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A/N: Look at this character's toy, you'll see why I wrote this.

I died.

At one point anyway. I guess my spark survived, or did it?

I was a happy, content Autobot, just happy to do my cause, to give my life to help out and bring a smile to everyone's faces. But then I did give my life, I gave it to a failed cause. I failed. And that failure hit me harder than the Requiem Blaster ever could. I guess I should be happy, I have friends that rushed to my side and then repaired my failing spark. They rebuilt me into a new body, and were more than pleased to have their good buddy back. The one that could never falter, faced everything with a smile. But they didn't know one thing.

He died.

Do you know what it's like to wake up, and be in a completely new body? Have all your familiar features and functions taken away? Move your arms, and feel completely alien structures respond? It's a terrible feeling. Sure I tried to act grateful. Hey it's more powerful and maneuverable than my previous form, good deal you'd think. But my function is that of an anti-air unit, one that rains artillery from afar! I DON'T NEED TO MOVE FASTER!

Calm down! The other's are staring!

Why should I? I don't have to be what they want me to be! I don't look the same, so why should I act the same?

I feel my face. They tried to make me look similar to how I did, but they failed. My face feels older, hardened, solemn.

I look at the hand that feels my face. It isn't the one I'm accustomed to, and my other arm, an unwieldy monster. The weight feels reassuring, helping me forget the absence of my long arm cannon. But then I forget, realizing they took my cannon. The thing that made me the most helpful of all, the thing that allowed me to strike where other's couldn't! They do this, and expect me to stay the same!

Then theres my vehicle mode. It's still compact, but it has a completely different function! Why would they do that? I could understand if the vastly changed the vehicle mode but left it the same kind of vehicle. I chose that form out of choice! Because I thought it would suit me the best. When playing a game, you choose what character you play as because they suit you. When a friend picks a character for you, it's often one you aren't suited to, not use to. Imagine that with something that mattered in your life! What were they thinking!? They give me a form that wasn't of my choosing. One that I'm fairly uncomfortable using! One that feels alien! Should your own body feel alien!?

Answer me that!


"Hey Smokescreen, are you ok?" Hot Shot called over to the white, brown, and orange backhoe.

"Smokescreen's dead." He replied with an icy voice.

"What?" Hot Shot responded, confused.

With that, the white Autobot rose with a clamor, knocking down the table and chair. He walked to the door before pausing briefly, saying one thing and then leaving.

"I am Hoist!"