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The Invitation

'Catherine and Lindsey Willows,
You are invited to the wedding of Nick Stokes to Sara Sidle.
This event will take place July 4th at St Nicholas church in Las Vegas.
Hope to see you there.

Nick and Sara.'

Catherine sat at her kitchen table, the invitation clasped in her right
hand. Reaching out she took the glass of gin from the table and raising it
shakily to her mouth she whispered a cheers and swallowed the liquid at
once. She was happy for Sara and Nick, she really was, it was about time
they got it together, she'd known they loved each other before they had,
but she wasn't sure if she could face going back there. To see them after
so long, granted it was only 2 years but a lot can happen in two years, the
invitation she held was proof of that.

Standing up she placed the invitation on the table and headed for the
drinks cabinet. She wasn't a large drinker but the thought of having to go
back and see him again was too much for her to handle. Pouring herself a
double scotch she picked up the invitation again and sat herself down on
the couch. Slowly sipping the drink this time she fumbled with the card in
her hand, her mind drifting back to 2 years ago.


His office suddenly seemed so dark and unfamiliar.
She couldn't remember being this nervous since she joined the Night Shift
almost 10 years before. Taking a deep breath and pulling in all the
courage she had, she knocked on the door.
Hearing a slight grunt of acknowledgement from within she cautiously opened
the door and took a step in.
She stood there for a while, watching him from her position in front of the
doorframe. She watched as his brow furrowed as he continued to type what
she assumed to be a report.

Noticing the feeling that someone was watching him he looked up and locked
eyes with Catherine. Seeing the discomfort in them, he began to search her
eyes for a reason as to why. He could see a conflict of emotions filling
them, he saw the sorrow and regret but also the anticipation and slight
excitement too.

As soon as his eyes met hers she felt her control slip, her defences fell
and allowed him access to her inner turmoil. Suddenly aware of the way he
was searching her, she blinked and broke the eye contact. She needed him
to know what she was here to tell him, but not why she was.

He watched her break the contact between them and a knot filled his
stomach, he had been close to finding something, something she wanted to
keep from him. When she looked up again he saw that her defences were back
up and he could no longer see into her. All he could see was the false
emotions she wanted him to believe.

Sensing that he was going to say something, she spoke first; she needed to
get this weight of her as soon as possible so she could leave.

"Umm, Gil, I well. . ." She inwardly cursed herself for her nerves, and
then continued. "I have come to tell you that. . ."

"Would you like to sit down?" He interrupted her, sensing that what she
had to tell him was not going to be good news he thought it would be best
if she told him sitting down.

"No, I'm not staying long." She saw the look of shock and concern fill his
feature as she declined his offer, then she saw the look of confusion.

Deciding she had put it off long enough, she spoke fast and didn't stop
until she had said all she could.

"Gil, I'm leaving, I put in my notice 2 weeks ago but I couldn't tell you
and well, I'm leaving tonight. I'm moving to Miami, they have a job set up
for me there where I will be the head of the nightshift and although it is
the same hours it's higher paid even though I'm not going for the money,
but well, I need to get away, Lindsey needs a new start away from here,
where she can start again and I need to get away from the memories and
everything. I have letters for the rest of the team, explaining all this
but I couldn't write one for you, I needed to see you in person, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you earlier but I just couldn't find the best time but I had
to see you and tell you before I went." She quickly but gently placed the
letters on the desk in front of him and before rushing from the office she
turned and looked at him,

"I'm sorry." Was all she could say as she stepped through the door for the
last time and felt the tears begin to fill her eyes.

"I'm sorry."


Just thinking about that morning brought the tears back to her eyes. How
could she ever see him again, she hadn't even been able to say a proper
goodbye. He hadn't followed her and she left him no time to. She was gone
before he could say anything and she had been in Miami before he could call

She was supposed to be his best friend but she couldn't even say goodbye.
She was the worst best friend ever, and he must hate her for it. She had
known that he needed her then, after the operation. But she had left,
maybe it was for the best, that's what she had told herself but she didn't
really believe that, it just made things easier for her to cope with. But
know those thoughts came pouring back. There was no way he would want to
see her again after what she had done, and she didn't think she would be
able to see him.

She picked up the pen laying on the coffee table and signed the invitation
answering it with a simple 'unable to come can't get time off work.' She
knew it sounded sharp almost uncaring but it was better than the truth and
easier than going.


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