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Part 1:- Old friends.

The team of four mutants walked through the deserted laboratory, talking in whispers to each other, each on the look out for any possible danger.

"Professor X said the serum should be two doors down." Storm said, her eyes darting this way and that. Bobby and Rogue looked at each other.

"Why do we need this serum though?" Bobby asked, his hand tightly holding Rogue's gloved one. Rogue looked down at the hand and gently removed it, a sad smile on her face. Bobby blushed as he realized what he had done. It was the fourth member of the group, Scott Summers who answered Bobby's question.

"We don't. However we know Magneto does for some reason." The group fell silent at the mention of the leader of the brotherhood. Quietly they moved to the door Storm had said and opened it. Inside, the room was in utter darkness. As one, the four moved down the room, heading for the cupboards at the back. They were nearly there was the door slid open again.

"My, my, what have we here?" The four X-men spun around. There stood Magneto, next to him was a young girl with blond hair.

"Spark. Go and watch the door, I'll deal with these four." Magneto ordered. The blond haired mutant nodded and turned around, walking out of the door. Magneto smiled.

"I wouldn't try and get past her if I were you. Her powers are quite strong." he said. For a few seconds there was complete and utter silence. Then Storm flew into action. She raised her hands, calling up a strong wind. Before she had chance to let it loose on Magneto a large piece of metal came flying out of nowhere, pinning her to the wall. Magneto shook his head. While Magneto's attention was fixed on Storm and Cyclops, Rogue moved slowly to the biggest cupboard and opened it. There resting in a test tube rack was a tube labeled 'serum P'. Rogue grabbed it, pushing it into her pocket.

"Don't you people learn?" Magneto asked, in mock surprise. "Oh, by the way Mr. Summers, I would advise you to close your eyes, unless you want to fry your friends that is." With one swift movement he lifted up his hand, pulling Scott's visor away from him. Then he too was pinned to the wall, facing Storm. Magneto smiled.

"Well, that just leaves you two young people doesn't it?" Rogue and Bobby backed away, unsure of what to do. They had just seen two of the most powerful mutants in their school taken out as it they were mere bugs. Magneto lifted his hand up, ten metal nails floating in front of him.

"Time to say night, night." Magneto smirked, sending the nail's at Rogue. They flew through the air, straight for her. Bobby sent out a ray of ice, but it didn't stop them, only coated them. They were almost at Rogue, when, our of thin air it seemed, a blast of fire rushed past Rogue's face, melting the nails.

From the shadow's, his hand still outstretched walked Pyro. Magneto turned to the door and roared.

"I told you to watch the door!" Suddenly the girl known as Spark was standing next to Pyro.

"I do as John says, not you." Spark said, her eyes betraying nothing. Pyro simply stood there, his right hand holding a flame, which danced over his finger tips.

"What's is to be?" Pyro asked, lazily flicking odd bit's of fire over the room. In answer Magneto sent a large block of metal heading his way. At the last second Spark stepped next to Pyro, grabbed his hand and teleported to a clear space next to Bobby and Rogue.

"Bobby man. Rogue. Good to see you." Pyro said, a smirk on his face. "This is my friend, Spark. She's a teleporter - amongst other things." The two simply stared at him, in shock. Pyro turned to Spark, his face serious.

"Get them all out. Start with Scott, make sure you grab his visor on the way." he hissed, careful to keep his voice low, so that Magneto would not be able to hear them. Spark nodded. Pyro smiled at Magneto, a large, slightly sinister smile. It was as if he knew something that Magneto didn't.

"Burn for me." Pyro stated, fire's springing up all around the lab, trapping Magneto in one corner. For a whole minute, the two simple stared at each other, before the fight began again, this time in ernest.

Outside in the cold night air the four X-men could only watch as the building went up in flames. The girl known as Spark stood next to them, fidgeting There was a loud bang, followed by a sudden increase of fire. Spark screamed.

"John!" she cried, moving forward. Bobby grabbed her.

"He'll be fine."

"He's in pain. John!" she screamed before teleporting out of the boy's grasp. For a few seconds nothing happened. Then out of nowhere, Spark reappeared, holding the battered and bloody body of John. Rogue moved forward, only to find John and Spark were no longer in front of her. Spark held John's body protectively, her eyes darting over the X-men, as if she feared they would attack him.

"...couldn't stop him..." John muttered, looking at Spark. "...He... took... it."

"I managed to grab serum 'P'." Rogue said. "Isn't that what he was after?" Spark shook her head, her mind occupied with keeping John awake.

"Spark." Storm said. "Let us help him." Spark looked from the X-men and then back at Pyro for a few seconds before nodding her head once. She followed the X-men, holding Pyro and teleoporting every few feet to save both Pyro and herself the effort of having to walk.

She eyed the other mutants with distrust, having heard a lot about them from Pyro. She would have been prepared to trust them, like them even if it hadn't been for one rudimentary fact.

Pyro hadn't told any of them his secret. Not even there leader. And if Pyro couldn't tell them, couldn't trust them with his secret how could she, Spark, trust them at all? She looked at Pyro, still fighting to stay awake with sudden fear.

"What if they find out?" she didn't know the words had come out of her mouth until Pyro lifted his battered head to look at her.

"Then we'll deal with that when it happens." he said. Spark nodded and teleoported again, catching up with the X-men.

Little did they know that Pyro's secret was about to be reveled with a vengeance and that it could very well cost him his life...


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