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The Apparition
Encounter I: Ghost


It first started when I was really little…only five or so. I guess it's just that I was finally able to understand a little of what was going on when I reached that age, or maybe it's just that my memory only reaches so far. I don't really know for sure. He could've been haunting me even earlier than that- possibly even from the moment I was born. All I know is that he's been with me a long time now, and after all this, the fact he's there still scares the living shit out of me.

I didn't know what was going on at first. It was like a dark presence hovering over me, as if someone was watching me, but every time I turned around to look, I found absolutely nothing. I chalked it up to the paranoia of child abduction my parents had drilled into my head, and had simply left it at that.

I was fine for a few months, but then things changed. It wasn't just the feeling of being watched anymore- I could feel it touch me. A cold hand on my arm or shoulder…The sensation of this thing sitting next to or behind me- sometimes even sitting by my feet when I went to sleep. It was everywhere, and I couldn't escape it.

That was when I realized this wasn't just an illusion created by nerves. I started to get really jumpy and panicked all the time, worried about what was happening. My parents noticed the change and took me in to see a psychiatrist. When I told him about this presence constantly pestering me, he 'hmmm'ed and scribbled a few notes on his clipboard, then sent me on my way.

He declared that I was schitzophrenic. I tried to deny it- tried to get them to see the truth, but they just smiled down at me sadly and accepted the shrink's written note suggesting a prescription to help me with my 'condition'. The next day, a doctor handed my parents a paper bag full of different bottles of various pills. I had no choice but to take them at the appointed times, even if I knew they wouldn't help me.

I was right. Clozaril….Risperdal….Zyprexa…Seroquel… None of them worked. I still felt it watching me, still sensed whenever it was near me… After a while, it was apparent to them that they needed to approach this at a different angle- family therapy.

I remember it was a Saturday when the shrink arrived. She seemed nice enough, but then, they always send the kind ones when dealing with family situations, don't they? We all sat down in the living room around the coffee table; Mom, Dad, and I on one couch, the young woman on the other. She asked us about our life at home, and asked if there could possibly be a reason for the change in my behavior- some traumatic event that could've triggered it.

That's when I told them about the thing haunting me. Mom gasped and hugged me, but Dad regarded me with a stern expression, as if he suspected me of lying. I opened my mouth to state that I wasn't making any of it up, but cut short when a sudden chill went down my spine.

He'd been standing behind me this whole time, but hadn't really done much more than observe. I wasn't surprised he'd be here, since he followed me everywhere- always watching. But this… this was new. I'd always been scared of him, but this time I wasn't afraid… I was terrified.

I could sense his presence growing stronger, and I somehow knew that he was angry. Angry about what, I didn't know- when I'd told the other psychologist about him this hadn't happened, so why now? Regardless, his dark aura increased rapidly, and I couldn't help but shrink back and whimper.

Slipping from my mother's arms, much to her surprise, I scooted back to the side of the second couch, my gaze trained on the spot where I knew the spirit stood. Puzzled by my actions, all three adults turned to look at the same place, never knowing what would happen next. The very air seemed to ripple, and the ghost revealed himself to us… a cloaked figure with a black trench coat and hat.

My voice was gone- I couldn't scream, and no matter how much I wanted to snap out of it and run away as fast as I could, I was rooted to the spot. Everyone else was the same, staring in awe as he raised his right hand, pointing it toward my father with an open palm. Two glowing red eyes shone from his shrouded features, and I could've sworn he sported a smirk when he muttered something under his breath.

In a flash of blinding light, Dad slumped over onto the floor, his eyes blank and soulless. My mother screamed, jumping up and racing out of the room, the shrink following soon after. That left me sitting there, frozen in fear, as the spirit turned his attention to me.

He passed through the couch and coffee table as if they weren't even there, coming to a stop in front of me. He kneeled down to meet my gaze, his ruby eyes probing deep into my soul. He reached for me, and that's when I finally broke out of my trance. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, turning my head away from him. After a few moments, I opened them again, and he was gone. I couldn't even sense him anymore…

My mother was admitted into a mental institution a few days later. Witnessing whatever the ghost had done to Dad had driven her to insanity, reducing her to a blubbering state broken by periods of screaming as she relived the events over and over in her mind. Whenever she saw me, she shrunk back into the hospital bed and pulled the covers tightly around herself, scared out of her wits. It took the doctors hours to get her to finally calm down again. After the third time, the doctors told me to refrain from visiting again.

Dad was placed in the Shinjuku Medical Clinic, and has been in an unusual coma ever since that night. He wasn't asleep, exactly, but it was close enough. He laid there, unmoving, his hazed eyes staring blankly at the ceiling until he either blinked or slept. The doctors were puzzled as to what had put him in such a vegetative state, as their tests showed no signs of head trauma or any abnormalities involving the brain. They had diagnosed him as brain dead, however, and when I asked them about it, they made up some story about a ruptured blood vessel short-circuiting his brain. I knew the real reason, and a part of me wanted to scream the truth, but really, who would believe me, anyway?

With no one to look after me, I was sent to my grandpa's in Domino. He was saddened by the news of what happened to my parents, but told me I was welcome to live with him as long as I wished. I'm supposed to finish school there, too- I'll be in my first year of High School.

Even through all the changes, I can't help but wonder if the cloaked figure will follow me there. I haven't been able to sense him at all, but he couldn't really be gone, could he? It's not that easy… It can't be…

Maybe I really am paranoid.