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-Story Start-

Himawari kicked her feet back and forth, idly noting the empty room she had been placed in as most likely either a jail cell or maybe an interrogation room. The chair she was chained to as well as the table were the same silver unpainted metal that were bolted to the floor, while across from her a one way mirror offered her a view of herself and nothing else. Sure her senses told her that there were at least three other people on the other side of it, but that didn't do her any good without resorting to her byakugan. Boruto wasn't far away, the cause of why they were here in the first place. The last of their threesome, Cammy, wasn't far away either but at least they were all calm. Probably for the best considering things. What should have been an easy training session between siblings while Mei-mama visited from Kiri had turned into an all out brawl for bragging rights once their father sat in the watch. Of course, someone(Boruto) had decided to play around with an untested technique, and now they were off in a world they neither knew or understood. Himawari had no doubts that their father would find them eventually, but until then it was probably best to play nice and get along with whoever these people were. At least these ones were human. Some of father's tales of other worlds had left her worried about the possibilities.

On the other side of the glass, Phil Coulson, agent of Shield, stood next to an equally quiet but focused Nick Fury. Tall, dark and scarred, Nick sighed as he turned to focus on the shorter man. "So, what exactly am I looking at here? Besides a little Asian girl who looks barely into her teens?"

Phil hooked a thumb at said dark haired girl kicking her feet back and forth, "That little girl took out a squad of some of our best agents, alone and unarmed. She's not so helpless."

"Is that right?" Cold, calculating, Nick turned back to stare at the girl on the other side of the glass. When they had gotten word of a portal opening up and spitting out three teenagers of what looked like Japanese decent right in the middle of a Shield facility, Nick had been on alert from the get go. A hammer appears in a shaft of light in New Mexico, then the business with Tony, unearthing Rogers…too many events were beginning to pile up. That the facility they had dropped in on also housed the Tessaract didn't help his mindset at all. "Identification?"

"None, no match to anyone on Earth so far as we can tell. They might as well have just been birthed from nothing." Coulson had set everyone to searching for just who or what these kids were and had turned up nada. More alarm bells rung in his head with ever increasing frequency.

"So the little girl appears out of no where, kicks agent ass, and what, we subdue her without a mark on her?"

"She surrendered." Coulson's flat tone spoke much more than any emotion he could have put into it.

"Because of course she did." More worrisome that, Nick decided. But, standing here wasn't going to help anything. Turning to the last occupant of the room, Nick eyed the Russian agent with a critical eye, "Well Romanoff, what do you think?"

The only woman of the group eyed the pale eyed girl on the other side of the glass with a calculating look. It unnerved her only slightly when said girl turned to eye her directly in return. "She's a threat." Honestly she was probably putting it lightly. To pull her away from her mission temporarily with Stark proved enough of that.

Nick sighed and turned for the door, "Question is, who is she a threat to?" He didn't need to motion for Natasha to follow along after him, she was already just a step behind him as they stepped into the hallway in order to join the girl in the other room.

"With our luck, us and the whole world."

Himawari sighed as the door to her room opened as she deactivated her Byukugan. That they didn't even seal away her chakra either spoke of confidence, or they didn't have the ability. Her bet was on the latter given the reliance on technology and tools. Still she perked up appropriately as a tall dark skinned man missing an eye smiled at her warmly and dropped into the seat across from her. Tilting her head just so as he spoke to her in a language she didn't know, she waited until he was finished before holding up her hands. The other woman tensed slightly until Himawari showed that her hands were empty, and instead pantomimed for something to write with. "In case you haven't figured out, we don't speak the same language."

Fury exchanged a look with Natasha and shrugged, "You catch that?"

"Not a language I know." It almost sounded like Japanese, but not exactly right.

Another shrug as he reached into the folds of his coat, he retrieved a pad of paper and a pen. "I don't know how that's going to help you little lady." Handing it over, he was only a little impressed as the young girl bowed her head to him politely.

Himawari started writing while infusing this quick but messy seal with her chakra. It wouldn't last long since this ink wasn't chakra conductive, but it should hold long enough. Finishing it up and ripping the piece of paper free of the rest of the pad, she smiled as the seal began to glow a dim yellow. "There, can you understand me now?" Seeing the surprise on both of their faces, Himawari felt some pride in her skills. "Language filter seal, takes the speaker's intention and translates it appropriately into the corresponding language." That it was a derivative of father's truth seal went unsaid. They didn't need to know that.

Eyebrows shooting up, Nick Fury chuckled, "Well isn't that a neat trick. That magic?" Seals huh, he'd have to look into this.

Setting about making two more seals for Boruto and Cammy, Himawari shakes her head, "I suppose to you it might as well be. Where are my siblings?" She knew they were safe, but she wanted to get the measure of these two quickly.

Blinking at how calm the girl was, Fury nested his hands together to focus on her some more, "Safe for now, until we understand just who you are. Please understand."

"Do you make a habit of imprisoning children on this world?"

"When said children can take down full squads of highly trained full grown men and women, we do tend to be cautious." Not even missing a beat as the girl copies her squiggles on two more slips of paper, Fury eyes her with both curiosity and caution. She wasn't concerned in the slightest with being cuffed and chained. Like it was a none issue.

Shrugging and finishing her work, Himawari finally focused completely on the man's single eye. She'd file away the info that those men were considered highly trained. Even Tengin could put them down, and he was five. "We mean no harm. We're only here because of an accident, and we'd happily return home at our earliest convenience." Not that she was sure they could on their own thanks to Boruto's blunder. They would just have to settle in and wait for father to retrieve them most likely.

Not moving and considering her tone, words and body language, Fury's senses were tingling. Coulson was right, this was no ordinary teenager. Question was, was she being honest here. "And where would home be?"

"Unless you're capable of crossing dimensions, I doubt you'll know it." Perking up, Himawari could feel Cammy's emotions beginning to spike. She never was very patient. "Um, sorry, but my sister is starting to lose her patience, you might want to take this and tell her that everything is okay." Holding up one of the temporary translation seals for the man to take, Himawari really hoped Cammy could hold it together for a bit longer. Sure she wasn't a fighter normally, until she was pushed to do so or felt like family was threatened. Then she was a good fusion of her mother and father.

Sighing and thinking it over, this was par the course it seemed for what they've dealt with lately. Dimension hopping teenagers, just what he needed. Eyeing the glowing piece of paper being held out to him, Fury took it carefully, "I'll have a word with your sister, and I assume your brother?" The building shook around them, the lights dimming for a moment before coming back to full strength. Near instantly Fury had a radio in his hand, "Report."

Sighing as she should have known Cammy would lose her patience, Himawari stood with ease as she released the cuffs on her wrists. "That would be my sister, I'll calm her down when she gets here." Smirking as the taller woman eyed her with some intrigue as she dropped the twisted and mangled remains of the handcuffs on the table with a loud clang, Himawari stretched and sighed once more, "Such a pain."

Natasha just knew Burton was going to love this story later, "You could have done that at anytime?"

"Oh yes, but I was trying to be peaceful here. We're guests to your world, we don't know your rules." Himawari would be giving Boruto an 'I told you so' lecture for the rest of the year after this. If father didn't ground him for life. There was another shudder, before the door to the room was ripped from its hinges and pulled out into the hallway. From there her auburn haired sister rushed in to hug her and frantically check her over, "Cammy, you're gonna have a panic attack at this rate." Stay calm, exude confidence and control. Keep things civil as mother would say.

Cammy only barely heard her, hands roaming over her sister as she checked her for injuries, "Are you okay? Did they hurt you? No one touched you right? Kami I'm going to bash Boruto's brains in when we get out of here." Holding the shorter Himawari by the shoulders and at arms length, Cammy confirmed finally that her sister was indeed in one piece. "You still have your eyes, I was a little worried when we weren't properly restrained. How are you feeling? Any weakness? They try to drug you or anything yet?" Another pause as Cammy considered stripping Himawari here and now to give her a full once over. "Why aren't you saying anything? They did hurt you didn't they! I'll level this place!"

Pulling her sister into a hug, Himawari used her own chakra to calm the raging inferno that was her sister. "If you would relax some sister, I am fine. No one's hurt me, we were just having a talk. One that you've interrupted." Pulling away and offering Cammy a smile, Himawari motioned to the two adults in the room, "I'll finish explaining things to them, why don't you go and find Boruto, and be nice about it."

Eyes shifting between the tall and menacing looking man and her older sister, Cammy finally sighed and nodded, "Fine, I'll go get the idiot." And then she was gone, chakra enhanced speed kicking up dust before either of the adults had a chance to complain.

Grunting and feeling a certain way about being ignored, Fury raised the radio to his mouth, "All units, stand down. The auburn haired teen is retrieving the boy from earlier. Unlock the door for them would you? And don't get in the way." After dealing with space aliens and billionaires with expensive high tech toys, super powered teenagers should almost be easy. "Romanoff, I think you can relax now."

Hands moving away from her hidden weapons, Natasha sighed and nodded, backing away to lean against the wall as she eyed the mangled door frame and the heavy metal door down the hallway, "Yes sir." That wasn't a feat she was capable of, hell, she wasn't sure of any normal humans who could pull that off.

Once more attempting peace, Himawari bowed lightly to them both, "I apologize for her. Most of our family is pretty protective of me." Cammy was manageable. Now the first set of quintuplets? This base would have been a smoking crater already. "My name is Himawari. My sister you just met is Cammy. My brother is Boruto."

Seeing the olive branch for what it was, Fury nodded along, "Nick Fury, at your service, this is one of my best agents, Natasha Romanoff."

Tilting her head cutely, Himewari's eyes drifted once more to the mirror, "And the man behind the glass?"

Huh, odd, "How are you so sure there's a man back there?"

Himawari shrugged, "Call it a hunch." They didn't have chakra, thus they must not be able to sense each other like she and the others could. Good to know. This world didn't have knowledge of chakra.

Natasha smirked, "I like her."

"You would." Fury sighed and hooked a thumb towards the class, "Agent Coulson, a good man, if a little overcautious."

An intercom chimed abruptly, "I'd consider it a healthy amount of caution sir."

Himawari nodded, "Father would say that caution kept the wary alive."

"Sounds like a smart man." Fury grinned at the flush the dusted the young girl's cheeks, well that was a good sign. She could be a normal kid after all.

"Father is, inspiring." Perking up, Himawari watched Boruto and Cammy walk back into the room, "Took you long enough."

Boruto grinned as he folded his hands behind his head and relaxed just inside the door, "This place is easy. Let's bust out and go home." He had no qualms about playing nice here. These guys were pushovers and he wanted to get home before dad realized what happened.

Himawari gave him a pointed look, "First, we are guests, be nice. And second, who's fault is it again that we're here?"

A small bead of sweat formed at his temple, "I mean, we don't have to bring that up do we?"

Cammy nudged an elbow into his ribs, "Dad's gonna ground you for life."

"Aw man."

Himawari shook her head and turned back to Fury with a smile, "Well, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But we should be on our way."

Fury considered everything that was happening so quickly. These kids appear out of nowhere, cause some minor trouble and bruise some egos. Now they were going to up and leave. Great. He had a feeling he couldn't stop them even if he wanted to as well. Even better. "Well, I'd at least like some guarantee that you're gone for good. No offense, but I have enough problems already and I don't need to add powerful teenagers to the list."

Himawari ignored Boruto's snicker as she considered what Fury was saying. Father would probably say the same about some random ninja appearing in the middle of the city like this. "I don't know what it means to you, but I give my word as an Uzumaki, we mean this world no harm. My father will attest to that as well."

Fury turned to eye Natasha, who shrugged in return, "She seems sincere to me."

Fury took Natasha's word to heart. Of anyone who could gauge someone else's intentions, Natasha had a pretty good compass. "Alright, well, I guess we'll call it even here. How can we help you leave?"

Himawari turned to a now sweating Boruto, "Well brother, you can get us home, correct?" It was his technique and he was the eager one.

"Oh uh, well…" Boruto chuckled as all eyes turned to him, a hand beginning to scrub at his head while the other came forward to ward off the pain he knew was coming, "You see. About that."

Cammy sighed as Himawari began to stalk towards their brother, "Oh boy, this'll be good."

"You can get us home, right Bo-chan?" Chakra began to gather and swirl around Himawari, eyes tightening as she closed in on her twin.

Wanting to back away but realizing he couldn't, Boruto's scrubbing grew faster, "So uh, you know I wasn't fully done with Dad's lessons about space and time manipulation. And uh, I was kinda hasty with the technique. I would need some sort of beacon, or like, universe contact point in order to first figure out where we are. And then I could probably fashion a way home."

Cammy raised a finger as Himawari closed the distance and trapped her brother against the wall between her deceptively dainty arms, "So does that mean we could be here for a long while?" Cammy was not a fighter and had only trained enough to defend herself and others. All the flashy techniques and esoteric knowledge of her father's side of the clan didn't really interest her. At least not yet it didn't. Granted like Himawari thought, she was sure daddy would come for them sooner or later.

Boruto couldn't look away from his sister's slightly glowing eyes, "I uh. I'm sure I can figure it out. Just need some time ya know. Not long."

"How long is not long Bo-chan?" Himawari was inches away from him now.

"Uh, worst case? Few years maybe?" Seeing the tightening of Himawari's eyes, Boruto panicked, "Space/time manipulation is hard! You gotta account for universal drift, dimensional occlusion, time variance, and-and…there are different timelines too! Your position on which branch matters and Auntie Kaguya said you had to be careful about-" Pausing as he could feel chakra rising it his sister, Boruto gave up and raised his hands to defend himself, "Not the face!"

Cammy sighed as Himawari began to methodically beat the tar out of their brother. Eyeing the wide eyed adults in the room, Cammy motioned to them, "Uh, sorry about this. But I guess we'll need to crash here for a bit. Know somewhere we can find some work? We'll pull our own weight and all, we don't need charity."

Doing his best to ignore the violence occurring no less that six feet from them, Nick Fury, one of the founding members, veteran of numerous out of this world missions and events, mentally sighed and readied himself for another set of life changing series of events. "I'm sure we can figure something out." In fact, he had a meeting with a certain inventor coming up who liked to cause problems. "In fact, I think I have just the man to help you out."

"You never use experimental techniques in spars you jackass!" A juken strike to the lower back sent Boruto screaming.

"I'M SORRY NEE-CHAN!" It was going to be a long journey home at this rate.


Heaving a deep sigh and having to act as a temporary squad leader, Himawari sat with her arms crossed as she sat between Boruto and Cammy in the back seat of what Fury called a minivan. Sure they had trolley cars and some automated carriages back home, but certainly nothing this nice or comfortable.

Next to her Boruto pouted, "You didn't have to hit me so hard."

"Boruto, I swear to Kami, I will hit you again if you don't shut up and start figuring out how to get us home."

"I need a workshop Nee-chan, I can't work with nothing."

Cammy grinned and leaned over the back of the bench seat to eye up her brother, "You're so gonna get it." This was always so much fun. Boruto never knew when to quit.

"I said I was sorry."

In the front seat and doing his best to ignore the children arguing back and forth, Fury let the nameless agent drive while he considered what to do. Involving children in his plans was usually a nonstarter. They didn't know the risks, and more, they were unknowns. They weren't beholden to this world or from the sounds of it, this universe. But, the eldest of the three gave her word that they would repay this debt of help to them and from their mannerisms they held their word very seriously. And well, from what he was beginning to gather, he may need all the help that he could get. "So, hate to interrupt, but I want to update you three on what is going to happen very soon." Seeing all three children perk up and pay rapt attention to him, he considered that maybe they had a bit more training than he thought. He'd have to ask about their past eventually. "There is a man I can trust to put you up for a while, but, I have a job for him so I'll need you to both stay out of his way, but watch out for him. You seem like a strong bunch, think you can handle that?"

Boruto hums before perking up, but an elbow from Himawari stops him, "What now?"

Himawari nodded to Fury, "Client protection is within our abilities, what sort of threats will he be subject to?"

Well, color him surprised, this was interesting, "Well, he'll be on house arrest, so outside of himself? None."

Himawari nodded again and turned to Boruto, "Single client, I can handle security detail, while you figure out how to get us home." She then turned to Cammy, "What are your feelings on this? I'm not going to ask you to fight." Most of them respected Cammy's decision not pursue a ninja career, with exception to Fuyuki, but that was another conversation for later.

Cammy shrugged and relaxed back, "There's no chakra here, so whatever threats we face will most likely be like civilian bandits and the like, I can help out in that case." She didn't want to fight, but normal people she can easily restrain? She could accomplish that.

Sulking at being ignored, Boruto unsealed a scroll and a pen, "Fiiiine, I'll get to work."

"You do that." Himawari smiled as Boruto did in fact settle in to work out their current problem.

Curious about that little smoke trick, but knowing he didn't have the time, Fury noted the donut shop coming up, "Hang out here for now, I'll be done in a bit and we'll make for our final destination for you soon." Once the vehicle stopped, Fury was out the door and leaving the three teens alone.

Cammy was quick to poke Himawari in the side, "Should we really trust this guy? We don't know anything about this world ya know."

Which was true, Himawari considered. But something told her she could trust the dark skinned and bald man. "He has a good aura, and I trust that."

A good aura huh? Well, Cammy could trust Himawari's instincts, "Okay, good enough for me." Better than trying to make it in this world with no information or help.

Outside of the van, Fury has a decided swagger to his stride as he eyed the man in red and gold armor sitting inside the donut. "Sir! I'm going to have to ask you to vacate the donut!"

Tired, worn out, chewing away on a powder donut, Tony Stark sighed and pulled down his sunglasses as he eyed the Shield Agent staring up at him. Fury was decked out in black on black today, and did not seem happy to see him. Great. Watching the other man waltz into the diner, Tony rolled his way over the edge, grabbing his box of goods and his helmet on the way down. His armored suit was quick to compensate, repulsors and thrusters firing to keep him level as he landed gently back at ground level. "Can't imagine what they'd want with me now." A lie, but he didn't really have the energy to care. He had more problems on his mind than super secret agents.

Fury was smiling as Tony joined him within the empty diner, a table set against the long line of open windows as he relaxed gleefully across from the obviously worn out Stark. Secretly, Fury was a little happy Stark looked like hot beat up shit. And from the report he had gotten, it was well earned.

"I told you, I don't want to join your super secret boy band." Off to a hot start, Tony ran a hand through his hair as he leaned an elbow on the table, motors and servos whining and whirring within his suit with his movements.

"Oh I know, you do it all alone don't you? How's that working out for you?" Grin still in place, Fury watched Tony sway and looked around the diner, probably already coming to the conclusion that Shield had emptied the place out.

"Oh it's, you know, its-" Tony paused as he finally seemed to focus on Fury, "You know, don't wanna be an ass, but do I focus on the eye or the patch. It's really confusing here, but that might be the hangover. I was hoping you were just a hallucination."

Leaning in, Fury's grin began to slip, "Oh don't you worry, I'm very real. The realest motherfucker you'll ever meet."


"Isn't it? Say-" Fury reached forward as Tony craned his neck to look around the diner, "You ain't looking to good there Stark. Growing pains?" Taking in the circuit-board looking infection crawling up Tony's neck and throat, Fury noted it looked fairly bad.

Swatting Fury's hand away, Tony took a long pull of an offered cup of coffee, "I've had worse. Just looks bad."

Both men paused as footsteps reached their ears, their attention drawn to a woman striding their way from the rear of the diner. "Perimeter's secured but probably shouldn't hold it for too long." Romanoff paused at the end of the table as Tony eyed her black body suit up and down with a growing realization. She wouldn't admit that she was enjoying this, but a small part of her certainly was.

Tony sighed as he finally focused completely on the woman he thought was his new secretary, "You're…fired." Just his luck.

"That's not your call." Smirking, Romanoff slid into the seat next to Fury while said man smiled brightly.

"Tony, you should meet Agent Romanoff. Tasked to you once we figured out that you were sick."

"I'm not sick."

"Circuit board on your neck says otherwise."

"This is, just a fancy tattoo."

Rolling his eye, Fury got down to facts while their time ran short, "You've been a busy man you know? Made your girl CEO, giving away your stuff, and now you let your friend have one of your suits…why, I'd almost think you've got something big going on. And not in a good way."

"Well you'd be wrong, besides. I didn't let him have it, he took it."

Chuckling as Romanoff focused a bit more on the ill playboy, Fury couldn't believe the audacity of the man across from him. "Wait wait wait. The brother walks into your crib, beats the stuffing out of you, and just takes your suit? Now what are the chances of that, Romanoff? Can you believe that?"

"According to Mr. Stark's own security protocols, such a thing is in fact, impossible." Was that smug in her voice? Certainly sounded smug.

Eyes moving from the astounded Fury to the smug Romanoff, Tony finally sighed and leaned back, "Alright, fine. What do you want from me? I give."

"Nuh uh. Nope. What do I want from you? No, it's what you want from me Tony." Fury shifted as Romanoff stood quickly and walked away to the service counter. "You are now my problem, on top of a heap of other problems that I consider much more important. And contrary to your mindset and life, you are not the center of my universe Mr. Stark. Hell, I've got three teenagers with more spunk in their pinky fingers than you do in your body that I've gotta figure out how to handle. Never mind I've got some nonsense in the south west to figure out." Snapping a finger, Fury pointed at Tony as said man muttered and apologized, "Hit him."

"Wait wha-yow! What the, oh god. You're gonna steal my kidney aren't you? Is this how I die?" Feeling a needle jabbed into his neck, Tony grunted and complained as Romanoff knelt next to him and took hold of his chin, turning him this way and that against his will. "Can you not but awful for like, five seconds?"

Romanoff smiled as the signs of infection began to recede from his neck and throat. "Looks good."

Tony turned away from the spy to instead glare at Fury himself, "What did she just do to me?"

"You mean what did we just do for you? That was lithium dioxide, gonna help with the symptoms of your little problem. Keep the edge off, if you will." Fury could already see the gears beginning to turn in Stark's head, and knew he would come to the wrong conclusion right away.

Grunting and shaking his head once, Tony eyed the box of injectors in Romanoff's lap, "Sure sure, give me a box of those and I'll be just fine."

Shaking her head, Romanoff closed said box, "This just helps with the symptoms, it's not a cure."

"Which means you have your work cut out for you Mr. Stark."

Sobering up and getting somewhat serious, Tony finally focused completely on Fury. "Yeah, I know. This is my work. I've been working on a replacement for Palladium all this time, every combination and permutation of every known element there is. If there was something better, I would have found it."

Instead of being deterred, Fury held Tony's gaze with his own, "Well I'm here to tell you, you haven't looked hard enough." Leaning back with a grin. "Com'on, let's get you home so we can have a real, long chat."


Back home in his war-zone of a penthouse, Tony sighed as he nursed a drink and lounged in a chair next to Fury. Out of his armor and happily settled in a bath robe, they had been talking ever since they had returned to his home. The other man claiming that his father essentially praised him as the key to the future. What a load of bull.

"You'll forgive me, but my father wasn't exactly my biggest fan. In fact, I'm pretty sure the old man hated me." Tony couldn't keep the bitterness from his voice, but Fury seemed unperturbed.

"Well from what I know, your father said you would be the only man with the means and the knowledge to see this through. And I happen to believe him. He was a founding member of Shield after all." Fury grinned at the surprise on Tony's face as agents walked in from the bombed out home to the upper deck where they both sat, looking out over the California coast. Two agents carried a case between them, while behind them Coulson smiled and stood back a few feet, waiting. "Huh, and that's time. I've gotta go, you've got this right? You can handle this?"

Tony's focus moved from the case being dropped on the floor before him baring his father's name on its top, roughly three feet long and two feet wide and high, "Wait wait wait wait wait, hold on. What? What's this, you can't just-"

Fury was already standing and tapping his watch, "Like I said, I've got more problems to deal with, and I have a two o'clock to get to. You'll be fine." Fury motioned to Coulson who was standing by and then to Natasha who was waiting for him, "Natasha will stay around at Stark Industries, just in case, and you remember Agent Coulson right? He'll be your contact." Fury chuckled as Tony finally heavily sighed and gave up the fight, seeing he wasn't going to win this. Good, he needed the man to focus, well, mostly. Some payback and petty revenge would be nice. "Oh, one more thing. Kids!"

"We're here Fury-san."

Jumping at the voice from directly behind him, Tony whirled to find three teenagers directly behind him, "Oh great heavens what in the children of the corn?"

Fury laughed as he nodded to the three, "Consider these three your bodyguards until you finish your work, I'm sure they can fill you in on the details on their job. And trust me, they can handle you no problem, so I wouldn't try anything." Pausing as he considered messing with the man, Fury nodded once, "And don't get handy, I'm sure the little one would love to break your fingers if you did."

Eyeing the three japanese teens with trepidation, Tony turned to the other man with heat in his chest, "You're just dropping some kids on me? What? This doesn't make any sense at all!"

"It will in time Mr. Stark!" Laughing as he walked away, Fury decided that yes, this was fun.

Watching the bald man leave with a sigh, Tony turned next to Natasha, who pre-empted him before he could open his mouth, "All contact with the outside world has been severed. No communication will be allowed. We want you focused, Mr. Stark." Here she turned to the three teens, nodding to them quickly, "Keep him in line, will you?"

"Of course, Romanoff-san." Himawari bowed lightly as the older woman strode away into the home, leaving the balcony with them, the dark haired man who was to house them, and the quiet agent who was wary of them.

Another heavy sigh left Tony's lips as he finally laid eyes on Coulson, almost doing his best to ignore the teenagers that were currently in his home. Walking up to the other man, he finally let his mind attempt to slide into work mode. "Okay, how about this. Can we send an agent down for maybe a coffee run, and maybe another for a physical therapist or something, I need a little work. I'll spend some time in the lab and then-"

Coulson was smiling as he shook his head, "Oh no sir, I'm not here for that. In fact, I've been authorized to use any means necessary to keep you here on the premises." The unsaid threat, was the extreme violence that would most likely be necessary for such a task. Tony noted that Coulson almost seemed eager to see Tony try to make a run for it.

Well, this just kept getting better and better. "Is there no one here actually to help me?" Tony turned to the teenagers, one muttering and doodling away in, was that a scroll of parchment? While one with deep auburn hair was looking out over the ocean and the dark haired girl kept her eyes fixed on him, "And what am I to do with you three? Please tell me you speak English."

Himawari sighed but centered herself. This Tony Stark reminded her way to much grandpa Jiraiya in certain ways. "We only need a room and access to food, oh, and a large empty space where my brother can work."


Eyes trailing to the already impressive array of seals Boruto was drawing, Himawari nodded with a smile, "Something personal. Like Fury-san said, we will guard you to the best of our abilities until you have completed your work, Stark-san."

"Tony, please. Call me Tony, none of the formal stuff, and what would you kids know about being bodyguards?" This girl looked like a strong wind could carry her away, just what where they supposed to do to help him?

Sighing and getting fed up with the drunk, Cammy walked over to the low retaining wall separating them from falling to the first floor. A minor amount of chakra applied to her fist, a low hook shattered and reduced a two meter long section to rubble and powder. Huffing and turning bored eyes to the shocked man, Cammy gave him the finger, "I could turn you into a shibari knot if you'd like."

Blinking and deciding the world was a weird place, Tony turned to Coulson, "Should I be worried that you are the most normal one here."

"I'm starting to ask myself that question much too often these days. But please, try to run, if I don't get to you, I'm sure it'll be entertaining to see what those kids do to you."

Tony sighed as Coulson made a smart turn and retreated away into the house, leaving Tony alone with the stronger than they looked teens. Were they super soldiers? Mutants? Aliens? At this point no possibility was off the table as far as he was concerned. Eyes turning back to the teens, Tony waved a hand into the house, "Well, let's get you set up in a room, I have more than a few."

"Splendid Stark-san, we promise to stay out of the way as much as possible, we are ninja after all." Himawari put on her best customer service smile as Boruto and Cammy formed up on either side of her.

Ninja, huh. Well, Tony could add that to his list of weird things he's dealt with in his life. "Could this get any weirder?"

Boruto answered automatically, not paying attention to who was speaking, "Never tempt the universe, it'll happily answer you in the worst way possible. Dad lessons, number 37."

Walking over rubble and burnt out remains of his bar, Tony hummed at that, "Sounds like a smart man, your dad." He'd wonder about how any father was so willing to let his children be bodyguards while they should probably be in high school. "Where is he anyway?"

"Probably angry and looking for us." Cammy muttered and put the heat on Boruto, "Well, guess it depends on how much time has passed." For all they knew time moved faster here than in their home. It could have only been seconds for daddy since they left.

"I said I was sorry."

"You can apologize everyday until we get home, and it still won't make it better. And if I miss the Quint's birthdays, I'm going to filet you." Cammy's tone never changed as they navigated what most likely was the remains of a very festive party in this man's house, it certainly looked like the aftermath of an Uzumaki party.

Himawari shook her head, "Harping on it won't help, Boruto is doing his best."

"Bo-boruto? That's your name?" Tony hadn't asked the kids for their names, a misstep on his part probably as he came to a set of spare rooms on the upper floor.

Himawari nodded as Tony led them into a room that was well furnished and thankfully, clean, "Yes. I'm the eldest, Himawari-"

"By like one minute-"

"That is Boruto, my brother. And this is my sister, Cammy, the youngest of us three by a few months." Himawari watched Boruto set himself on the floor and against the back wall, more supplies unsealed as he began to focus and work in earnest. "Would you like any help Boruto?"

"Nah, I've got it from here, just food from time to time."

Himawari exchanged a look with Cammy. Boruto wouldn't admit to it, but he did have a habit of focusing too hard on his work and seals sometimes, just like their father. He once had gone days without eating, and they had to almost force him to stop and do so once. Now they made it a habit to force food on him periodically. "Okay, Cammy, will you stay up here with him or join me?"

"I think I'll explore a bit, get an idea of things." Cammy was curious about this world in the end. And while their job was to keep this Stark guy here in his house, Himawari alone could do that.

Tony watched the three talk and plan together, working between one another like a well oiled machine. "Well uh, I'll leave ya to get comfortable. My house is your house I suppose." He'd be having words with Fury later about this. Were these kids important somehow? One never knew with the other man. Turning away with a sigh as he wanted to take a look at that case, he decided it wasn't worth the trouble. When Fury wanted him to know something, he'd tell him.

Himawari watched the man go with a smile as her siblings bickered back and forth, "I think this world is something interesting after all."

Boruto side eyed Cammy as they focused on the chuckling Himawari, "Wari has that look again."

"Remember the last time she did that? They ever find that bandit leader?"

"No, and I don't want to think about it."

"It couldn't be that bad." Cammy watched Boruto shudder before tuning back to his work, his sealing scroll already unrolling several feet with more and more seals being drawn and applied. She sure hoped daddy found them soon, because something on this world was tingling at her senses. Something she really, really didn't like. "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Himawari was already walking out of the doorway, ready to shadow their target. "You and I both dear sister."


Far away on the other side of the planet, a being much more ancient than anyone other person on Earth looked up with a start. Someone or something had breached the wards she had placed around the planet with disturbing ease, something that should be impossible. Normally she would have gone to investigate such an occurrence, but yet another being was as well breaching the inner sanctum of her home. The Ancient One sighed within the darkened room of her temple retreat, the upper levels sealed off from anyone else for the evening. All except the tall blonde whiskered man grinning down on her meditating form while holding up a jug of alcohol, "Hey there."

"I don't suppose this is a friendly visit, is it?" She couldn't get a good read on him, but everything within her screamed that she would die if she turned to conflict here.

Naruto was still grinning, coming to sit across from the being before him while trying to put off an easy going demeanor. "It can be, if you want it too." Uncorking his jug and manifesting two glasses between them, he filled both and push one her way, "Just a couple questions and then I'll be on my way."

Eyeing the drink, a sweet sake by the smell of it, the Ancient One nodded and accepted it in the end. Best not to anger a God. "I shall be of service." Even Dormamu never felt like this.

"I've never been to your world, or at least, not this version. I'll assume you felt the breaches earlier?" Seeing the bald monk nod his way, Naruto pressed on. "Those were my kids. One of them broke the rules, and now they're paying for it."

"Are you here to retrieve them?" That would be the simplest thing for them all and it would protect the timeline here.

"On the contrary, I'm going to leave them be." Naruto took a sip and ignored the flabbergasted look the woman gave him. Hah, it was always fun to mess with people. "Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. All of em. But some of em can be a real handful. Hardheaded, just like their old man."

Blinking and re-centering herself, she decided there was more to look into with this. "Are you here to ask me to look after them?"


"Offer assistance?"

"Nuh uh."

More owlish blinking. "I, do not understand."

"I know." Naruto nodded and drained his glass easily, expelling a happy sigh as the liquor burned down his throat. "It's family stuff. Uzumaki rules and honor. No I'm only here to actually tell you not to interfere. I gave all my kids one warning, do not mess with space or time. Not until I deem them ready. Now that they have, I'm going to let them live with the consequences of that. I won't let them die of course, but they're going to learn a lesson with all this."

The Sorcerer Supreme rocketed to her feet, glass flying and shattering against the floor with a sad look from Naruto, "You-you cannot mean this! With their interference there is no telling what will happen to this world. To this timeline. Everything could spiral into chaos, we could all be destroyed."

"Or they could save your world, imagine that why don't you."

"No! No, this goes against all that we stand for, I cannot abide by this. You must-" Belatedly she realized that Naruto was no longer sitting. Towering over her with an aura that screamed death and destruction, she swallowed harshly and found her throat dry. "T-this is…you'd doom a world to teach your children a lesson?"

Naruto huffed, patting the smaller woman on the shoulder as he turned away, walking a few steps and considering how to word this, "I never said that. Like I said, focus on the positive." Looking back at her, Naruto offered her a grin and a wave. "Don't worry so much, you'll die early from the stress." Normally he wouldn't be so heavy handed in a meeting like this, but Naruto wanted to impress on them that his children were not to be touched or hindered. Boruto especially needed to learn something, though Cammy and Himawari getting caught in this was not necessarily ideal. "But, I promise, I won't let your world burn. I'll step in if things go to far."

Trying and failing to steady herself, her hands trembling as her mind finally caught up to the fact that she nearly died just now, the Ancient One bowed her head, "I-I will consider your words then."

"See that ya do. Besides, just pretend like they aren't here, pretty sure they won't seek you out. Well, maybe." That would be an interesting turn now wouldn't it? Humming as a black portal opened in front of him, Naruto strode forward into the abyss, "I'll be back in a bit to check in and see how the rascals are doing. Who knows, we can share some sake again." And then he was gone, leaving the Ancient mage alone in a cold sweat.

Tension leaving her body as the portal closed and swallowed the God in the shell of a man, the Ancient woman shook in place and collapsed to her knees. Just, what was happening here? What series of events were set in motion? She needed to calm herself, sleep. And tomorrow, meditate and perhaps consult the Eye.


I have had some terrible writer's block ever since I finished LoN. I've tried to come back and finish up some other stories and I just…can't. So I took a break, did some real life stuff, ended up having to work way to much, and didn't end up relaxing as much as I wanted and then here we are. I sat down to rewatch Iron Man and this little brainworm crawled into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. This one and several others in fact. No promises, but we might have some new updates coming soon. Time will tell I suppose.