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Chapter 2: Explanations

As you may recall: Sonic and Tails have just rescued a man named Professor Pete from Robotnik's fortress. Pete claims to know just about everything about the Freedom Fighters, including how Tails got his second tail. Looks as if he's about to explain how.

Opening his journal, Pete flipped through his journal until he found what he was looking for. Everyone gathered around Pete, with Tails sitting closest to the professor.
Taking a deep breath, Pete began reading through the journal. "April 17, 0700 hours (that's military time for 7 AM): I got up early today to study more than normal.
"I saw subject 2814, alias 'Miles,' walking through the forest. I followed him carefully as to avoid being seen, as I hated to get the subject angry.
"0720 hours: A large man with an orange mustache and as much width as he had height, or 'Robotnik' as you call him, grabbed the subject and dragged him away.
"0775 hours: I finally located the suspect, trapped inside a glass tube within a gigantic fortress. He was to be a test subject for something called a 'roboctizer.'
"Robotnik pushed a switch, and something shocking happened: the subject was transformed into a robot. However, as the roboctizer was still in its testing phase, he still had his free will.
"Seeing this, Robotnik threw a fit and tossed the robotic subject out the window. I had the unfortunate luck to get clocked on the head and knocked out cold by the robot.
"0825 hours: I recovered my senses and found myself lying on the ground in front of #2814R. (R stands for Robotic.) Apparently the subject needed help.
"The subject explained that he needed to get back into the fortress, but he needed to be modified in some way so that he wouldn't be recognized. I agreed to help."

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