"I'm so sorry! I really didn't know!" Tifa was still apologizing the next day at breakfast. Cid was drinking his tea, grumbling angrily about what a waste the previous night was. Cloud was trying to make Tifa understand that he wasn't angry, in between moaning about his hangover, and the lump on his head that was either inflicted by Tifa and Cid's mop, or by slamming his face into the toilet seat. Barret, who had an unusually high tolerance for alcohol, was busily chowing down on his oatmeal, happily hangover free. And Vincent was trying his hardest to not make Tifa feel any worse for her justified reactions the night before, even though it was incredibly hard for his to move his head without feeling like it was about to explode on his shoulders. He had suffered the brunt of the attack, and felt that, despite wanting to blame Cid for everything, that he very much deserved it. The rest of the Highwind seemed to be enjoying the whole situation, probably a little too much.

"Look, Tifa, none of us blame you for reacting the way you did, right guys?" Cloud looked around the table for assurance.

Barret looked thoughtful. "Could someone pass the suga', please?" Was all he responded, more worried about his hunger than the events of last night.

Cloud sighed, and looked to Cid. No help there.

"Why'd you hafta get so violent!" He yelled before holding his head in response to the throbbing pain that his yelling voice had prompted. Then, "You shoulda thought about what the hell you were doing, before you started beating the crap outta stuff!" Tifa looked crestfallen.

Finally, Vincent spoke up. "Cid, you telling someone to think before they act, is like Sephiroth getting angry for being snubbed as a Nobel Peace Prize contender."

"Hahaha! That's a good one Vinny!" Yuffie chimed in, her shrill voice eliciting some very pained moans from several of the others at the table, some of whom were not even suffering from head trauma or hangovers. Cid looked offended.

"You pipe down, brat!" he snapped angrily at her. Yuffie just opened her mouth and showed him her half chewed food, and went about eating. Cid turned to Vincent angrily.

"Last night was all yer plan in the first damn place! If it weren't for yer stupid little plan, Tifa wouldn't have gone on rampage against yer little pet demons!" He pounded his fist on the table for emphasis. Vincent glared menacingly.

"Pet demons? For your information, you ungrateful fool, if it weren't for Chaos, Cloud, Barret, and yourself would still be passed out in the men's room at the Gold Saucer!" He through his cape abruptly over his shoulder for emphasis.

The rest of the table looked baffled. "Vincent's plan?" Cloud asked quizzically. Cid shot a venomous glare at Cloud.

"Shut up, Spike, this don't concern you!" He turned back to Vincent and continued his yelling.

"Oh, I should be grateful for yer little hell beast! That hell beast screwed everything up last night, ya know!" He shot up out of his seat and continued to glare at Vincent. Vincent wasn't easily intimidated.

"Chaos screwed everything up!" he yelled indignantly. "You are out of your mind, old man! The whole plan was ruined the second you opened your fat mouth and started guzzling alcohol!" Now Vincent was out of his seat, leaning across the table angrily in Cid's face. The rest of the table were shooting glances back and forth between the two as they yelled, as if mesmerized by the ball at a tennis match. And what was this plan these two were talking about?

"Oh, so now it's my fault for drinkin' too much, huh? Well, you were pretty plastered yerself, Count Dracula, so don't go pointin' the finger at me! I almost had the truth out, too! And who the hell are you callin' old, you mummy!" Cid was ready to crawl over the table and pummel Vincent, when Vincent spoke up.

"That had nothing to do with me! If Cloud hadn't thrown up at that moment, we'd know by now, wouldn't we? And if you would have just called them by their proper name instead of "puppies" maybe we could have gotten an answer before it was too late, you daft idiot! And at least I don't look like a mummy!" Vincent was shaking his claw now. Cid was about to grab that claw and show Vincent where he could stick it, when Cloud yelled,

"What the hell are you two talking about!" Cid and Vincent were about to yell back at Cloud, when they both realized what they had been talking about openly in their fits of anger.

"Aw, shit!" was all Cid could muster, until he plopped back into his seat, suddenly aware of how dizzy his frantic yelling had made him. Vincent stood for a moment more, hung his head in shame, and slowly took his seat. It was time to come out with the truth. There was no way around it. He looked at the faces around the table, deciding who had a right to know, and who'd better not know.

He looked at Tifa. Her pretty faced gazed at his questioningly, and Vincent had to look away. It would be so long before he would be able to look at that face straight on again. Then he looked to Cloud. Cloud was involved with Tifa, and both he and Cid had tried to use him the night before, so perhaps it would be the best thing to also inform him. Cloud would be angry, no doubt, but Vincent knew he deserved it. Then he looked to Barret. Well, Barret had been there last night by circumstance, so he didn't really need to know, but he might demand an explanation anyway. Then there was Red XIII, who probably would be amused and grateful to not be a human for once, but he would understand if he were left out of the loop. Cait Sith was a robot, so it wouldn't matter to him one way or the other, and Yuffie...well, they might as well stand atop the Highwind with a Megaphone and announce it to each city around the world if Yuffie were to know. Vincent took a deep breath.

"Yuffie, Cait Sith, Red XII, and Barret, please just finish your breakfasts. Cid and I have to discuss something with Cloud and Tifa in the other room." With that, Vincent stood up, and walked gloomily into the next room. Cid panicked, but followed him.

"Wait, Vinny! I didn't mean that mummy comment, honest! And I think it was nice of you hell beast to give us a lift home, ya know? Vinny, he, wait..."

Cloud shrugged, but followed the other two. Tifa looked worried, and wondered if this had something to do with Vincent and Cid coming out, followed the three men quietly.

"Hey, what are they going to talk about in there?" Yuffie asked, slightly annoyed that she couldn't make it a part of her business. Barret shook his head.

"It don't concern you, Yuff." He replied, helping himself to more toast. "But if ya git a juice glass, an' hold it up to the door, maybe it will." He smiled mischievously.

"Here! My megaphone will work better than a juice glass!" Cait Sith offered. Yuffie accepted eagerly.