Dayknightmare: A Parody!

A fic by Marauder-girl & Sparrow!

A/N: I HAVE A PARTNER IN CRIME!!! -Cheers- For this particular adventure I drafted in one of my Bessie mates whom you've never heard of! –Cue fanfare- SPARROW!! We got bored in college and came up with this little oddity! Enjoy! I'll probably be writing it, but Sparrows putting in ideas for torture! –Evil laugh-

Disclaimer: We do not own ANY of the people in this fic…. We're just using them for a little while to torture and amuse ourselves with…and besides who actually believes we own this stuff.. –Looks at weird person with hand up- Er…. Nuthouse anyone…. –waves as person is carted away- Erm…. Onward?

-The Legend (well sort of)-

It was just an average day in the world, you know like there is every day and ones you get quickly bored of. So anyway.. Onward! In this serenity there was chaos, which two demented young woman created by coming up with the idea of making a parody of Knightmare and so they drafted in two celebrities whom they despised like no other along with two mere mortals

Whom they also despised. And so the stage was set for a great… adventure? Well it would guarantee a laugh at least! Welcome to Dayknightmare quest for the Chickens egg!

-Cue crappy theme music-

TRE: Welcome mere mortals to the Dungeon realm. You intrepid adventurers have come to fulfil a task. And so we present your …. Champions? -Raises eyebrow- Pickle are you sure about this?

PIC: -Shrugs- Don't ask me ask them -Points upwards-

TRE: What are you talking about there's no one there! I think your little sprite head has been exposed to his backside one to many times!

PIC: There is…. They're the worst kind of demon…. Fanfic writers!

M.G: Hey I resent that!!! -Growls-

SPA: YEAH!! We ain't no crappy cheapo demons. Hmm… -Scribbles something down-

PIC: -Dressed in tutu- HEY!!!!! NO FAIR!!! I'm sorry change me back, change me back!!!!!

-Hopping up and down on spot- PPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE!!!!!!!!

M.G: -Laughs- Nice work Sparrow!! I think it suits him! Humph! Demons indeed! I'm as human as the old geezer thank you very much!

SPA: Well said…. We can't help it if we have warped imaginations!

TRE: -Catches on to what M.G said- I AM NOT OLD!!!!!! Enough of this we need to move on. Would you two LOVELY writers please bring in our contestants! -Note heavy sarcasm-

SPA: Of COURSE Treguard -Again with the sarcasm-

-Out of the air J.Lo falls and lands rather 'heavily' on her arse-

JLO: EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! -Shrieks- You could have caused some serious damage to my posterior!! It's worth a fortune!! If it's damaged in any way I'll SUE!!!!!

TRE: -yells at authors- You know there is a doorway!

M.G: -Faked innocence- Really…..??? I hadn't noticed!

SPA: You are sooooo bad! -Smirks-

M.G: -Innocent- Who??? ME???? -Smirks evilly-

TRE: -Rolls eyes- Right… Traveller what is your name.

JLO: -Humphs in indignation- I thought that would have been obvious…. I mean who else could I be? Great arse, great voice, great arse, lots of money, great arse…. I am non other that Jennifer Lopez the infamous J.LO!!!

PIC: Man she talks a lot!

TRE: -Nods- Yes even faster that you Pickle –Smirks-

PIC: -Scowls-

TRE: So…. J.Lo -Looks confused- Where do you hail from!

JLO: Well that's easy…. -Clears throat- AHEM!! -Sings-

'Don't be fooled by the rocks that I've got I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block, Used to have a little now I got a lot. But I still know where I came from… Southside BRONX!

M.G: ARRGGHHH!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! -Covers ears-

JLO: -Looks shocked & Pouts- Who said that!!!!???

SPA: -Rolls eyes- She did Bimbo! The one who brought you here!!

TRE; -Rubs finger in ears- Yes thank you J.Lo. Now it is time to introduce you fellows. Although you usually choose them, there is a slight change due to those two weirdo's

-Authors clear throat threateningly-….. Er.. Lovely ladies. They have chosen the guides!

M.G: Time to dump the trash! -Grins-

-Out of the air fall three more people. One is easily recognizable as the illustrious (and annoying) Gareth Gates. The other two however are nobodies. They are two people whom the authors despise because of their arrogant bigheadedness and so decided to bring in and torture. They are both about seventeen. The girl is small, with huge frogeyes and frizzy black hair. The Boy is quite well built but has way to much hair gel on which makes his head appear to glow in the faint light.-

JLO: WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!! -Leaps back in fear- Who are these losers!!

TRE: I thought I mentioned before there was a DOOR! -Rolls eyes-

SPA: And I thought we mentioned before that we hadn't noticed!

PIC: -Mutters under breath- This is going to be a l-o-n-g show!

TRE: Right fellows who are you?

GAR: M-my name is G-ggareth G-a-tt-es.

GIRL: -High Pitched squeaky voice- My name is Clare Young and .. I love you Gareth!!!!!

-Glomps on Gareth-

M.G: URGH!!… I think I'm Gonna hurl!… Sickening just sickening!!

TRE: EHEM!!! So young man, what be your name?

BOY: My name is Chris Stanley -Tries to do macho pose… fails miserably-

TRE: Right……. Well enough time to move on. J.Lo you are the Dungeoneer. However Justice is blind and so must you be on this quest. -Reaches for helmet-

JLO: If you think I'm wearing that fashion monstrosity think again!

SPA: Ah stop your whinging and put it on! Or else I'll cause you some permanent fashion damage… lets say to your ass? -Raises eyebrow threateningly-

JLO: -Whimpers- Okay I'll wear the bloody helmet… Just don't touch my arse!

M.G: EWWWWWW!! Like we'd want to! -Shudders-

TRE: In order to aid your… friends (??) on this task I also present you with this eye-shield

-Shoves eye-shield into J.Lo's hand-

JLO: What's with this tacky piece of gothic crap!


M.G: Way to go Treguard!!! -High fives Sparrow-

SPA: Couldn't agree more with those sentiments!

TRE: Right time to begin your quest… If you'll just go through this door we can begin

-J.Lo walks forward and straight into a wall. Everyone laughs-

JLO: I WILL SUE!!!!!!! -Is shoved through doorway-

PIC: Let the quest begin. You three sit down and pay attention. We've got a lot of work to do!!!

-Chris, Clare and Gareth sit down and pull out clipboards-

SPA: I think we'll freeze it here -Snaps fingers and scene freezes-

M.G: Hey you two wanna go for a drink?

TRE: Sure, I'm gonna need a real stiff one after this mess.

PIC: Oh the innuendo! Make mine a double vodka!

And so the first part of the saga was over and those who weren't frozen went out and got thoroughly intoxicated!

A/N: So what do you think…. I know it's weird but weird is good right? If you like review… If you hate Flame I don't really care… it was just something to stop my boredom for a while…