sigh I have no reason why I haven't been working on my fics except that I'm worried that I would get characters that are not mine out of character.

"Ohayo, Hakuba-kun."

Hakuba Saguru stepped into classroom 2-B. Normally, the classroom is filled with the happy chaos of the resident class clown/magician Kaito Kuroba. Today however, the room was quiet. No crazy decorations, no annoying sounds, and most of all: NO Kuroba!

At first, he was astonished, and then composed himself again. 'That's... new' he pondered. 'He's normally here ten before the hour.' He wondered to his desk, but then he spots Aoko Nakamori in her seat. He walks over to her. 'I wonder if she might know anything.'

'Where is he?' the wild-haired girl pondered. 'It's not like him to miss a school day without a reason.' She sighed; 'besides, it's kinda boring without him...' As the thought sank in, her cheeks went fire red. She quickly adds in 'N... not that I care' She sighed, "But WHERE is he?"

"It seems that I'm not the only one who is wondering where he has gone to."

"EEP!!" Aoko jumped in her seat. "Oh, Hakuba" She said. "I didn't see you there."

He nodded and pulled up a seat. "Sorry about that." He looked up at the clock. 7:55. They had enough time.

"So, Hakuba..." Aoko started, breaking the silence. "How come you said that?"

"Said what?"

"You said 'I'm not the only one who is wondering where he has gone to.' Why?"

"Oh, that." He leans back. "Normally, I believe that if he was missing school with a reason, you would be the first to know."

"Who's missing?"

A girl with long dark green hair walked up to the two. "Oh, Akako-san" said Aoko, "Hello."

Akako Koizumi took her seat. "Now, what's this about Kaito?"

"Oh, uh-"


"I'll tell you about it at break."