over to her Narcissa was crying, looking around ginny realised that she had fallen into Severus, who had his arms around her waist protectively. She felt sorry for him.

He had just lost his son. Again.

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