A night's demons

With a deep sigh, she ripped the envelope open and took a peek inside. There was a letter, and a couple of notes of money. How typical Dawn thought as she took the letter out and tried to read the very thin and in italic writing.

She gritted her teeth, the Summers's senior was glad to make his daughter meet his fiancée, a Chinese commercial student. The bank notes were meant to be pocket money ("I know young girls like you like to go and buy stuff" he'd written."). He would be back this weekend and "couldn't" wait to see his favourite daughter. Dawn huffed at this, he hadn't even turned up to Joyce's funeral, just a small call on the answering machine.

She crumpled it up and threw it angrily across the room. "How dare he!" Dawn told herself, then looked at the money and thought about trying to get the most out of him. She tucked the notes back in the envelope, put it on her night table and finally tried to go to sleep.

That night, her nightmare was about a Chinese bimbo, fanning her face with money. But the worst was the one with her mother, it'd been like living her death again.

To her relief, something woke her up from that one, a soft melody pulling her out of sleep. Blinking in confusion, Dawn realised she'd been crying in her sleep, and didn't bother drying her wet cheeks as she looked about, trying to identify where the noise was coming from. She got out of bed and slowly walked to the cupboard she wasn't allowed to open, and put her ear to it.

From inside, she could hear the faint melody of a lullaby tinting away, bringing more tears to her eyes. She so wanted her mother to burst threw the door and take her in her comforting arms and say nice things to make her go to sleep. But Joyce would never wake up again, the thought made her sob harder.


Connor roamed the streets that night, searching for demon prey. He walked unheard and unseen in the shadows the night gave. He avoided the light point the street lamps would cast upon the labyrinth that LA was. In his hand, he held an axe, he wouldn't be facing any petty prey tonight. Gunn had left a message where Connor stayed, telling the destroyer to join him at the usual place at midnight.

Connor decided to change tactic. Lifting a sewer lid, he slipped in the underground, replacing it after have passed threw it. Maybe he would get to warm up before he met Gunn, Angel's associate.

He cringed at that thought as he made his way in the darkness. Angel. How he despised his father, that demon, that 'soul'. For it was for that 'Soul' Connor had willed himself to kill him. If something had a soul, it couldn't be that bad. Yes, Angel did save lives... "But the demon," he told himself, "but the soul"... again that foul soul.

He slowed down his footsteps, even in the pestilence of the sewers Connor could smell a demon, it smelled far worse than any human dirt. He came to a halt, listening to the dark. He heard the splatter of footsteps who were approaching and the light click of a pair of claws once in a while on the dry concrete of the sewer ground, coming from around the corner.

Before the demon came into view Connor leaped out of his dark corner and swung his axe at the demon who escaped it just in time, dropping on all fours on the floor.

The Destroyer was about to behead it, the demon showing no defensive jest, when a low whiny plea came from it.

Connor lowered his axe, confused. A demon was asking his grace, he would have just killed it by pity, but the thing was moaning helplessly on the ground, e en if Connor hadn't done anything yet.

"Please, let me live, please, my lord..." it whined.

Connor took a step back, taking precautions if the thing finally decided to attack.

"I'll do anything..."

Having this creature, there, sprawled on the floor, ready to do anything to keep its miserable life was, to Connor's horror, appealing.

"I'll serve you for all eternity..."

With his senses, Connor figured out it was a frail demon, of not great height, and probably not very dangerous. And to his disbelief, Connor asked: "How can I be sure you'll obey me?"

"Let me prove to you! Let me prove to you!" it cried out, and to his dismay, Connor heard the sickening crack of a bone and a scream of pain coming from the small demon.

"I'll do anything... anything!"

Connor took another step back and ran away, leaving the thing in the dark tunnels, it's arm ripped out.


Connor was now out of the sewers, sweat upon his brow. He felt feverish, and not because of the run. He tried to forget that noise, the scream, the words...

He shook his head, and continued his way, his pulse slowling down to a normal rate. He cursed his bad luck, he was feeling shaky, which would only cause to attract unwanted eyes from demon folk; and make his odour easier to follow.

He had to sit for a while to get his wits about him again, trying to calm down, trying to think about something else.

The girl then. Or more lightly, the girls. The 'Faith' was one matter, intriguing, seeming dangerous and exiting. And the 'Dawn' one, was still as intriguing, but worried him more than anything else. He had walked right into detention, just to 'feel' her. She was maybe not even a girl, a demon, or something else... He had never crossed anything that made him react that way. Maybe she'd cast a spell on him or...

"You're late again, mate!" Gunn said walking up to the sitting Connor, then frowned when he got a better look at the destroyer. The boy was sitting, his head low, completely tuned out from the rest of the world.

Connor slowly looked up and realised he had sat down in a patch of light. What was wrong with him? Gunn frowned; the boy's eyes were teary red.

"Something wrong?" Gunn asked suspiciously.

"I'm fine," Connor croaked.

"Tell me what's the matter," Gunn said sitting down next to the boy. "You don't look too well, you know, catching a cold?"

"A cold?" Connor asked, not understanding.

"When you're poorly, when you don't feel too well, head ache, stomach ache, feeling sick, those kind of stuff."

"No!" Connor replied, feeling irritated. "I'm not weak!"

"Sure not, but I don't think I should give you a demon to kill tonight, I think you should get some rest..."

Before Gunn could finish, he was on his back upon the ground. Connor was holding him firmly down using the handgrip of his axe to choke him.

"Just give me it," Connor demanded.

Gunn tentatively took out a folded paper from his pocket and lifted it to give to Connor. The Destroyer opened it. A picture of a nasty looking demon was drawn on it. He memorised the forms and shape of it: it had blunt horns either side of its head, and a tail with a sharp sting at the end.

"It's a Crescent Scorpio, some good mix of demon blood. You just need to shop off his tail, we could have done it, but our hands are full theses days. Loads of demons our coming into town..."

Connor pulled himself off the man and crumpled the paper. "Any reason why?" he asked.

"Someone or something most be drawing them, Angel thinks he might know what."

Connor hissed at the vampire's name. "Where?" he asked.

Gunn got up, brushing some dirt off his clothes. "You need to control your anger, mate!" he protested. "Where does all the frustration come from?"

Connor crossed his arms and tried to be patient. Gunn now had to drive the Destroyer to the demon's residence.


Connor looked out of Gunn's truck as they sped down the street. There were always people out, even at night. Gunn had explained that some had no where else to go and had to stay out in the streets, for others, it was because of their job.

"They are easy prey," Connor had said.

"Yes, and it's our job to protect them," Gunn had answered.

Even Connor had somewhere to stay at night. It wasn't luxurious, but he didn't need much. It was in an abandoned factory, he had quickly cleaned it of a small group of young vampires, and had set traps a bit everywhere, to capture, or just warn Connor that someone was about. He had refused point black to stay at Angel's investigations offices, not feeling comfortable with demons roaming around when he wasn't aloud to kill them.

Gunn suddenly stopped the car, pulling over onto the pavement.

"'Kay, spill the beans, tell me what's up," Gunn asked, turning in his seat to look at Connor.

"I think there's a demon at school, under disguise as a girl," Connor said slowly, still looking out of the window.

"That's serious stuff! How'd you know?"

"I feel that she isn't really human," Connor said, finally turning around to look at Gunn. 'There's a light around her... And she managed to get my guard down, I even had the impression she was controlling my mind... And she manages to draw my attention like... she just isn't the same as the others..." he confessed half heartily.

"She's pretty?" Gunn asked with a smirk.

Connor didn't understand why it would be important. "I think so..."

"You have a crush, my friend," Gunn said giving a playful punch in the Destroyer's shoulder.

"How do you kill a Crush?"

He chuckled. "It's not a demon! It means you fancy her!"


"What's her name?"


"What you do, is try to speak to her, know her better, and maybe you'll feel better. Boy, when I tell Angel..." Gunn glanced at the boy, not sure if what he's just said please him. He had guessed correctly, Connor had a dangerous gleam in his eyes. "Well, I guess I can keep it to myself."

Connor looked back out on the street. "Which one?" he asked.

"That one," Gunn said pointing to a shabby looking apartment with a balcony, on the second floor.

Without another word, Connor got out, his axe ready in hand, slamming the truck's door after him.

Gunn rolled down the window to speak to him; "Be careful, and don't think to much about the girl when you fight."

Connor didn't look back as he walked towards the building. Maybe a good fight would get all these useless and distracting thoughts out of his head.

Gunn shook his head, thinking about his own rendezvous with a slimy monster as he drove back onto the road.

Connor reached up to the first floor's balcony ladder and pulled it down. He cringed as it lowed it's self with a horrible screech and decided the demon must have noticed 'something'. As expected, something came snorting out of the second floor apartment and looked down on the street, more precisely, on Connor.

The Destroyer looked up into red burning eyes, gripping his axe more tightly, waiting for the demon to make it's move. It jumped off heading directly for Connor.

Right on queue, Connor leapt back just in time to avoid being crushed, the pavement cracked under the demon's jump. The lizard horn thing brought his tail between them in an offensive manner, straightening up to it's full height its long legs stretching. Connor watched the demon trying to impress him, just like an animal, trying to scare the boy away.

Unfortunately for the demon, Connor was not a mere boy, and it was soon going to learn its mistake.

With a guttural cry, Connor launched himself towards the demon, his axe raised.

The tail shot out, trying to stab, Connor escaped, twisting his body away, the blow passing merely inches of his left side. The tail tried to coil around him. A couple of lashes from Connor's axe dissuaded it quickly, the snake like thing retreating near the demon's body, wounded.

Connor tempted another swing of his weapon, but the demon's next move took him by surprise. The creature tilted his body backwards, stabilising itself with its arms and thrust it's hooves out into Connor. Something rather 'unordinary' for a demon.

The boy went sailing backwards and painfully crashed to the ground, skidding on a couple of more meters.

Connor groaned, his back was on fire, scrapped

The tail was raised again, the sharp end trembling with anticipation to make it's kill.

Connor was in a bad mood now.


The music slowly faded away to be replaced by the night's silence. Dawn was soundly asleep against one of the cupboard's doors, the side of her head resting against the wooden surface. Her tears had finally stopped falling and were now dry upon her cheeks. Everything seemed still, no rustling of the curtains, no tic toc of the clock: it seemed like the whole room had fallen asleep.

The other door of the cupboard was cautiously pushed open from the inside, just a crack, a black shinny eye peeping out of the confines, watching Dawn attentively. The door was then slowly pulled back, the room regaining it's stillness.


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