Contact with Light

The sun continued to lower as dusk was fully setting in, though that didn't stop the sound of buildings crashing alongside the echoes of destruction. On top of a tall building were three of the constant saviors of the world, the Symphogear Wielders. Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris all stared at the sight before them with different levels of worry.

While Hibiki was trying to keep from panicking given the situation at hand, Tsubasa and Chris were more so growing concerned that even they were out of their league. They had faced Noise of similar stature but… this… this was different.

"Alright," Chris said as she extended her Symphogear's mechanical skirt outwards before launching a hailstorm of missiles outwards. They flew far and managed to directly hit their target, none of them straying, "How about that?!"

The result was a gigantic plume of smoke occurring as the fire from the explosions died down, the roars of the fires drowning out the sound of whatever they had hit.

"Command, did we land a direct hit?" Tsubasa asked as she held a hand to her headset.

"There's no doubt about it, you landed a direct hit," Fujitaka called out over communications only for him to let out a shudder, "But…"

"We're still detecting a heat signal from within the smoke cloud," the second of their main operators, Tomosato added as audible typing was heard from her, "We've got movement too!"

In that instant, a small but intense yellow gaze pierced through the smoke as a screeching roar was heard. From the smoke emerged a gigantic bipedal dinosaur-like creature with blackened skin and heavy yellow bone-like armoring.

"Oh you're kidding!" Chris called out in annoyance, "Did that really do nothing?!"

"Wow, is this thing the actual real deal?!" Hibiki yelped with slight awe and fear, never imagining she'd be seeing one up close like this.

The Earth had undergone many threats, whether it was from the ancient past or from the ones that had cultivated this world, the Custodians. But those who had created life had come from beyond the stars, and with the death of Shem-Ha Mephorash the wheels of fate went to turn in her absence.

As life went on and steps were taken towards a brighter future, no one expected what would occur. Two 'meteors' covered in a strange energy impacted one after another in the ocean near Japan. The first of these would bring about a terrible omen.

The beast before the trio of Symphogear Wielders was what had emerged from the ocean not long after the impact. Engaging with standard air and ground forces ended in failure to scratch it before it could reach the city. This in turn forced SONG to deal with the threat, sending in three of their Symphogear Wielders to hopefully deal with the threat. Of course even with them on the scene, it looked to be a long road to victory.

"You did manage to damage it, we can confirm from what footage we're getting," Tomosato reassured as there were notable scratches and burn marks on the gigantic beast.

"Ah we're getting new information from the government," Fujitaka spoke up, "It seems we're really classifying this as a Kaiju. Codename: Grigio Amber."

"What?" Chris asked, "Why the color specification?"

"I can only assume they believe this thing might not be the first of its kind," Tsubasa remarked as she held her blade at the ready.

"To think we'd actually be facing down a living breathing Kaiju," Genjuro said as he crossed his arms, watching the situation develop with Elfnein from the bridge of SONG's mobile submersible base. He then directed his orders to the Symphogear Wielders, "We know Chris can damage it, so we'll try and find a weakness in its armor but keep moving while attacking so it doesn't catch you off guard."

"The area's been confirmed as evacuated, so you don't need to worry about casualties," Elfnein added, "But please try and be careful regardless."

"If necessary, utilize Amalgam if all else fails," Genjuro replied.

"Got it," Chris called out, "Now then, it looks like it's my time to shine!"

"Just be careful Yukine," Tsubasa added.

"We'll do our best!" Hibiki ended off.

"This is unfortunate timing," Elfnein admitted as she glanced around, "With the others overseas on a mission to potentially recover a new Relic it means our options are cut down."

"Thankfully Chris is the best suited in this situation out of everyone," Fujitaka reminded as he glanced back from his station, "Her artillery enhanced by Phonic Gain is proving to be just what we need in this kind of situation."

"Unfortunately Hibiki's the most out of her element here," Tomosato remarked as she kept her eyes on the battle, "Chris has range and power, Tsubasa can utilize range and has great slicing techniques. But unless we figure out a weak point, Hibiki's strength will only do so much to a massive body like that."

"We'll just have to believe in them," Genjuro said as he stayed firm, "Support them in whatever way you can."

"That's what we're here for," Fujitaka smiled as Tomosato gave a smile and a nod. The male operator couldn't help but give a curious hum however, "It's a bit surprising how fast we got a classification for this thing though."

"I suppose sometimes the powers that be can act as fast as they need to," Genjuro replied, not wanting to sweat the details at the moment.

What had turned into a frontal assault had soon shifted into a game of cat and mouse between Grigio Amber and the trio of Symphogear Wielders. With it now trained on them due to their interference, it was up to Chris and Tsubasa to attack from long range, both trying to focus on the damaged areas of the Kaiju. Thankfully that seemed to be working, as each successive hit managed to get a slightly bigger reaction than the last.

Hibiki meanwhile had chosen to scout ahead since she was still waiting for any potential weak point to pop up. While they were told civilians had cleared out, she wanted to be extra careful and make sure there wasn't anyone left behind.

"Alright," Hibiki said as she looked around thea area, "This way is-huh?"

"What is it Tachibana?" Tsubasa asked.

"There's someone just standing in the middle of the street, I'll go and get them," Hibiki said as she quickly leapt off the building and down towards the streets below.

"Hold up, seriously?!" Chris asked before feeling an intense heat, "Huh?"

"Oh no…" Tsubasa turned with wide eyes as she saw flames starting to lick Grigio Amber's lips, "Move!"

The two Symphogear Wielders leapt upwards and away from the building to land on another, Grigio Amber unleashing a burst of fire that tore apart the roof of the building they were on.

Staring at the Kaiju was a young woman with almost bright hazel eyes and short black hair with gold streaks. She was in simple attire, black fitted jeans with brown boots, a brown leather jacket and a yellow blouse.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Hibiki asked as she landed and hurried over, "You need to run, it's too dangerous."

The woman herself didn't seem to pay any mind to Hibiki's words, simply staring up at Grigio with a semi-neutral expression. She closed her eyes however, taking a deep breath as she seemed to be contemplating something.

Grigio Amber had just taken a step back after Chris and Tsubasa unleashed another barrage of missiles and energy slashes against it. The two had wanted to keep the beast as far away as possible. But that just led it to catching something in its peripheral vision, slowly but surely turning its attention towards Hibiki and the woman. It let out a low growl before said growl turned to a screech, fire licking its lips as it unleashed a burst of fire that hurtled towards the two.

"Huh?" Hibiki turned in surprise before quickly hurrying in front of the woman while holding her arms out, ready to initiate her Symphogear's Amalgam to protect them both.

What she wasn't expecting was sudden warmth to envelop her. At first she assumed the burst of fire had hit faster than she could act but she shook those thoughts off. The warmth that enveloped her wasn't a raging fire, but a kind light? The raging fires were suddenly felt as the kind light pushed against them and forced them back as everything went white.

A bright flash suddenly enveloped the city, blinding anyone in the vicinity. Chris and Tsubasa winced as they held their arms up while Grigio Amber screeched and moved backwards.

An almost melodic shout was heard as the light fully faded to reveal a shocking presence within it. A silver giant towered above multiple buildings and matched Grigio in height was now standing before everyone.

The giant was female in stature, having dark grey lines running up from her ankles on the sides of her body, stretching to where the patterning was also on the insides of her arms. Yellow bands with white edges adorned her forearms and ankles, her left forearm band holding a long white jewel within it. Her chest and shoulders were covered by thin and smooth yellow armoring with a hexagonal pattern alongside white rimming to match the bands. At the center of the breastplate was a large silver rimmed crystal in the shape of a stylized forte mark, it shining a bright blue. The head was humanoid but alien at the same time, having an oddly molded mouth alongside white crystaline oval eyes that lifted upwards. There were also headphone-like cover protrusions on the sides of her head, a circular indention near the outer edges of them as a soft white glow emanated from the indention.

"What even?" Chris stared in shock, "Are we suddenly in a science fiction film?!"

"Clearly it can't be fiction if we're witnessing it," Tsubasa said as she steadied herself, still in awe at the giant before them, "This is reality…"


The two's attention suddenly had them look down, both seeing Hibiki sitting on the ground in front of them.

"Just what was that?" Hibiki asked, slightly dazed before her eyes widened as she stood up, "Whoa what is that?!"

"How the heck did she get up here?" Chris asked.

"It might have something to do with whatever it is we're witnessing," Tsubasa replied, "Even if that is an unknown at this point."

"Ultraman…" Genjuro's voice trailed off in near shock and awe as he had finally spoken through the communications channel. His response was met with some confusion so he shook off the shock to follow-up, "It's an unidentified alien that's been a legend among astronauts for numerous decades by this point. Ultraman is the code name that it was assigned, though in this case what we're clearly seeing before us is… an Ultrawoman."

"Ultrawoman…?" Chris asked with a raised brow, "Feels like a mouthful."

"Let's designate the newcomer as an Ultra for now," Tsubasa suggested.

"This is so cool…" Hibiki admitted with slight stars in her eyes.

"While I'm unsure of this new entity, what is noticeable is that she seems to be focusing on the Kaiju," Tsubasa said as noticed that the Ultra's attention was purely on Grigio, the back of the giant of light facing them, "We should pull back for now."

"Wait, really?" Hibiki asked.

"Our seats are a bit too close for comfort," Chris replied, "Plus we should give this Ultra some room if she's going to deal with the Kaiju."

"Ah, true," Hibiki nodded.

As the three Symphogear Wielders went to move away from the fight, Grigio Amber let out an angered roar while stepping forward. The Ultra let out a shout in response and entered a fighting stance, raising her palms towards the Kaiju. Grigio Amber didn't seem to respond, simply charging forward and spinning to lash out with its tail.

A few buildings were torn through in the process, the Ultra flipping backwards to avoid the tail swipe. She then entered another defensive stance while shouting.

Grigio Amber let a low growl as it gathered fire in its mouth, unleashing a stream of flames towards the Ultra who leapt upwards into the air. The Ultra curled and flipped forward a few times, landing while tackling the Kaiju. The result was her now grappling with the yellow armored Kaiju, letting out shouts as she tried to restrict its movements. The Kaiju pushed the Ultra back before unleashing sudden bursts of fire to force the giant of light back even further.

The Ultra let out a seemingly frustrated growl, her hands shining with yellow energy before she punched forward a few times, unleashing bolts of energy that struck against Grigio Raiden. Sparks flew as the Kaiju staggered back from the attacks, the giant of light rushing forward and kneeing it in the stomach to force it to bend forward. This positioned the gigantic beast to where she simply raised her arm and slammed her elbow into the back of its neck.

Grigio Amber let out a cry of pain as it was shoved away, trying to charge forward to regain momentum only for the Ultra to perform a spin kick against its chest. It backpedaled, letting out a groan before growling as it kept trying to charge, lowering its head to ram against the Ultra with it.

The Ultra sent out a few energy bursts to strike at Grigio Amber, most of them ending up striking its back instead of the head like she had been aiming for due to it running fast enough. She quickly braced and grabbed onto the yellow armored Kaiju as she was struck in the stomach by its head, skidding backwards before her head suddenly jolted back as they approached a building. She let out a yell as she stomped her foot to stop her from being pushed while throwing her arms up, forcing Grigio Amber away from her.

Grigio Amber roared and unleashed another stream of fire, the Ultra responding in kind by clasping her hands and spreading them out in opposite circular motions. A circular shield of yellow energy formed and defended against the fires.

"Whoa," Chris called out as she and the others were on the building that Grigio Amber was about to ram the Ultra into, "This is getting intense!"

"I suppose I was right in wanting to keep our distance," Tsubasa said as braced slightly, the draft from the force of the fire being deflected being fairly strong. She was ready to keep moving when she heard an odd rhythmic warning siren starting to sound off, "What is that?"

"And uh… why does it look like she's getting really tired?!" Hibiki asked in concern as she pointed towards the Ultra who had begun to waver in her stance.

The three were unaware that the sudden siren was coming from the Ultra herself. The crystal on her chest had started to blink rapidly while changing from blue to red, it being an indicator that her energy was starting to run low. The Ultra let out a yell as she released the shield's energy outwards, the fire that Grigio Amber spewed being forced back onto it. The resulting mixture of energy and fire crashed against the Kaiju, it roaring out as its body began to smoke from the wave of damage that it had just received.

The Ultra quickly crossed her arms, her left arm over her right as the crystal on her forearm band began to shine brightly. She then pushed her arms away from each other, her arms moving in a large circular formation in front of her as multicolored energy began to gather between them, it spiraling together and mixing almost similar to an Aufwachen Waveform. As the energy reached its peak, the Ultra held its right arm horizontally, connecting her right hand with her left elbow while holding her left arm up vertically, creating a reverse L shape. From her left arm a beam of energy launched outwards, striking Grigio directly as it let out a defiant roar. That was until it suddenly fell limp, letting out a light whimper as it began to fall to the side before suddenly exploding in a bright display.

The Ultra slowly but surely lowered her arms, seemingly not minding the beacon on her chest continuing to blink. She turned towards the rooftop where the Symphogear Wielders were, simply nodding before turning her head and rushing forward, leaping up and flying off while uttering the only real 'word' anyone would be able to understand.


Upon that being said, she launched off at high speeds, moving upwards into the distant sky with a trail of energy being left in her wake.

"Damn," Chris said, still in shock at how potent the Ultra's beam was.

"That was incredible," Hibiki admitted in awe.

"Indeed," Tsubasa nodded, "Though I can't help but still worry despite the good fortune we had…"

"Hey wait," Chris said, a realization hitting her now that the fight was winding down. She looked over at Hibiki, "Didn't you say there was a civilian?"

"Ah that's right, where did that woman go?" Hibiki realized in slight panic as she looked around, "She wasn't nearby us before we moved… did she get sent to another rooftop?"

"Are you sure you even saw anyone?" Chris asked.

"Eh?" Hibiki looked over in surprise, "Why would I make up something like that though?"

"Perhaps a heat of the moment hallucination," Tsubasa theorized though quickly slipped into a new theory, "But if she did get saved like you did, then she was likely placed somewhere else."

"Yeah, maybe our Ultra friend figured you could defend yourself," Chris replied, "Meanwhile she figured the woman couldn't and sent her further away?"

"It's a likely scenario," Tsubasa replied, "We'll just have to see if we can recover any footage."

Unbeknownst to the three, the woman from earlier that Hibiki had gone to protect was watching them from a higher vantage point. She simply let out a look of resignation before turning away and heading for the entrance that would lead her inside.


From an apartment balcony that had a decent view of the fight, a blue-grey humanoid arthropod-like creature with bright yellow eyes had been watching the entirety of the fight. It clapped its claws together twice, a ring of energy spiraling out as it shifted shape into that of a human male.

He looked to be in his early 30's and wore a business suit with a white long sleeve underneath, a deep blue tie with yellow lines running through it. He had black bushy but fairly neat hair, alongside blue-grey colored eyes. He let out a grunt and adjusted his tie before he heard his phone ring and went to answer.

"Hello, Aalto speaking," he greeted before nodding, "Yes it appears as though we've gotten our first set of visitors, which likely means those dormant amidst mother nature are likely to start appearing soon," he then turned to head into his apartment as he continued his call, "I believe that SONG can suit the role of one perfectly and that there's no need to create a new branch. Just leave it to me to help delegate and oversee everything," he stopped in his tracks, pausing as he listened to something else come up, "As for a codename on that giant, how about…"

Codename: Forte

Author's Note: Consider this a proof of concept to something I want to try and give a shot eventually. After kind of petering out of Ultraman after Trigger and kind of regaining the spark during Decker, I wanted to try my hand at a story. But I wasn't sure what exactly to do, when Symphogear came up as a potential post-series crossover idea. The idea to have a season after XV in which suddenly it becomes Ultraman and SONG shifts to a Defense Team kind of structure. I sort of slept on the idea for a while and it wasn't until I started catching up on Ultraman Blazar alongside seeing some preview work on Ultraman Arc that I wanted to plan something out.

But I didn't want to keep the excitement all to myself of course. I made this one-shot in order to satiate my desire to write something different, but also to share it with all of you. I should note that proof of concept also means that things could wildly change between now and me actually seriously pursuing this idea. Certain things are set (Post XV, SONG Defense Team, etc) while others are still being tweaked (Forte's appearance in general) as we speak. There's not much else to say but thanks for reading this little proof of concept one-shot.