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This was a drabble challenge, as set by my faithful beta reader Vanessa:

Vanessa: I put up a drabble challenge

Me: Ooh?

Vanessa: yep... tag line: Movie night

Vanessa: Musts: popcorn, a goldfish, tissues and a blanket

Me: A *goldfish*?!

Vanessa: yep... had to throw in a meanie. could you make something of it?

So here we go. You can all now blame Vanessa for the idea, although I accept any and all blame for errors and mistakes. The timing for this (such as it fits into the ID'verse) is between Almost Unreal and You Had Me From Hello.

And yes, the film mentioned really does exist!


Movie Night

It had seemed like such a great idea when Wes had mentioned it. Have a movie night. It would be a chance to relax, to get to know people, to hang out.

Why, then, did he feel so...nervous?

Because you've never done this kind of thing before.

He growled softly. "Shut up." Well, it wasn't as if he could stay here. Any minute now, Wes was going to come out of the house, looking for him. Or worse...

OK. This wasn't going to be too hard. This was just a meeting of friends. Just a...

"Oh -- you're here. Why didn't you knock?"

It was worse. It wasn't Wes. He gulped. "Sorry -- guess you kinda beat me to it."

There was a smile. "C'mon in -- did you bring a movie?"

"Yeah -- The Case of the Gold Fish."

"The what?"

At that response, he found a smile coming to his face in spite of his nervousness. "Hong Kong film -- great comedy...think Lethal Weapon, but with martial arts action instead of explosions."

That provoked a laugh. "All right, then. Wes should have the popcorn done by now..." And he found himself being drawn into the house.

Sure enough, he found Wes armed with a huge bowl of popcorn; Jen was crouching beside a huge stack of videos, while Kimberly was spreading a multicoloured blanket out over the floor.

"Look what I found lurking outside."

"I was not lurking," he responded, a characteristic smile coming to his face.

"You made it!" said Jen. "C'mon in. That a video for the collection?" She held out her hand for the video he was clutching.

He handed it over, saying, "Hope I'm not late."

"Nah," said Wes, setting the popcorn down. "Fos, Barbie, Paul and Gina haven't..." But at that moment, the doorbell sounded. Wes grinned. "Take a seat."

He sat down on a convenient seat, nervousness fading in the face of the friendly welcome. In fact, he allowed, it seemed completely out of place now that he was here. So what if it was dinner with the boss, it wasn't as if Wes was a conventional boss and as for the other co-commander of the Silver Guardians, Eric, had always been someone he'd thought he could get along with in a social setting -- provided Eric let him.

Ben sat back in the seat he'd just claimed.

Yep. This was going to be fun.