Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 2

Title: Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 2

Author: Carya Black
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Category: AU, General, Romance

Pairings: HP/HG, DM/GW, will be TMR/OC too
Rating: PG-13 (might change later)

Spoilers: The Sorcerer's Stone and The Prisoner of Azkaban
Disclaimer: Carya and the plot changes belong to me, the rest belongs to JKR. I do not make any money with this. It's just a story written from one fan for all the others to read. I got some Ideas from other stories as well. They will be mentioned in the following disclaimers, so please don't flame me. I know whom they belong to and respect the ideas of other authors. I only use them because I loved them! Please don't get mad at me if you find something copied from the books apologetic smile. Harry and Carya might get slightly Mary-Sueish but I need this for my story, so don't flame me. Flames will only be used to heat my room and to roast marshmallows evilgrin.

Notes: Since this is an AU fic some things are different. Ginny is the same age as Harry and Carya. Ron is almost a year older but hadn't been able to attend Hogwarts earlier. Snape behaves different sometimes too. I also am switching positions of book two and three because I need the kids to be older when the Chamber of Secrets is opened. There'll definitely be a few changes and additions to the story.

I also unknowingly altered Hermione's birthday. According to JKR she's been born on September 19th. But I didn't know that. Now her birthday is February 4th (look into my character descriptions for details. They are on my homepage under the following link:


Summary: Basically the twins second year at Hogwarts, originally this would've been book three but I switched the positions of book two and three. Some surprises are in here too. So read, review and enjoy.

Warnings: There's a reason for Carya and Harry being in Slytherin. It's not just for the fun of it. But this isn't a Dark!Carya, Dark!Harry story. They only aren't all that goodie-Gryffindor.

Carya [grinning evilly]: 'Hardly possible if we are in Slytherin don't you think, my dear author?'

Author: 'Oh shut up Carya, I had to warn them so they don't fall out of their chairs, understood?'

Carya: 'Yes, Master, Mylady or whatever you like to be called ...' [gets hit on the back of her head]

Author: 'Prat' [author is pouting now]

... = Parseltongue

/.../ = Telepathy between Harry & Carya (in italics)

' ... ' = thoughts

... = Flashback or changing POV

Disclaimer: Not mine, I only own some of the plot of this fanfic and Carya, some parts might be copied from the book (hopefully not very much. I tried to keep it to a minimum), you might notice that some people got into different houses than in the books by JKR; this has only minor reasons, but I need them to be where they are now

Author's Notes: The first Chapter of the second book. As You'll notice this is actually my version of the Prisoner of Azkaban. Right! I swapped position between book two and three to fit into my plot ideas.

The posting of Chapter two might or might not take a while. I've finished most of it but I still need to get some pictures ready and uploaded before I even attempt posting the chapter. The pictures are necessary because I somewhat lack the ability to describe them properly.

I really hope you like this. There are hopefully less copied text passages as in book 1 though. I tried to bring in some original ideas as well.

Chapter 01 - The Holidays or Ginny, Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley

It was the second week of holidays. Carya and Harry had just gotten up when the phone rang. Uncle Vernon answered it.

"Hello?! Vernon Dursley here. What? Carya or Harry? Of course, wait a second. ... Harry, Carya, telephone!!" he said although the last part was yelled.

Carya who was much more awake than her brother got down in an instant and took the phone.

"Hello, Carya here! Ginny is that you? Why are you crying? They did what?!?!? I'll kill your brothers the next time I see them. ... So your parents have gotten over it, eh? Good thing to hear. ... You want to visit us? Brilliant, wait, I'll just ask my aunt if it's alright ...," Carya told her friend. "Aunt Petunia? Could one or two friends of us come over for the rest of the holidays?" she asked.

"Well, I don't see why not. Just tell them, that they can't do magic around here, not that you kids are allowed to do it in the holidays anyway, eh?" she said smiling teasingly.

"Ginny, you hear me? You can come over, any time you want that is. Tonight? Okay, I'll make sure the fireplace is free. See you later, bye!" Carya finished and hang up.

Just that moment Harry came down the stairs. His sister told him immediately what had happened. When she mentioned what the Weasley boys had done to their friend his face grew dark. Like Carya he was already plotting revenge for mistreating their friend.

"Arrgh, I'll kill them! How dare they! How dare they treat Ginny like that. She's their sister for Merlin's sake. I'd never even THINK of treating my siblings like that. I swear I'll hex them on sight the next time. And no one will be able to stop me! They'll never know what hit them, or who!" Harry ranted.

Carya then called Hermione who was delighted to hear that she could spend the holidays with her friends but she wanted to stay another week with her parents. Though she would be there for the twins birthday.

Dudley was a bit scared about the two mentioned guests. Not that he minded them for being witches, no, he was afraid his cousins wouldn't want to be with him anymore. His worries vanished that afternoon when a schoolfriend of his invited him over to London so Dudley would leave the next morning and visit his friend.

It was shortly after dinner when Carya and Harry heard the floo-connection activate. A few moments later Ginny tumbled out of the fireplace, dragging a medium sized trunk behind her. As soon as the redhead spotted the twins she ran over and hugged them both. Ginny kept saying over and over how happy she was that she had been allowed to stay for the remainder of the summer.

"Carya, Harry! Oh, I've missed you so much. You can't imagine how horrible it was at home. Okay, Mum and Dad eventually accepted that I'm in Slytherin but my brothers don't. They are still treating me like the plague. I'm so, so happy that I'm here," Ginny said with tears visible in her eyes.

"I'm so glad that I can stay with you. Are you really sure that your aunt and uncle don't mind? And what about your cousin?" she asked.

The twins stared at her and then assured that everything was okay. As if on cue Dudley walked into the room and greeted Ginny.

"Eh, hello. I'm Dudley, Carya and Harry's cousin. Pleased to meet you," he said awkwardly. "I've never met another witch or wizard before. I only know the twins," he continued with a shy smile.

She then stiffened a bit when Petunia and Vernon walked into the living room. The young witch never had been all alone with muggles before (well, she wasn't ALL that alone now because Carya and Harry were with her but she'd never been around muggles without a member of her family). The Dursley's greeted her warmly.

"Hello dear. So you are the mysterious friend my niece and nephew wanted to have staying here so desperately? Welcome to our home. My name is Petunia Dursley. You can call me Petunia if you like. Ah, I see you've already met my son, Dudley? This is Vernon, my husband," Petunia said softly as not to scare Ginny.

"Eh, hello Petunia, Mister Dursley. My name is Virginia Weasley but I'd prefer if you'd just call me Ginny. Thank you for letting me stay with you," Ginny answered.

"Well Ginny there's no need to be that formal. You can call me Vernon if you like. Harry, would you and Dudley bring Ginny's luggage upstairs? Carya, you can show her around if she wants to," Vernon told them.

They didn't care about who and what she was or which house she was in at Hogwarts. The only thing important to them was her being best friends with their niece and nephew.

Ginny instantly felt better and smiled happily. She would stay in the guest bedroom for now because Carya still shared the bedroom with her twin. Most people found it odd that fraternal twins of their age still wanted to stay in one room but it has always been like that for them and they wouldn't want to change it right now. And frankly they didn't care what others thought of that.

Vernon had convinced them to have a second room ready just in case they wanted a change. So the twins had started to renovate the attic. It was fairly large and once ready would be a wonderful bedroom or guest room. Ginny wanted to help them.

"Wow, this is cool. Wait 'til we've painted the walls. It'll be so much better then. And a few pieces of furniture wouldn't be bad either..." Ginny told them once they reached the attic.

Since the twins had already done most of the cleaning part they now began to move everything that wasn't needed to either the rubbish or down to the cellar. By doing so the found some interesting items. For example Lily Evans old toys or her clothes, photo albums and such.

"Hey Harry look, this was once Mums!" Carya exclaimed and held up a beautiful dress that most likely would fit her. She was positively smiling and decided to keep her mothers stuff.

"It's beautiful! You really should keep it and try it on later, Carya. What do you think Ginny?" he said in return.

"Yeah, Harry's right. I bet if it fits you'll like just like your Mum, only with different hair and eye colour," Ginny said smirking slightly with mischief showing in her eyes.

Ten minutes later the three children where on their way to the shopping center. They needed some paint, cloth for the hangings and it was necessary to look for a proper carpet. It wasn't that difficult because they knew the measures but they had to make sure it matched the cloth for the curtains and the paint.

They first choose the paint. Well the argued over it and finally agreed on a light sand-coloured one. It would be bright enough but not dazzling. They then choose some cloth for the curtains they'd make. It was a light blue, just like the summer sky. The carpet they choose was a mix of many shades of blue and green.

Carya and Ginny started painting while Harry happily played the house elf and got them something to drink and to eat. They were joking around much and in the end there was as much paint on the walls as was on the three of them.

It was already past midnight when aunt Petunia mentioned they should go to bed if they wanted to go to London the next morning. The kids agreed and went to the bathrooms to clean themselves. After that they said good night to each other and soon fell asleep.

Around ten in the morning after they'd eaten breakfast the twins, Ginny, Dudley and Vernon got into the car and drove to London. Vernon was bringing Dudley to his friends house and would stay there for a few hours. That gave the young wizards the chance to roam 'Diagon Alley' and perhaps even Muggle London for about three hours.

"Well then. I'll collect you here in three hours, okay? Please be on time. It's difficult to find a parking space around this place," Vernon told them.

"Yes Uncle Vernon. We'll try," Harry said.

Carya said goodbye to her cousin. "Bye Dudley! Have a nice year at Smelting's!"

"See you next summer, dear cousin," Harry added.

But Carya had the final word this time. "Don't do anything we wouldn't do, Dudley!" she said smirking and everyone else started laughing. They knew Carya was just teasing him because she would miss him too.

"I promise, my beloved cousin. The same goes for you too, I might add," Dudley replied with a grin when he and Vernon drove on.

At first they went to Gringotts where all three of them were watched closely by the other wizards and witches but the kids didn't really notice. Harry and Carya exchanged the money they had gotten for christmas (which was fairly much for twelve year olds grin). It had been 100 pounds for each of them, that meant they had 19 galleons, 9 sickles and 6 knuts.

When they went back outside they noticed the inscription on the doors for the first time. Both of the twins wondered why they hadn't seen this the last time they'd been there.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

They started fidgeting slightly as they received the moneybags. Even though Ginny had told them that she didn't mind, the twins still felt uncomfortable when they had that much money and their friend had next to nothing for herself. Most of the twins money was spent on books as usual. And also as usual they decided to buy different books even if their twin was interested in the subject.

Carya again bought books about hexes, curses and potions. They were called 'The Encyclopaedia of Hexes and Curses - Part I' by Meredith Blake, 'Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed', 'Potions and their Various Uses' by Severus Snape and 'An extensive Guide to Potion Ingredients' by Arsenius Jigger. This time she added a book about animagi which was titled 'How to find the beast within yourself' by Francis Tiger to her collection which got her an odd look from the shop assistant.

Harry got books about charms, transfiguration called 'Tricky Transfigurations' by Emeric Switch, defence titled 'Defend yourself against the Dark Arts - Intermediate Guide' by Quentin Tremble and this time a book about famous quidditch players and their careers called 'The Who is Who of Quidditch' by Kennilworthy Whisp.

"Do you two do anything else than read? Are you sure you don't belong in Ravenclaw?" Ginny teased the twins and they just laughed.

"Well, Ginny, you should know by now that knowledge is power," Carya said teasingly, "and power is what most of us Slytherin's crave for, isn't it?" she continued with a mock serious expression that made Ginny laugh.

"If you two are quite finished, then we can continue browsing the bookshelves and then buy our new sources of knowledge, can't we?" Harry threw in with a happy smile. The girls just continued giggling.

Carya and Harry were only this cheerful and relaxed when they were with their little group of friends, consisting of Harry, Carya, Ginny and Hermione. Well last year they'd Draco too but they all had the distinct feeling that they wouldn't see much of their friend this year.

Once they had chosen all books they wanted to have they went to the counter to pay for them. Their next stop was Quality for Quidditch where Harry bought himself a second pair of seeker gloves because he wanted to be prepared. After the quidditch shop they stopped at Madam Malkin's to look at the casual robes. Ginny stared at them longingly because she always had to wear the hand-me-downs from her brothers.

Carya of course had an idea. Since she and Ginny were the same height she would 'lend' Ginny a few of her casuals and deliberately 'forget' to take them back by changing the name tags once they were at Hogwarts. They spend what seemed like an eternity to try on robes of all colours and types.

Harry got himself an emerald green and a dark blue robe. Carya had a Slytherin green robe (the colour was close to a deep forest green), two blue robes, one almost midnight blue and the other one matching her eye colour and her third robe was a bluegreen sea-coloured one. It didn't really suit her but it was perfect for Ginny and this would be her birthday present for the Weasley girl. They also got some new schoolrobes because they'd outgrown theirs.

After they left the robe shop they separated for half an hour to buy some birthday presents for their friends. Carya's and Harry's birthday was in two weeks and Ginny's birthday was in early October. Hermione's and Draco's birthday were still too far way and they were after christmas, so they decided against already buying one for them. The kids didn't bother to go through every single shop like they wanted to because they still would be coming here to get their school supplies in August.

Ginny instantly went back to Flourish and Blotts. She'd seen the books Carya had been looking at and she also knew of a quidditch book that Harry didn't have. But to her disappointment they were too expensive. So she settled on chocolate frogs and some candy. She knew that the twins collected the cards and that by now only a few were still missing.

On her way to the 'Diagon Alley' Version of Honeydukes she ran into Hermione. The young Ravenclaw was out to get the twins a birthday present. When Ginny heard that Hermione wanted to get them books she had an idea. She'd tell Hermione which books the twins had been looking at. So they'd still get them as presents. It was almost as good as if Ginny could buy them herself.

After Hermione was told they went back inside and purchased 'Beating the Bludgers-- A Study of Defensive Strategies in Quidditch' by Kennilworthy Whisp for Harry and 'Defensive and Offensive Potions' by Selena Solvus for Carya. 'This is the perfect birthday present' Hermione and Ginny thought at the same time. Once again outside they departed and Hermione went back to the 'Leaky Cauldron' where her parents were waiting.

Harry and Carya did something different. They walked right into 'Knockturn Alley'. Harry hid his face behind his hair and Carya did the same. This combined with their Slytherin robes was enough not to be bothered. They went into one of the bookshops and started browsing the shelves. One hand always next to their wands.

Soon they found what they were looking for. Carya took 'Most Potente Potions' and Harry chose 'Dark Arts Uncovered - A non-censored copy of 'Dark Arts Intermediate' '. The owner of the shop looked at them curiously but Harry stayed behind his sister and she just scowled darkly at the man.

In return he was trying to find out if he could cheat on them about the prize but he quickly changed his mind when he saw Carya fingering her wand quite visibly.

For all he knew they could be the children of a powerful wizard who normally bought his things down 'Knockturn Alley'. They were in Slytherin after all. That was the reason the twins had dared to come here at all. Every wizard or witch seemed to think that being in Slytherin already marked you as dark.

After paying for their books they quickly hid them in their bags and calmly walked back to 'Diagon Alley'. They met Ginny again at 'Florean Fortescue's Ice Parlour'. The girls decided that it was time for some ice-cream and Harry happily agreed with them.

While they ware talking about anything and everything 'Diagon Alley' seemed to become a bit more crowded. It was almost lunch time and many people were doing their daily shopping now.

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