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LAST TIME ******************

"Go away, legs itch so badly." Bulma stopped to suppress a huge desire to itch her legs, and then she continued. "What do you want? No, just leave! I don't want to talk to you right now." Bulma left before Vegita could answer. He just stood there with a bored expression on his face.

"I came to say sorry for having to deal with me before hand, but I take that back now." He said quietly. He shot out of the little forest and headed towards the mountain range in the distance.


"Ouch, ouch, ouch." Bulma kept on muttering as she rubbed the bites. "Stupid ants, they should all burn in their little ant hell. I think their queen shall tortured." Bulma sat down on the jutting part of a large boulder.

"What about the king?" Bulma almost had a heart attack.

"The hell are you doing back? I told you to leave, as a matter of fact; I thought I even heard you leave. (Arg, fuck, I just realized, as of now... Bulma didn't have shoes on. She has shoes on. I dunno, black Puma Originals. POOF!!! She is now wearing them. Something like that.) Bulma clasped her hands in her lap.

"Yes, well you are not the boss of me so I decided that I wasn't going to run from a despicable little woman. I also remembered what you said about the ants eating you. Can I feed you to them?" Vegita gave her a quizzical look.

"No you may not." Bulma's legs were turning a bright red.

"So, you said that you were going to torture the queen of the hill, what are you going to do to the king?" Vegita levitated to the top of the boulder at sat there.

"Actually, after the king and the queen mate, the king dies. So the king is probably dead."

"Hm. What do ya know. How sad. What a weak king." Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Weak, weak, weak, is that all you worry about? That even happens in a few spider species. Like the black widow. The female eats the male after they are done mating." Bulma suddenly thought of a little black widow with her face, eating a little black widow spider with Vegita's face on it. The little Vegita was begging for his life in a high-pitched voice. "Help me! Help me!" The voice had stopped but the crunching of exoskeleton had continued for a few more seconds the stopped. Bulma chuckled then thought, {Wait, me get with him? That's not right.} Bulma shook her head and got rid of the image. She stood up and stretched.

"Now where are you going onna, and what was with the laughing." Vegita jumped from the boulder and landed beside her.

"I'm going just a bit further. And I was laughing at nothing." Bulma started walking again.

"Where are you going onna?" Vegita walked quietly behind her.

"I'm going to the little brook we have back here. I usually come here sometimes, its another one of those escape places. It's just a little harder to get to." Bulma pushed branches out of her way and made sure to let them go so they would swing back at Vegita.

"Woman, stop it. You are not going to hit me with a tree branch." Vegita said snapping the branches in half.

"Stop breaking the branches, and STOP CALLING ME WOMAN!" Bulma huffed and started walking again. "It's Bulma! Can you get that?" Vegita stopped to think for a minute.

"No, I don't think that I can actually can get that." He continued to follow her.

"Jeezus." Bulma muttered.

"How much further woman? This is getting tedious. Why walk when you can fly?"

"First of all," Bulma turned to face Vegita. "You can fly and I can't. Second, I never asked you to come along. Thirdly,-" Bulma was cut off by Vegita grabbing her arm. He flew up into the air, ramming past the trees. Bulma's breath was caught in her throat. "Vegita," She whispered. "Please don't drop me." She whispered again. Vegita heard her and pulled her up to his chest. He cradled her like a precious bundle.

"Don't worry. I will not drop you." He lightly wrapped his tail around her ankle without Bulma's knowledge, and let her go. Bulma dropped with an ear-piercing scream but was held fast by Vegita's tail so she really wouldn't drop. "I'll just scare the shit out of you." He pulled her back up to his chest. Bulma latched her arms around Vegita's neck so he couldn't do anything to her.

"Fucker." She said maliciously. "Do you even know where to go?" Bulma looked down. She realized she didn't even know where to go. It all seemed so different from the top.

"Yes, I can hear the brook. I know where to go." Vegita stopped and started free falling towards the ground. Bulma's heart skipped a few beats when she saw the ground rising too fast.

"Vegita!" She clung to Vegita's neck almost causing Vegita to get no air. He stopped abruptly just a few inches off the ground. Bulma let go of Vegita and fell to the ground in a heap. Bulma's breath came out ragged and her heart was racing. "Stupid monkey, little fucker, shit brains," Vegita heard her mutter all kinds of obscenities. He eventually tuned out when she began to repeat.

"Woman, you are alive. You can get up now, or else the ants will get to you again." Bulma gave him an evil look and slowly got up. She straightened herself out and began to walk towards the sound of a brook. {She looks so calm on the outside, but she's shaking on the inside. Amazing, I thought the humans were morons who wore their hearts on their sleeves. Stupid emotions make them so weak.} He followed after Bulma.

Bulma was sitting by the lake pouring the cool water on her legs to help make the itch stop. She was raging inside. {What gives him the right to do that? Why did he do that? He makes me SO MAD!} Bulma hit her fist into the water getting a good spray in her face for a response. She wiped away the water and lightly rubbed her skin.

"Woman, stop rubbing and itching. That's probably why they hurt so much." Vegita sneered walking into the tiny clearing.

Bulma rolled her eyes. "The reason they itch is because the ants have very small amounts of venom in their bites to kill their prey. Since we are too big to be killed by it, it still creates a bite that itches. Some people are deathly allergic to the venom, and die, I am not one of them, but with all the bites I have, my legs will itch for a while. I need to get some Calamine lotion for the bites, but I'll get that when I go back." Bulma pulled some grass by the brook and began to tear at it.

"Why did you come here? What is the point of this place? Why doesn't your dad use it as land?" Vegita sat on the ground and became indifferent.

"Because he thinks it's beautiful, and I like it also so I won't allow him to destroy it. Plus we have enough land. And like I told you before, I use this as one of my thinking spots. It's hard to get to, but if I could fly it would be a hell lot easier." Bulma sighed. Yamcha had tried to teach her how to fly, but that failed miserably. Yamcha eventually gave up trying to teach her and told her that she just doesn't have the ability. She was really mad nonetheless and wouldn't speak to him for almost a week. They sat like this for several minutes, Bulma lost in her own thoughts and Vegita lost in his. Bulma finally snapped out of her trance when she felt eyes on her back. She looked over to Vegita who was staring at her with a bored stare. Bulma turned her head quickly to hide the blush. She pretended to look at her watch for a cover up. "Damn, can't believe that almost half an hour went by. Time to go." Bulma stood up and brushed the water off her leg. Vegita jumped up from the ground and grabbed her upper arm.

"Lets go." He started to levitate through the trees still holding Bulma's arm.

"Do you mind? That hurts my arm." Vegita shrugged his shoulders and held her in his arms again. Bulma began to shiver as the wind blew against her damn legs.

Vegita rolled his eyes again. "You humans get cold too fast." He created a light ki shield to warm Bulma. The extra water dried almost immediately and Bulma stopped shivering.

"Thanks." She muttered. Vegita snorted in response. The rest of the flight, which was very short, was in silence. Vegita let Bulma go when they reached the ground and Bulma started walking off towards the house. {Damn him. Damn him and his flying. Damn the forest being to close to my house.} Bulma remembered Vegita's arms around her. She shivered from remembrance and heard Vegita snort in the back round.

"Weakling! Wear warmer clothes!" Bulma hid a smile. She had been lucky there. Vegita stormed in the house letting the evil door closing behind him. Bulma had to sprint to make sure the door didn't close in her face and lock her out. Unfortunately, she missed the door. It closed and locked in her face. {Damn door! I hate this door! Why does this thing lock in your friggin face! I need to persuade dad to get it fixed.} She pounded on the door, but no avail, no one came.

"Hello! Vegita? Can you open the door? Dad! Burdock! Come on!" She pulled on the door handle. {How can no one hear me?} "Hello?!" She pounded on the window. "HELLO!!!!" She screamed. "OPEN UP THE DAMN DOOR!" She waited in silence for a minutes. "Oh fuck this." She walked over to her balcony and climbed up the trellis to her balcony. She stepped over the railing to her doors and pressed the little button. {Oh yeah, have to get that fixed.} The doors opened and she walked in closing them behind her. She went to her door, opened it, and began to stomp down the stairs screaming, "Hello? Is anyone home?" She walked into the kitchen and found no one there. "What the fuck?" She did a complete circle and walked through the living room, dining room, and to the garage. She silently raved to herself and went to the entrance of her father's lab. "Daddy?" The lab was huge and her voice bounced off the walls creating an echo.

"Down hear Bulma!" Came her dad, also creating an echo. Bulma sighed and walked into the lab.

"Daddy, I was calling for you to open the door for me." Bulma reached her dad's side and huffed.

"Oh, sorry dear. I was talking with the Saiyans. They are planning to leave very early tomorrow morning. They were just discussing the terms of this agreement once more." He turned back the Burdock. "Its such a same that you must destroy such a beautiful work of machinery."

"You don't understand, but we ~must~ destroy it or else we will have the prince leaving this place and we can't have that for the sake of our empire. It also doesn't work if we say he is dead then he shows up a month later. It just negates everything and causes more problems than before."

{Right, they are going to destroy a space pod. What wondrous conversation.} Bulma left shaking her head. She walked out of her father's lab to her own. She examined the tape on the wires. {Damn, what the hell have I gotten myself into? This is way too much for me to fix alone. Too many wires to replace. Lets see I need about a spool, no, spool and a half of red wire.} Bulma walked over to her desk and grabbed the nearest note pad. {A spool and a half (Er, lets just say that a spool of wire is A LOT. A spool might like equal, I dunno, half a mile or so.) and I also need a half a spool of green. Two spools of black. One white, one yellow, half an orange.} Bulma looked up to scan over the jumble of wires. {Yes, that should be right. I'll go get those from Daddy's office.} She tore the piece of paper of the metal spiral. She then walked back to her dad's lab. When she returned her dad and the rest of the Saiyans were gone. She walked herself over to the storage room and walked to the back of the large room.

"Did I need blue? Oh well, I'll just grab a spool for measure." She began to pile spools (A single spool weighs maybe 3/4 of a pound. The wire is very small so it doesn't weigh that much.) in her arms. She almost dropped all the spools at one point. "Shit," She leaned over to get the dropped spool of yellow wire. She finally managed to get the spools comfortable in her arms. "Crap, I need a spool of green." She looked up to locate the green. "Ah shit. Just my fucking luck." Bulma saw the green wire on a shelf just barely out of her reach. She stood on her tippy toes to reach the spool. Her fingers brushed over the smooth wire and then found metal. "Crap." She stood higher and touched the cardboard on the top of the spool. "Damn, there are other spools on top." Bulma jumped up and knocked the spool out from underneath the other ones with her hand. While she had successfully gotten the green wire, she had also knocked the other spools from her grip.

She began muttering curses under her breath and started picking them up, all over again. She had almost gotten them all adjusted when there was a large explosion over her head. This startled Bulma making her drop them again and cover her head with her fore arms and hands.

"WOMAN! THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" An irate Vegita stalked up the isle.

"What? What was I doing?"

"You were almost killed by the spools and other heavy metal pieces that almost fell on you if it wasn't for me!" Vegita yanked her to her feet.

"What heavy metal pieces? There wasn't any. You're being an ass."

"Woman, there was too." Vegita levitated to the top shelf and pulled down some very large heavy pieces of metal and showed them to Bulma.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. My dad put those pieces there for storage because we didn't have the space at the time. I was looking for those the other day. Thank you." Vegita rolled his eyes and put the metal back were he found it.

"You dad wants to talk to you. He sent ~me~ go find ~your~ sorry ass. Lets go, now." Vegita grabbed her upper arm.

"Nuh- uh. First I get these to my lab." She tore her arm away and began picking them up. "Um, you can help," Bulma said when the spools started falling out of her arms. "Please?"

"What are these needed for anyway woman? I saw that metal hulk you call an "invention". It's ugly and probably doesn't even work. Pathetic."

"Ha! It's probably more than what your freakin' planet can make! You are after all, talking to Bulma Briefs! Who is smarter than her father! So there!" Bulma stuck her tongue out at Vegita. He simply rolled his eyes.

"It's a hunk of metal. Probably can't do anything."

"Oh it can do quite a bit-"

"Like get me back to my planet and help me defeat Frieza?"

"Oh it can probably do just that. Now please help."

"Fine, but I swear you are showing me what it does." Vegita grabbed the spools from her.

"Yeah yeah yeah. I got it the first time."

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