Unexpected Partners

11:00 at the undercover FBI main agent headquarters. All was calm for a stormy night on a Saturday. There was a meeting being held in one of the offices about what they were going to do about the chain robberies that have been going on lately.

"We need to know who has been doing all the robberies!" Yelled Conner, a new agent one the crew. He was only 20 and very inexperienced.

An older man named Courtney looked at him and replied:

"Will you please stop stating the obvious Conner, we all know that we need to find out who's been doing the robberies. That's just plain sense!"

"Come on he's new leave him alone" Came the voice of Schwartz a 27-year-old who had been an agent for about 6 years. He stuck up for the new guys or everyone else would eat them alive.

Conner just kept his mouth shut for awhile.

"Well, are you 3 done badgering each other or do I need to dismiss one of you?" Asked the commander and chief Dan Rile. They were quite.

"Were not getting very far with this so for now we'll talk about other matters until we get more leads. Other things ah yes the new partners. Uh, Schwartz you'll be getting a new partner to cover for your last one that quit."

"Alright fine with me where is he?"

"She." He corrected him.

Schwartz looked up surprised.

"W-what did you just say?"

"You're new partner is a woman not a man."

He laughed a bit "This is a joke right a woman is my new partner?"

"Have you not be listing to the fine words coming out of my mouth? Let my say it in syllables for you YOUR-NEW-PART-NER-IS-A-WO-MAN…. DID-YOU-GET-THAT?"

He just stared at him blinking.

"Ok Schwartz y'know your new partner is here, you want to meet her?" He asked him.

Schwartz snapped back to reality and realized what Dan had just said.

"Yeah I want to meet her now."

"Ok then." He hit a button on his intercom and a lady's voice came out of the little box.

"Yes sir?" She answered.

"Send her in now."

"Sure thing Dan sir."

The door of the office opened up and a woman walked in. She was of average height; she had blue eyes and brown hair, but had blonde highlights. She was actually pretty attractive for a woman who was only 20. She walked up to Dan and stood next t him.

"Guys this is Sydney Conner."

"WOW! Her last name is the same of my first name!" Yelled Conner. The rest of them just rolled their eyes at him. Sydney smiled at him.

"So." She said. "Which one is my new partner?"

"Can you guess who he is." Dan asked.

She looked around the room at the 11 guys at the table. Then she spoke:

"It must be him in the dark green shirt with the dark hair and blue jeans. He's the only one not looking at me."

Schwartz looked up a bit impressed that she figured out who he was. He stood up walked over to her and got up close to her.

"Very impressive."

"Thanks but that's nothing."

"Oh really? What else that you can do that's so impressive other ten the fact that you're a woman about to be my partner that impresses me?"

"You have some serious attitude buddy." She replied.

"No I don't, it's just that I'm not so sure I want a woman following me around all day as my partner that's all."

"You got problems."

He started at her, and she smiled back.

"You're strange."

"No I'm not, it's just I'm not so sure that I want a man following me around all day as my partner that's all."

He could not believe she just said that. The others were laughing now. This pint-sized girl was mocking him like it was nothing.

"Are you mocking me?"


"Then stop it."

"Stop what Schwartz?"

"What how'd you know my name?"

She pointed to his nametag. He felt so stupid now. He couldn't believe he was being mocked, taunted, and make look stupid by a 20-year-old girl.

"Y'know what I think?" She asked him.

"What." He said as he sighed and crossed his arms.

"You need to lighten up a bit."

"You need to learn to respect your superior."

"You mean you?"

"Yes me!"


"What do you mean why!?"

"Why should I listen to you? I mean I have my own free will and were partners."

"Alright you two knock it off. I have something great to tell you." Dan said.

"What else that's so great that you need to tell me other then my partner's a smart ass." Schwartz said in annoyance.

"HEY!" She yelled.

"Just that I want her to live with you in your penthouse."


"That's an order!"

Sydney didn't want to make things worse so she just kept her mouth shut for now. Schwartz was walking out of the office with Sydney right behind him looking around at stuff when she decided to talk.

"Hey Schwartz."


"Do you hate me?"

He stopped and looked at her. He sighed.

"No I don't hate you, I just didn't expect to have a woman for a partner."

"Oh, you sure you don't hate me, cause you act like you don't want me around."

"Trust me I don't hate you. It's just different having a woman answer me like you do smart ass."

She looked away thinking, as they kept walking. They got to his car and he looked at her.

"You came here in your car right?" She nodded.

"Well I'll follow you to your car and then you follow me to my penthouse, cool?"

"Cool?" She could not believe that he just said that to him.

"Yeah, that means is that alright with you, put into a 4 letter word."

"Yeah I know what it means."


"Fine" was all she said to him as she turned to walk toward her car.

They were at his house and he showed her, her room, she was just looking at the mess on the floor. * Damn* she thought * this place is a mess, it's like 4 guys live here *

He turned and looked at her, he saw her looking at the floor.

"Sorry for the mess, I have roommates."

She hit her self in her mind for not figuring that in the first place.

"Ah, there all guys?"

"Yeah, there're all my good friends." She nodded. They were walking down a hallway and he brought her to a room that was actually very clean and neat.

"This is your room." He said smiling at her. She looked at him strange, so he just turned around and walked off into the hall.

She started to put things into the closet and the dresser when he came back and asked if she wanted to go out later with him and his roommates.

"You wanna go?"

"Uh, sure if you want me too."

"The guys want to meet you so I guess they want you to go."

"Oh, so you don't want me to go?" She turned and resumed what she was doing,

"That's not what I said."

"Oh, but it is what you said, you just didn't hear it but I did."

"Fine I want you to go." He said taking on step in the doorway.

"I'll go."

"Good, but let me warn you this place is full of drunk guys that just want to have sex with any woman they can get there hands on."

"Trust me Schwartz I can handle myself."

"And if you can't?"

"You'll be the prince who saves me." She said smirking at him. Se sore that she saw him blush a bit. He started to turn around and walk out the door when Syd called to him.

"Schwartz you didn't answer me." He raised an eyebrow.

"If I can't handle my self will you be the prince who saves me?"

He looked at her and blinked a couple of times. He really couldn't believe that she was asking him this. Se stood up walked to him and waited for an answer. Her eyes were such a dark blue. He realized that they were actually very beautiful looking, and he couldn't pull him self away from looking at them.

"Well?" She said again.

He smiled then said "Yeah I'll be the prince who saves you and sweeps you off your feet." He felt him self blush as he looked away, he couldn't believe that he'd just said that to her.

She was blinking at him and smiling at him.

"Y'know Schwartz, I think we'll get along real well don't you?" He just turned and smiled then walked back to the kitchen leaving her to get ready.

She came out of the room dressed and ready to go. Schwartz looked up and was in awe with what he saw. She had on a red dress that was short at the bottom and hugged her body so good that it would make any guy drool. Damn She was beautiful, then something in his head popped up * What are you doing she's your partner not your next girlfriend to be *

"You ready to go?" She questioned. God she was adorable that way she looked at him.

He shook his head a bit then he realized what she'd just said.

"Huh oh yeah I'm ready to go." He walked to the door and opened it, then held his hand out the door gesturing for her to go first.

"Ladies first." She smiled, and the next thing Schwartz realized he was doing was looking at her ass. He popped his head up. * Stop it, she your partner. Look but don't touch, no don't even look. What are you thinking!? She doesn't even like you. * Then what she said before came to mind and he thought * Then why did she ask my to she ask me to save her? *

"Schwartz?" She grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door.

"Lets go."


They were in the car and they were off the bar Blue Flames. It was a real bit hot spot for young people. They arrived at the bar, tons of things were going though his head, what was wrong with him. He didn't know yet he just knew that he was feeling strange about Sydney, and that something was going to happen between the two of them sooner then her thought.

Oh, I like this story, yeah I'm kind of thinking I may have put something in this story in a but early, but hell I think it will work. What is it that's going to happen to him and Sydney at the bar? Funny who will there night end up, no really where will they end up being, or even more so with who? Read on and please no flaming!!!