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Summary: The Hogwarts' Bad Boys: Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy have basically just started a bet/contest, they have a list of all the girls they were to win the hearts of... What happens when the only girl left on Draco Malfoy's list is Hermione Granger? The Gryffindor mudblood that he had grown up to hate so much? Draco Malfoy will certainly not lose this bet to Harry Potter, even if they were sort of friends now, Malfoys never lose... And Malfoys are always up for challenges...

A/N: Okay... that's my summary... Do you like it? Just thought that it would be an interesting change for Harry to become a bad boy... i mean, he's not mean or the troublemaker or anything, just a playboy like Draco Malfoy has become... Here goes... Hope you'll like it!

~*Hogwarts' Bad Boyz*~


It was the last class of the day, Professor Flitwick had to run out on an errand and she couldn't get a substitute for the class, so the Gryffindors and Slytherins ended up getting a study block. Once Professor Flitwick had left the room, the whole class split up into little groups to talk about the latest gossips and of course, quidditch. Harry Potter strode across the room to Draco Malfoy's desk. On the way he winked to a Gryffindor girl who instantly fainted. All the other Gryffindor girls continued to swoon over him, while the Slytherin girls did the same to Draco Malfoy, the only girl that seemed unaffected by this was Hermione Granger, who was Harry Potter's best friend. Now in the 5th year at Hogwarts, both of Harry and Dracos' many years of quidditch training had paid off, giving them broad shoulders, slim waist and nice muscles though not bulging with veins, the perfect body that any guy would've wanted to have.

Remember our bet, Draco. "Harry told the boy with platinum blond locks who was shamelessly flirting with Millicent Bulstrode, a girl in Slytherin.

"I won't" replied Draco, as he returned his attention to the now blushing Millicent. Harry turned away and headed back to his group of adoring fans.

Recently, Harry and Draco had made a secret bet of being able to win the hearts of all of the girls in their grade to prove their skills. There was no time limit in this bet, so it was more like a contest because all you had to do was complete your list of girls. The only witnesses there to help seal the bet were Crabbe, Goyle and Ron. A spell was even performed to ensure that they wouldn't be able to talk or write about this except to the members that had taken place in this.

~*Chapter 1:Summer*~

~*Hermione's POV*~

'I waved goodbye to Harry and Ron, as Harry would be spending the summer with the Weasleys at the burrow since the Dursleys would be on a vacation all summer and wouldn't be able to look after Harry. Though they all suspected that they were lying just so that they wouldn't need to deal with Harry this summer.' Hermione sighed, as she followed her parents and settled into the backseat of her car. 'Everybody had changed a lot this year, especially Harry. He had become a playboy since he had finally defeated You-know-who during his summer after 4th year. He had even started getting friendly with the Malfoy git. But their friendship would never change, they would always support each other no matter what.'

~*End of POV*~

After witnessing all the different changes in the friends around her, Hermione decided that it was time for her change. For the whole summer, Hermione started jogging every morning, made a few trips to the tanning salon and went to a hair dresser to do something about her hair. In the end, Hermione received a nice slim figure, a healthy sun kissed look and tame hair that fell onto her back in nice, soft curls. She decided that she needed a whole new wardrobe, so she went shopping and got her ear's pierced with one more on the top of her right ear.

Soon it was time to go back to Hogwarts for their 6th year. Hermione put on a white blouse, but only buttoned the first few buttons, tying up the ends of the blouse into a big knot, showing her slim waist. Then she jumped into her short jean shorts, grabbed her trunk and lugged it down the winding stairs to the kitchens.

~*Platform 9¾*~

"Bye mum, Bye dad. Love you!" Hermione said as she hugged them both.

"Have fun at school, kiddo. We'll miss you!" replied Hermione's dad as he pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"Just remember that we're very proud of you that you got to be a prefect. Okay? Now, start running into that wall before it becomes solid again." Hermione's mom replied.

Hermione took hold of her cart and ran into the barrier as a crowd of muggles blocked her from view. Hermione opened her eyes as she neared the Hogwarts Express. Harry and Ron had said that they would wait for her in compartment 302, so she quickly set out to find them. She figured that she would tell them the good news of her becoming a prefect before she headed of the prefects compartment. She wondered who the other prefects would be? Hopefully people she was friends with.

"Hey guys!" Hermione said as she stepped into Harry and Ron's compartment.

 "Whoa… Hermione. Big change, but very nice!" Harry exclaimed as he looked at her from top to bottom.

 "Thanks! I thought that it was about time for me to change a bit. Don't you think so, Ron?" Hermione blushed at the comment from Harry. She was glad that he didn't have his usual flock of fans following him around or she would've been attacked! "Ron?"

Ron just stared, gaping at Hermione and nodded mutely. Harry smirked at his bestfriend's sudden inability to speak, while Hermione quickly dismissed her best friend's peculiar behavior and continued speaking.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm appointed prefect this year!" Hermione said proudly.

 "Congratulations 'mione! We knew you could do it!" Harry said brightly, speaking for both him and Ron as he was still unable to speak and didn't seem to show signs that he was listening at all.

 "Since I'm prefect this year, I'll have to go to the prefects compartment, so I won't be able to sit with you guys." At that Ron's face fell noticeably "But I think I'll be around to check on you two. So don't cause too much trouble, okay?" Hermione added sternly while sending questioning looks at Ron. With that, she left Harry and Ron's' compartment and headed to the prefects compartment.

Hermione had walked all the way to the back of the Hogwarts Express in order to reach her compartment. She bounded cheerfully up to the prefects compartment, wondering excitedly who her fellow prefects would be. As she swung open the door, her 'happy bubble' suddenly burst and her face paled visibly. Inside was none other than the one and only… Draco Malfoy.


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