Bloopers! Have fun!

Chapter one

BMR: Okay let's see if we can keep this neat. Action!

Ry: Fresh tears dripped from her face and the woman next to her looked at her in concern.

Old woman: "Are you all right dear?"

Ryanna: looked at her and smiled sadly. . "Not really, I'm just wishing that"… forgets her lines and wings it "I'm wishing that Goten would tell trunks how he really feels that way I don't have to suffer.

Goten: Geh! Ryanna!

Ryanna: oh come on you know it's true

BMR: CUT! shakes her head

And……. ACTION!

Matt: "Why not? I don't love you."


Angel and Matt looked at her shocked.

Matt: "No, No I refuse to believe that……. Becaaaause I don't remember my

fucking line." kicks stage and is whacked over the head by the director

BMR: Cut damn it Matt stop ruining my set! Baka!

Chapter 2 Bloopers


Ryanna: stepped out of the terminal and looked around "After three years I'm finally back." She sighs and calls for a taxi…… taxi doesn't arrive and she tries again TAXXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!…. Still no Taxi//

BMR: CUT! Damn it where is Sakura!?

Sakura: stumbles out of bathroom with toilet paper hanging from her shoe okay I'm ready I'm ready…

BMR: oiy mother F-

Goten: COVER VIRGIN EARS! covers Trunks' ears

Trunks: Dam it Goten I'm not a virgin smacks his hands

Goten: Whimpers but I wanted to be your first

Trunks: anime fall


Sakura: "In that case come and live with me in my apartment. I have a few extra rooms I use for guestrooms, besides I need a roommate to keep me company, and I just adore babies."

Everyone: CRADLE ROBBER!!!!

Sakura: Snaps fingers Damn and I sound so innocent to

Ryanna: You ain't kissing my baby bitch Get away!!! stares glarey eyed and holds stomach

BMR: and….. Next

Chapter three bloopers

ACTION…. I'm hungry

Trunks: As he walked in the first thing he noticed was Pan, Ryanna's brother Kankton, Goten, and his sister Bra all scrunched up on the big couch watching Forest Gump on HBO. "Life is like a bunch of chocolates. Hiya guys I'm home."

Bra: "So we smelled dear brother."

Goten: truunnnkkks I told you to shower after we did that last night

Trunks: anime fall Goten…. Shut up

BMR: But Yaoi is so… Yaoi-licious! Okay Next fic I do is a Goten trunks fic!

all cheer except Trunks

Trunks: I hate my life.

ACTION! cough

Trunks: "You guys, you're not going to believe this but Ryanna's gone." Everyone gawked at him.


Trunks: Dig deeper Watson's puts pipe in his mouth and does a thinking pose

Chapter 4.…. Action!

Trunks: "Ryanna, is that you?"

Ryanna: "Pump it!" Ryanna with her pregnant self ran as fast as she could and hopped into Sakura's car. The sound of a balloon popping makes everyone laugh and ry sits up and takes out the broken balloon. "I….I miscarried cries I'll NEVER HAVE CHILDREN AGAIN!!!!!!!

Bmr: actually looks at writing sheet Youre due for about eh ten more pregnancies

Ryanna: NANI!? faints

Bra: sighs the life of a woman is painful

Chapter five

And… err acti.. Ooh forget it NEXT!

Sakura: "Okay tell me right now, HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU KNOW TRUNKS BREIFS!"

Ryanna: gulped as she looked to her friend. Sighs and tooks her hands Okay I'll tell you. He was once my lover but I gave him up because Goten loved him more and I know he and Trunks will be happy together

Sakura: sweat drops and Trunks Anime falls off stage


BMR: whacks CUT! NEXT!


Trunks"You have a really nice home."

Ryanna: dropped the dish she was using and it shattered on the floor. Ryanna spun around and her face paled.

Trunks:"I think your dish just broke.

Ryanna: frowned. "No shit Sherlock."

Trunks: Dig deeper Watson! takesout pipe and does the sexy thinking pose

Ryanna:goes to comment the pauses and stares ina we at his beautiful face

Goten: TRAITOR!!!!! Trunks is mine! Trun pauses and admires sexy trunks thinking pose

Bmr: CUT! Ne- pauses and admires Trunks as well So sexy

Vegeta: waves hand in front of facE yep we've lost her… Anybody know another director!

Bulma: I got George Lucas' number….starwars theme in he backround

george lucas takes over for next few chapters then BMR returns

BMR: I'm back! Noww ACTION!!!!!

Trunks: pinned her down to the bed and was trying to remove her skirt.

Ryanna: "Trunks... I just thought of something."

Trunks" "Really?" Trunks kept most of his attention to his kisses on her breasts. "

Ryanna: "Where's Michael?"

Trunks: paused for a minute cursing to himself. "I don't know."

Sakura: "He's mine!" takes Michael laughing evilly MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ryanna: Trunks! Damn it I can't trust you with anything runs after Sakura COME BACK HERE CRADDLE ROBBER!

Trunks: looks down at his boner Mother F-

Goten: I'll finish it off for you

Trunks: Gah no runs away


Chapter: 16

Trunks:"Yes, I love her. I love her so much that not even Kami himself could stop me from loving her."

Mr. Shang: frowned. "And does Ms. Coutsa'n return your love?"

Trunks: looks to Ryanna.

Ryanna: She had tears in her eyes but she smiled. "Oh Trunks, I love you too"

Sounds of glass breaking

Goten: NOOO!!!! cries at his broken heart and Trunks just looks with a sweat drop

Trunks: Dude… please tell me this is almost over

Bmr: just one more chapter

LAST CHAPTER! AND Hollywood lights ACRION!….. Um you spelled action wrong..

BMR: I did…. Oops clears throat and….. ACTION!

"Okay let me give you the 411 on adults. They are totally unpredictable. Daddy is very strong, but not as strong as mommy. Mommy yells a lot when people don't behave, especially at Grandpa Veggie." 'Who's grandpa Veggie?' Michael sighed. "Rika babe, stick with me and believe me you'll be an expert at no time. Oh and also watch out for a big lady named Sakura she'll capture you and make you do things" "what kind of things"

Sakura: walks in to snatch the two but is whacked over the head by Trunks and Ryanna who are still half asleep

Ryanna: Stay away plops back asleep

Trunks: from our… kids plops back

CUT! Okay edit that and that's a wrap!

BMR: hops off chair and tehn shakes hands with george Lucas Thanks for taking my place while I was out of it George.

George Lucas: Anything for my number one Fan.

BMR: Speaking of which whispers When is that sitcom about star wars coming out?

George: Use the force young pad wan and you will find out

BMR: figured you'd say something like that sighs