No. Escaflowne not mine. Allen Schezar not mine.


Notes on Autumn Child, first love...

Due to a sudden wave of inspiration, Aoi Akiko has been drawing pictures like an artist on a chocolate high... If you've been to Aoi Akiko's Mentor Mine, you'd understand...

We-ell... not only that, but Aoi Akiko's now put up a picture of Allen and Akiko for *this* fiction...!
If you wish to view this, please copy and paste the following address (please omit all the spaces in between...)

h t t p : / / w w w . g e o c i t i e s . c o m / a o i _ a k i k o / e a s e l . h t m

Enjoy...!! ^o^


Hope you like the piccie...

If you have any problems accessing the picture, please let me know... I'd either email the URL or the file directly... ~_^

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~ Aoi Akiko