The Fire Inside

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men 2 or any of the characters from it but man was it an awesome movie.  Pyro was definitely one of my favorite characters from it and I wanted to see just what he was thinking before he let loose.  I kinda made up his past but I tried to base it on his movie character.  R/R if you like, first movie fic.

The bullet hits its mark before I can take my next breath.  In two seconds Logan is on the ground and the cop is yelling at us to hit the floor.  Every single person in the area is scared except maybe for Logan.  The cops are scared of what we might do.  They should be.  Bobby's family is scared about Bobby's safety but more importantly about what he is.  Bobby and Marie are both scared of either of them ending up like Logan only more dead.  What am I scared of?  I'm scared of letting go.

            Since I discovered my powers there's always been a feeling that there's something inside me, something that wants to get out.  I can feel it now in the pit of my stomach.  All the anger and all the rage is burning me up inside.  We didn't want this.  We were just looking for some help.  This isn't our war.

            My eyes flick to my right as Bobby puts himself on the floor.  I wonder why he doesn't, pardon the pun, ice the guy right there.  He could do it but Bobby's always been too cool for that.  We balance each other out.  I'm the loose cannon but he always plays it straight for all the good it does us now.

            Marie hits the deck next.  Big surprise there.  Her powers are touched-based and there's no way the cop's gonna let her close enough to him.  Logan's lying on the floor and Marie's face is right next to his head.  We both know he'll be fine but she's still scared as hell.  The fire inside me burns with anger.  We didn't start this fight.  We were just trying to find some help.

            I can hear Bobby's parents and more cops inside the house.  Bobby's parents are hysterical.  So much for pretty-boy Drake's perfect family.  My mind flashes back to my own parents.  My father, an abusive drunk, left me when I was a kid.  I still hate him for leaving us and for the mess he left behind.  My mom thought I was the problem and reminded me of it only every five seconds.  It didn't help when she found out about my powers.  That's when I ran away to Xavier's but even that place isn't safe anymore.

            So let's take stock.  Here I am with God knows how many cops training their guns on me.  The one that shot Logan repeats his order.  My hands instinctively reach to my pockets.  My right hand closes around the cool metal of my lighter.  I draw it smoothly and open it up.  Swish.  My lighter, my secret weapon, the only trustworthy friend I have right now.

            "You know all those stories you hear on the news about mutants?"  The cop's dumbfounded for a moment.  These sorry losers could never see it coming.  These cops thought they were hot shit, picking on seemingly defenseless kids.  They are nothing.  It's time I show them what happens when they play with fire.

            I flick my lighter and I can feel it.  The warmth of the flame is like the voice of an old friend.  Suddenly in that moment I know who I am.  I'm Pyro and I'm through running and hiding.  The fire inside me finds its way to my hands.  The release is as beautiful as it is deadly.

            "I'm the most dangerous one," I declare proudly as the flame shoots towards the cop.  We didn't want to fight a war, me and Bobby and Marie.  We were just kids looking for some help but someone started this damn war and now I'm going to finish it my way.

            The fire inside me burns even hotter as I begin nuking their cruisers.  All of the dreams of a normal life are consumed.  There's only one thing left amidst the blaze and that's me, the real me.  Pyro.