The three Sake Sisters had been watching the news constantly since that little debacle. Not because they were worried about finding themselves on it, because Nika had cast a complex spell to wipe the publics memories of it ever happening. No, they were watching for something else.

Hakura cried frantically from Nika's living room, "Nika-chan! Jodea!! It's ON!!!"

They both rushed in and threw themselves onto the couch.

"In local news, the CEO of Kaiba Corp, Seto Kaiba, the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters, and the King of Games, along with several other unknown individuals were spotted by many people streaking naked through the city of Domino. We take you live to the field."

Reporter: "Please, tell us what you saw ma'am."

Old woman: "Well, I's just getting ready for ma evenin' bath when I heard som'un outside ma winda. I figured it 'as that cat again, looking for scraps, so I went to shoo it 'way. But when I pushed back the curtain, I saw Seto Kaiba run past ma window! Buck-nekid!! Now, you might say I 'ont know what I'm talkin' bout, but I know Seto Kaiba when I see 'im! Then I saw some other guy with blond hair run by, and HE 'as naked too!!" (O.O)

Reporter: "Yes, go on."

Old woman: "Well, that blond feller triped over ma garden hose and barreled Mr. Kaiba over! Then some OTHER nekid fella com' and pulled 'at blond 'un off'n Mr. Kaiba, 'cause they'd started a'fightin'! He had the weirdest hair! And a huge gold pyramid thingy 'round 'is neck! Then another guy with black hair run by, and HE 'AS NEKID TOO!! He 'idnt stop and just kepta goin'. Then! 'as the weirdes' thin' of all... One nekid guy came by draggin' anoter' nekid guy by tha wrist...and 'ey looked like TWINS!! And they 'as wearin' huge gold rin's 'round 'ere necks! He dragged 'em off and then ANOTER' nekid guy com' by!! He 'as carrin' a gold scepter thin' and 'ee 'it 'at blond fella on tha head wit' it an' kepta walkin'! He looked mighty mad!! But 'at blond fella 'as mad too, 'cause 'ee jumped 'im from behind and started yellin' at 'im 'at it 'as all 'is fault! And 'at on' with tha staff thingy yelled back at 'im that he 'as tha one what suggested it. And THEY got in a fight! An' 'ats when I went an' called the police..."

Reporter: "Uh...thank you ma'am... Well, there you have it! Just one of many confirmed reports of the strange happenings in Domino yesterday! Back to you, Fred."

Fred: "Thank you, Jake. If not for the great number of sightings this entire thing would have to be disregarded as a hoax. However, the incident at Ms. Bath's (A/N-couldn't resist ^_^) was documented on video by a neighbor who had been filming his daughter's fifth birthday. Here now is that video."

They watched as all seven of the naked bishys were shown in vivid color! They began gasping for breath in between peals of laughter as they watched Yami try to break up a vicious fist fight between a naked Seto and an equally naked Jou. Otogi then walked straight by them, ignoring them and disappearing into more bushes. As the fight raged on, Bakura, with his usual evil glare, stalked by pulling Ryou along behind him. Yami finally managed to break up the fight, but Malk chose that moment to walk by and whack Jou with his Sennen Rod, which made Jou turn his anger on him. He glarred at him for a few seconds, then leaped from his place on the ground, where he had been knocked by Seto, and tackled Malik from behind! (A/N-no! no! bad hentai yaoi thoughts!! Bad!!) They proceeded to beat the crap out of each other and Yami tried to break up THAT fight! Finally they all disappeared back into the bushes and a few seconds later a scream was heard, followed by a cat screech. Then a cat came sailing out of the bush Jou had just ducked into and Jou stood up, bleeding from a scratch in a particularly nasty spot. He huffed and disappeared back into the bush.

Fred: "That's all we have, but it's quite clear that the figure in that video was indeed Seto Kaiba."

Female Co-anchor: "hahaha! Well, Fred, I guess it's true what we've heard about Mr. Kaiba."

Fred: "Oh, and what would that be, Vianne?"

Vianne: "Well, that he's...nevermind. Next on weather..."

Nika popped a tape out of the VCR and the girls continued laughing. They may have been totally humiliated yesterday, but the last laugh was their's!