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Prologue: So it begins...

Planet Vegete-sei ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

"Sir, Frieza has sent you a message." A timid man handed a message to a man with black flame hair and a goatee. He flinched as soon as the man grabbed the message from him, he knew that the king had a temper and he wanted to not get on his bad side.

The king read the message, then he crumpled up and threw it onto the floor next to him. "Damn him." He muttered under his breath. He looked at the messenger. "You, go get my son and Braddock, tell them that we have an issue to work out." He turned around and paced, he muttered to himself then noticed that a door never closed. He looked over to see the messenger still standing by the desk. "What are you waiting for, got get them!"

The messenger turned around and ran.

"Pathetic weakling." The king said. He paced for a few more minutes before two people entered the room. One looked like a carbon copy of the king only with no goatee wearing a spandex outfit(a/n couldn't think of a better word), the second was tall and had hair stinking up in every which way wearing a spandex with armor covering most of the outfit.

"What do you want old man, I was sparring with Kakarott and beating his sorry ass." The man said frowning with his tail whipping behind him.

"Shut up Vegita." This got a growl for an answer.

"What did you want my king?" The taller man said.

"Frieza is out to ruin us. We need to figure out how to avoid war with this man." The king said with an angry voice.

"What? Avoid war? Why avoid it? We are the strongest in the universe? Why cower like babies? We are Saiyans!" Vegita said slamming he fists on the desk. "This is ridiculous!"

"You need to learn some things about ruling a kingdom! You can't rule a kingdom and expect to win everything by fighting! There might not be very strong people in the universe but some of these people are very cunning! They would expect the fight and would have trick after trick up their sleeve and that might ultimately cause you to loose the war! Freiza is someone you can't go after just because! He is stronger than you are and by far smarter than you! He could crush you like a bug! His is also technologically advanced, he hires the smartest scientists in the whole universe to build him things! We can't really compete. We need to become cunning, that's why you two are here."

"Finally you are done ranting old man." Vegita rolled his eyes at his father's speech

"King Vegita and Prince Vegita, before you turn this into a family war, I want to know why I was sent here, what is it that you called me for?"

"I need your help, you are a seer and an logistical man, what is you input on what Frieza wants to do to us? Frieza wants me to turn over my son, he says that if I do, Vegita-sei will not be destroyed. If I don't, it will be destroyed. We need to figure something out, I don't want to turn over Vegita, but I don't want my plant destroyed. What do you suggest?"

The tall man thought for a minute then said, "I have seen nothing so far, the best thing would for Vegita to go into hiding."

"Hiding! Are you cracked? I'm not leaving this place! I will fight Frieza if I have to!" Prince Vegita slammed his hand on the desk.

"Contain yourself before you break yet another desk!" The king yelled at his offspring. "So that is the only best choice? How would we pull something like that off?" He turned to Braddock.

"A lie I guess. We could say something happened while he was planning to I don't know, obtain land for Vegita-sei."

"That might work. But where would we send him? Most of the planets are already territory of gone!"

"There is one planet. We could send him to Chikyuu, where my son disappeared a few years back."

The king thought for a moment. "Yes I remember having your son sent there and then having nothing happened. They are supposed to be similar to us except they don't have a tail or incredible strength." He turned to his son. "Get packed. You're leaving in a few days. I will have Nappa, Braddock, and Radditz accompany you to Chikyuu."

"Braddock, research this planet as much as you can. Find somewhere he can stay. Dismissed."

"Old man you are a shit head, you have no idea what you're doing." The prince turned around and left.

"Kami forbid he goes and destroys this planet and blows our chance." The king said sitting down in his chair.

Earth: Brief's residence ~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°

"ASSHOLE!" A girl with aqua hair screamed at a very afraid man.

"But Bulma, you don't understand! It wasn't my-"

"Fault! I've heard this one! NO! We are not longer! Get out!" Bulma pointed to the door.

The man walked slowly to the angry girl. "Darling, don't be ma-" He was cut of by a sharp slap on the face.

"Get out! How could you do this to me? I trusted you! And you still cheated on me! Just get out." She pointed to the door again with tears running down her face.

The man tried once more. He took her face in his hands and looked into her blue eyes. "Bulma, I-I don't know what to say."

"Say nothing, leave. Go away. Don't come here again." She pushed his hands off her face. "Go away Yamcha."

The man walked himself out of the house. "I love you Bulma." He said before closing the door.

{No you don't.} She thought. {You never will.} She slowly walked through the living room of her house, to the kitchen then to the stairs by the formal dining room. She walked up the stairs with tears still running down her face. She went to the second story of the mansion and walked to her room on the farthest right. She collapsed on her bed after she came into her master suite. {I don't understand. I make models jealous. I have perfect curves, I'm likable. I've had soo many men after me. Why do I still go to that asshole? And whom does he think he is to cheat on me? What have I done to him? Is it because I won't have sex with him all of the time? Probably is. One-track mind pig. Maybe I should take a bath. That has always helped me.} She picked herself off her queen-sized bed and walked over to her master bath. She turned on the faucet and warm water poured into the big bath. She picked up some scented oils and put them in the bath. She took off her shirt and pants and stood in front of the full mirror and admired the person in the mirror. The skin was milk white from being hidden by pants and sweaters, now that spring was coming, that would change soon. She had long legs and a long torso and a breast size that wasn't normal for thin tall women She turned from the mirror, took off her bra and underwear and slipped into the tub after turning off the running water.

She sat in the water taking in the scented rising fumes. She almost fell asleep but was interrupted by a knocking on her door.

"Bulma darling are you there?" A feminine voice followed after the knock.

"I'm taking a bath mom."

"Honey I want to see a few things when you get out of the bath 'k?

"Yeah mom, I'll be out in a minute!" She shouted back. She stood up from the bath and grabbed the dark green towel on the towel rack. She figured her mom had another new car to show her or some new jewelry to show her. Maybe new plates for the dining room, new TV, technically her mom could have brought home a ton of things that she would use once then let sit, or use once then decide that it was time to buy new things to replace it.

She emptied the tub and went to her dresser pulled out new underwear and a bra then looked in the other drawers and saw nothing she wanted to wear. Too hot for jeans, too hot for a long sleeve, too cold for a tube or halter top, way too cold for short shorts. She went to her closet and looked at all of the skirts and dresses. She finally picked out a jean skirt that stopped a few inches in front of her knees. She then went back to the dresser drawer and pulled out a white long sleeve fluffy shirt that barely covered her midriff and put that on.

She quickly braided her hair and put it in a bun, then walked down stairs.

"Honey look! I got us a new flat 57 inch plasma screen TV!" Her mom said as she clapped her hands together and pressed power in the newest TV available.

"Nice." She had to admit, the TV was nice. She sat down next to her mom on the leather couch. {This is getting too monotonous. I wish something different would happen. I'll have to tell Chi Chi that I broke up with Yamcha again. Boy she won't be surprised.} She thought as her mom flipped obliviously through all the channels available.


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