"Lee please wait!" shouted Sakura as she dashed down the busy street, searching for a certain thick-eye browed teenager. After calling his name several more times, Sakura stopped her pursuit and walked away, hanging her head down in disappointment.

"Oi, Sakura..." called a masculine voice behind her.

Turning around with renewed hope, Sakura saw Lee standing a few meters ahead of her. She quickly rushed towards him, as she pushed past the busy shoppers surrounding them.

"I never made out with Shikamaru, I swear!" Sakura cried desperately.

Lee was stumped. He wanted to believe Sakura, he really did, but with the little show that Ino had put on had him worried. Ino seemed extremely upset. Sighing in frustration Lee nervously ran a hand threw his hair, but no sooner had he done that did he quickly repair the damage he did to his bowl hair cut.

"Listen Sakura," started Lee, keeping a serious look plastered across his face, "I'll tell you what I was told that happened and you tell me your side of the story. I was just sitting there peacefully eating my ramen and talking to Gai-Sensei about when we should hold the official 'Rock Lee's Fan Club' meetings when all of a sudden Ino storms up to us demanding Gai-Sensei to talk some sense into her horrible cheating boyfriend. Then she plops herself down beside me and tells me all about how Shikamaru and you made out just to make Ino jealous. Then I saw Shik..."

Sakura interrupted him before he could continue on. "It's a lie! Why would I want to do that with Shikamaru? True, we are friends but I don't like him that way! Besides him and Ino make such a cute couple, who would want to break it up?"

"Now that I think about it," Lee said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, "Ino and Shikamaru have been acting weird lately..."

"I have to agree with you there, something strange has been going on." agreed Sakura.

"Well they were both spying on me while I was training..." Said Lee.

"Ino and this strange old woman showed up at my house..." interrupted Sakura

"...and then they made a weird noise and ran away..." continued Lee.

"...and the old woman said her cats attacked her and they had rabies..."

"...but Gai-sensei and I managed to catch up with them..."

"...then her boobs popped and her hair fell out..."

"...then they bought t-shirts of me, started my fan club, and transferred into my team...."

"...later I discovered that Shikamaru was the old woman..."

After a moment of silence they blinked at each other.

"Shikamaru dressed up as an old woman whose boobs popped and hair fell out?"

"They transferred onto your team, bought your T-shirts, and started a fan club of you?"

"What are those two up to?" Pondered Rock Lee aloud.

"Let's keep a sharp eye on them and try to figure that out because something smells funny and I have a hunch this is all Ino-pig's doing..."

"Well I guess that didn't work out, eh Shikee-poo?" Laughed Ino nervously. Shikamaru had ignored her for an hour straight and spent the time grumbling under his breath. Ino was only able to catch 'Damn woman', 'Troulesome', 'Annoying', and 'Moving to China.'

'Poor Shikamaru,' thought Ino, 'After that whole scene at the Ramen restaurant he got not only kicked out but banned from there. Plus all the glares he got. I should make this up to him!'

"NARA SHIKAMARU! YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW! I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU!" Screamed an all too familiar voice. Shikamaru visibly winced as he and Ino turned around to come face to face with Shikamaru's mother.

"Yamazaki-san told me ALL about what happened at that Ramen restaurant, so I marched right over! You have some explaining to do! And when I say that I mean explain NOW!" Hollered Shikamaru's mother, ignoring the weird looks people were giving them as they passed by on the street. Ino and Shikamaru exchanged glances as they looked from each other and to his mother.

"But it's a hassle!" whined Shikamaru.


"I DARE you to repeat that again!" growled Shikamaru's mom while Shikamaru's hand tried to massage his brand new bump on his head.

"Well actually..." continued Ino but she immediately stopped when she was engulfed by a hug from Shikamaru's mother.

"Oh it's alright dear. You don't have to speak! It's Shikamaru's fault, not yours! Let me take you over to my house and you can have some tea and maki you poor dear! And as for YOU..." Shikamaru winced again as he saw his mother's facial expression change from happy and upbeat to poisonous and deadly.

"You are going home right now and are going to have a nice talk with your father!" She continued as she grabbed Ino by the hand and Shikamaru by the ear and stomped over to the house.

"NARA SHIKATO, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR SON DID!?!?" Exclaimed Shika's mother as she stampeded into the room dragging behind her a very baffled looked Shikamaru and Ino. Shikato cracked one eye open and looked at them but then closed it again and rolled away from them so he could enjoy a few more minutes worth of sleep on the couch.

"Get up you lazy ass!" growled Shikato's wife as she yanked him off the couch so that he was facing his son. Shikato blinked a couple of times while looking at his son. Shikamaru and Shikato exchanged glances and said, "Damn what a hassle" at the same time.

This probably wasn't the perfect choice of words for father and son for the mother went ballistic at hearing this.

"What a hassle? WHAT A HASSLE!? Damn you guys are lazy! Here I am trying to help our son salvage what is left of his relationship with Ino and you say what a HASSLE!? As for you, Shikamaru, you should know by now how to treat a lady! I did not raise you to become a foulmouthed heartbreaker! Now you will apologize to Ino and then you and your father will have a LONG talk about why what you did was wrong! Am I right Shikato!?"

"yes dear..." Mumbled Shikato unenthusiastically.

'Damn he's whipped.' thought Shikamaru.

"WELL.....?" continued Shika's mother, glaring expectantly at her son.

Shikamau rolled his eyes and turned towards Ino saying "I apologize for being a foulmouthed heartbreaker..."


Shikamaru sighed again at hearing his mother's voice and continued, "And for cheating on you with Sakura..."


"And... I... uh... will never do it again?" Finished Shikamaru as he looked hopefully up to his mother, who was now looking at Ino.

"Uh... I forgive you?" Ino said still puzzled by the whole situation.

"Good! Now that you two forgive each other Ino and I will discuss this more into detail in the kitchen over some Tea and maki while you two discuss it in here."

"But dear, we really shouldn't be getting involved... in... this... um..." said Shikato as he trailed off deciding that it would be best not to get into his wife's line of fire. Shikamaru's mother left the room, with Ino in tow, but made sure to give the two a death glare on her way to exit.

"Ugh." Said Shikamaru as he flopped across an armchair as his father flopped along the couch. They both ended with a simple, 'How bothersome', before they dozed off.

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