Ed-Ocalypse Contagion: Prologue "Patient Zero"

Somewhere In Georgia ( idk if eene takes place in Georgia but it's the best thing i can find for a location).

A doctor is in an underground laboratory testing out an experiment on a kidnapped human test subject.


Doctor: Silence, this will only take a second.

The doctor proceeds to inject him with a green liquid from a syringe

Doctor: How do you feel number 1?

The subject groans and shrieks in pain until he vomits blood, almost getting it on the doctor.

The subject is then filled with anger and has the urge to eat. (also the subject is strapped to a chair)

Patient Zero: GRAWWW!

Doctor: Perfect! Perfect! My rage enhancer is working! But he has some unordinary symptoms,

(checks up on patient zero) he has a sudden urge for consuming human flesh and spreading the virus. I'll unleash him in peach creek, this should help with the population control.

The doctor puts a chain around patient zero's neck and drags him to the street. The doctor proceeds to unchain him and unleash patient zero into the streets of peach creek to spread the virus.

Sorry that this was a short chapter, I wanted to make a prologue to explain how the virus started, but longer chapters will be coming expect chapters 1-3 between 5/15 and 5/19.

To Be Continued In Chapter One: Infection