Just one of those things that wouldn't leave me alone after reading the book. ^^;; Not mine, no permission, no money, Rowling.

Lord Thingy

By Icka! M. Chif

"The thing that continues to annoy me is this." Hermione tapped a part of the front page of the newspaper that she was reading at the breakfast table before they got on the Hogwarts Express to head back home. "'Lord Thingy'. Honestly, couldn't he have come up with a better name?"

"What?" Ron asked, a cheeky grin forming. "Like 'Lord Bubberbus'?"

"Lord Picklesnout!" Ginny giggled. Harry shook his head and decided to stay out of this conversation as Neville looked on with fascination.

"Or just his -Name-?" Hermione said, throwing an arm up in exasperation. "Come on, 'Vol-de-mort'. It's not like it's THAT hard to say. 'Lord Thingy', really."

"Besides, isn't a 'Thingy' that thing that holds up a bra?" Ron asked.

The girls looked at him in exasperation. "That's a -clasp-, Ron." Ginny informed him. "'Thingy' is what Dad calls anything in a Muggle automobile engine."

"I thought 'thingy' was another name for a boy's genitalia." Luna supplied thoughtfully as she passed by.

There was a slight pause as the watched her retreat, Neville turning slightly red at the comment.

The Weasley siblings traded looks before bursting out into a loud sing-song chant. "You-Know-Who's a Dick!!! You-Know-Who's a Dick!!!"

Draco Malfoy paused as he walked out the door, shooting the obnoxiously loud Gryffindors a sullen look. "I am not."


... sorry, Draco's ego cut in there... *whistles innocently*

Some 'Thingy' definitions are from a 'Male/Female Dictionary' thingy that was sent to me in an e-mail. ^^;;