Title: Breathing

Grissom/Sara, drabble, pg

Summary: '…you think that tonight, at least for you anyway, all is right with the world.' G/S

Author's Note: Thanks to Devanie for reading through this for me and being my encouraging beta!


You lie awake at night, listening to the gentle rhythmic sound of her breathing in and out beside you. It's a calm, repetitive sound, which lulls you to sleep, reassuring you that she's still there. And then it gets you thinking.

What if it stopped? Or what if it just went away, and someone else got to feel the safety that you now feel? No, you couldn't think about that. If her calm breathing left, your own might as well stop.

So you lay there and think some more, think how lucky you are and feel unable to imagine what you would do if it wasn't there. Because that would mean that she wasn't there, and she is your safety blanket.

It's soothing hearing someone breathing in and out, because you know that their lungs are still working hard, that oxygen is being pumped into their blood, and that their heart is still beating.

And it finally hits you; respiration is the most beautiful gift in the world, and it can stop in an instant, cut out, leaving the shell of the body to fall, and rendering those around them into a state of shock, with the gut-wrenching feeling of being completely lost.

So you turn over on your side to face her, watch her chest rise and fall, and let the gentle sound of her breathing in and out lull you to sleep, as you think that tonight, at least for you anyway, all is right with the world.