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Chapter 2 YAY!

Hiei stood before the pandemonium, not knowing what to do. He was afraid to speak, to say anything (so unlike Hiei, ne?) The children before him moved in such an animated way that it was hard to tell them apart; they looked to be mere whirls of colors. A toddler ran around frantically, his pursuer right behind. The little boy with the slicked black hair never ceased calling out obscenities to the now crying toddler.

"Koenma, you bastard! What the hell have you done to me?!" He was so close to grabbing Koenma, but at the last second failed. Meanwhile, Koenma took this as a chance to get away. His tactic? Running faster.

"Don't look at me, Yusuke! This was all your fault! If you hadn't eaten MY rice balls none of this would have happened!" The tiny baby jumped away from Yusuke's grasp. Another voice broke in, this time one louder and raspier.

"What's gonna happen to us?! I'm two freakin' feet tall! What's Yukina going to think of me now?!" The carrot top began crying rivers. There was a child next to him. His eyes seemed so much older for his age. He patted carrot tops back, consoling him as best he could. "It's okay, Kuwabara. We can reverse this and everything will go back to normal." He smiled, having successfully assuaged Kuwabara's fears.

As all this was happening, Hiei stood motionless. He saw Yusuke, or at least a miniature version of him. Kuwabara and Kurama also seemed normal, or as normal as miniature versions of themselves could be. It was as if the world had suddenly shrunk, except for Hiei himself. A squeaky voice suddenly broke his thoughts.

"Yo, Hiei! Hiei! WAKE UP, DAMN IT!" There was a tugging at his cloak.

"What?" He looked around before realizing the voice came from below. There stood mini Yusuke, a pout on his tiny lips.

"It's about time, three eyes! We've got a big problem!" Hiei only stared at the little lad in green clad.

"Listen Hiei!!" The tiny tot kicked Hiei in the shin.

"Ow, you little brat!" Yelled Hiei as he picked Yusuke up from the back of his shirt (or is it a jacket?).

"Don't even think about it, Hiei. Picking on a poor little kid like me is against Rekai laws and can get you sent to jail," said the little boy with a smirk. Hiei remembered that smirk, that cocky smirk only one ningen did so well...

"Yusuke," he said. The small boy nodded.

"About time, Hiei."

Koenma sat at his desk, his hands holding up his small chin. His eyes wandered around, apparently searching for the right words. Yusuke, growing annoyed, smacked him.

"Get on with it, tiny tot!"

"You're one to talk, mini brat!"

"Wanna make something of it, pacifier junkie?!"

"Just try me, short stuff!"

But before any blow could be dealt, Hiei had grabbed both by their collars, separating them from their brawl.

"Hey! What gives?" whined Yusuke.

"Shut up, chibi, before I get mad." Koenma stuck out his tongue at Yusuke.

"And you," he turned to face Koenma, "you better start telling me what's going on here or else Enma won't have a son to come back to." Koenma cringed.

"Alright, alright." Hiei placed him back in his seat and Yusuke on the floor.

"Well, I had asked for three special rice balls. Now these rice balls alter a person's age and appearance. One altered their age by ten years, another by eleven, and the last one by..." He stopped. One of the rice balls should have changed them one of them to a baby. If it was suppose to alter their age by 15 years why wasn't one of them a baby by now. Unless....unless Kurama had taken that rice ball....Koenma turned to face Kurama. He seemed to be okay. His body was that of a five year old, he guessed. How long would it be until the rest of the effects took place?

"Are you going to finish?" Koemna rapidly turned to Hiei.

"Uh, the last one by ten also..."

"Why did these rice balls make them younger if it was suppose to make you older? They were meant to make you older, weren't they?" Koenma looked away.

"Well, yes...they were meant for me...for experimental reasons, mind you!" Everyone whispered a 'riiiiight' before continuing. "My guess as to why it shrunk them is because the ingredients had a counter effect. These weren't meant for humans, rather more complex beings-"

"Like you?"

"Yes, Yusuke, like me."

"Now Koenma, what are we to do now?" Kurama broke in, sensing another oncoming fight between the two.

"Yeah! I don't wanna stay like this!" Kuwabara cried.

"You'll have to find the man that made those rice balls and ask him to reverse the effect."

"And where is this dude?"

"In the Makai. A place called the Forbidden Forest."

"What?! I ain't going in a place named like that!" It was named that for a reason!!"

"Well then, Kuwabara, if you want to stay like that then don't go."


"Oh, and Hiei," began Koenma, as Hiei was edging close to the door, "you're to accompany them."

"Like hell I will."

"Of course you will. If not, I can have your freedom taken from you."

"...." With that said (oh, he said plenty with that!) the short demon, now the tallest in the group, walked to the doorway. "Hurry up, brats." The trio of kids ran to him. "Oh, but before I leave let me tell you this; Now that I'm the leader of the group, do you think your spirit detectives will live for long?" And he walked out. Koenma let his head fall on his desk.


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