Chapter 1

                  He stared across the shining blue of the sea.  The sun reflected off the crashing waves like tiny mirrors spreading the dying light.  The air lay stiff, like an overpowering blanket on the hottest of nights.  Not one puff of breeze stifled the oppressing heat; yet the visitor felt it not.  Sweat glistened and trickled down his temple but he did not wipe it away.  Brown eyes surveyed coldly; thin lips pressed together irately.  Below him, ships bobbed at their docks, complacent and at ease.  He felt as if his heart was crushed within him.  A hand fell on his shoulder.

                  " I am sorry."

                  He made no attempt to answer the voice.  The soft hand came to rest beside his on the stone.

                  " Why do you ignore me?"

Still no answer came from the dark haired stranger.

                  " Will?"

At his name, the young man glanced coldly.  His eyes swept over her with a hint of longing and disdain.

                  " Tis improper for you to be out alone, Mrs. Norrington.  You best be off finding your husband before he worries."

The caramel haired beauty's face tightened.

                  " Will, I am still Elizabeth."

He scoffed at her.

                  " You are Commodore Norrington's Elizabeth.  Now if you will excuse me, M'lady, I am needed elsewhere."

Elizabeth Swann, now Norrington, watched her former love walk away from her.  She sighed, looking out across the ocean.

                  Will glanced over his shoulder at her silhouette.  He shook his head before walking away.

*Tis her own fault.  She wed the Commodore in her own free will.

He entered the blacksmith's shop and locked the door behind.  He glanced around glad to see his former teacher gone.  Will smiled to himself.

*Give a drunk some coins and you can barter for anything.


                  Captain Jack Sparrow smoothed his clothes as he stepped onto the dock.  He walked through the crowd unnoticed, since he was dressed just like a commoner.  With quick steps, he entered the blacksmith shop.  He froze, seeing the familiar red of a soldier's uniform.

*The commodore…of all the bloody luck…


                  Will caught sight of the familiar man in the doorway.

*Who is that?

He glanced up at the commodore.

                  " Excuse me for a moment, Commodore.  I have a customer."

Will wiped his hands as he approached the well-dressed man.

                  " Nice to see you again, Will."

                  Will's eyes widened.  He glanced back at the Commodore who was watching them.  Will managed a weak smile.

                  " Commodore, do you mind if we finish this talk another day?"

The Commodore nodded, replacing the three cornered hat upon his head.

                  " You shall be seeing me often.  Word has it that the Black Pearl is headed back this way.  I want to see Jack Sparrow hang."

                  " Captain Jack Sparrow," Will corrected absently.

The Commodore only nodded before bidding them a good day and exiting.  Will locked the door after him.

                  " What in blue blazes are you doing here?  The Commodore still wants your neck stretched."

                  Jack only smiled, walking towards the sword Will had obviously just finished.  Jack examined it silently.

                  " Your skill has increased since my last visit a year ago."  Jack glanced up.  " I found something of great value to you."

Will just raised an eyebrow.

                  " What?  More treasure?"

Jack carefully set the sword down.

                  " No, I found your father's abode.  It has been waiting for you under my care.  Savy?"

                  Will regarded the pirate cautiously.

                  " You just found it?"

Jack nodded.

                  " Aye, your father and I split our treasure into half."  Jack lifted up another sword, testing its sharpness.  " It is a good week's journey from here though; and I have more treasure to add."

Will leaned against a table.

                  " What's the catch, Jack?  I know you too well to think you came just for that."

Jack nodded.

                  " Know me well, you do.  It is a royal port where I have my stash.  I need a cover, and you're it."

                  A loud pounding came, scaring the two.  Will whipped around, seeing the red uniforms.

                  " Open up, Turner.  We know Sparrow's in there."

Will shook his head slightly.

                  " Well, I guess your cover is blown."

Jack picked up a sword.

                  " Are you with me?"

Will sighed.

                  " Where is the Pearl at?"

Jack smiled.

                  " She'll come around for you at the same place it found me."

Will nodded.

                  " I'll hold them off as long as I can."


                  The Commodore's eyes drilled into Will's.  Will tilted his head defiantly.

                  " I have not seen Jack Sparrow since he was reunited with the Black Pearl.  Do you think I have a death wish on my head?"

A soldier ran in.

                  " Sir, we caught him.  We caught Jack Sparrow!"

The Commodore glanced at Will.

                  " I thought you said Jack Sparrow was not in Port Royal."

Will shrugged.

                  " I am not his keeper.  I do not track his comings and goings."

The Commodore shook his head.

                  " William Turner, you are under arrest for aiding a pirate.  I shall see you hang with Sparrow."


                  Jack glanced at Will as he paced.

                  " The crew knows I am captive.  They'll come."  Jack leaned it.  " I have something they all want."

Will glanced back.

                  " What?"

Jack shrugged.

                  " Nothing."

Will rolled his eyes with a shrug.  Footsteps came on the stairs.  Will's eyes hardened. 

                  " Mrs. Norrington, I'm surprised you lower yourself to visit us."  Jack's voice held none of its usual teasing.

                  Elizabeth glanced over both of them before jingling the keys.

                  " Take me with you."

Jack nodded.

                  " Aye, just give us the keys."

                  " Do I have your word?"  She asked.

Jack nodded.  Will glanced at him sharply, but Jack just shook his head.

                  " You have a pirate's word."

Elizabeth unlocked the door.  Immedietly, Jack overpowered her.

                  " Grab our things, Will.  She'll prove to provide a pretty penny."

                  " Why you-" Elizabeth began.

Will smirked as he walked by.

                  " I think the same about you."


                  Commodore Norrington's eyes burned as he watched the two pirates walk through the port unharmed.  The struggling woman that they held proved to be their bartering piece.  He slammed his fist on the table.

*I'll catch and kill you, Sparrow…


                  Will boarded the Pearl and was greeted with curt nods.  Jack motioned for one of the pirates to take the struggling Elizabeth.

                  " Take her downstairs and lock her in a room."  Jack then pulled the man back roughly.  " Don't touch her."

The pirate nodded, hustling her off.  Will watched as the crew leapt into action to leave the close proximity of Royal cannon fire.

                  " I guess your answer is yes?"  Jack called.

Will glanced at him.

                  " Not until you tell me why you want me."