A/N: This and most of the following chapters are bound to contain a fair amount of Logan bashing. Sorry if you don't like it but it's just the way I write! If you have something against this please don't kill me...but this story might not be for you!


Dancing wih Max.He loved this song,he loved her.Her eyes sparkled at him and he felt his insides melt. She was just so beautiful. Logan sighed as he felt her brush up against him sending shivers down his spine. Slowly his eyes started to flutter open, the last traces of his dream clearing as his eye sight adjusted to the light. He smiled up at her longing to stoke her long ...blonde hair? Asha! Confusion and pain marred his vison for a minute. He was getting used to this routine; everynight he lived in his dreams with Max but woke up with Asha. Asha, she was a lovely girl but was never going to compare with his Max, to be good enough for him,for Eyes Only. Logan was pulled from his musing as his realised that she had left the bed and was dressing hurredly.What had he done this time?Why were women always running off? If he hadn't been so sure of his own self-importance it may have been quite worring.As it was he was the great Eyes Only and he knew they would be back.

As soon as Asha had left Logan left the bed slipping into some clothes and then into his exoskeleton. He walked to the computer acompanied by the usual whirring and buzzing. Slowly he lowered himself into his computer seat and started up his pride and joy. His large computer system sprang to life and Logan was soon scanning for information that could help Max or could more importantly give him some new Eyes Only misson to work on.