Disclaimer: I don't own Spooksville or Buffy or any other wee mad things I might have lifted to put in this story. I do however own Star. I have tried to stay in character with everyone, but I had intentionally changed Watch's character.

So basically what I've done is take an episode of Buffy and changed it to apply to Spooksville. The episode was 'Dopplegangland' from the third season I think. In it Willow's evil vampire counterpart ends up in Sunnydale by a spell gone wrong. Only here, Watch has been replaced by Willow, and the Sunnydale troups have been replaced with our favourite gang. The story is self-explanitory, so you don't need to have seen the episode for it to make sense. And a lot of it, and I mean a lot of it, isn't in the original Buffy episode, but simply a result of my little mind gone wild...

I probably added some stuff from Angel episodes and various other things, and I don't own ANY of them. Anyhoo, enjoy :)


No one in the gang knew about the other dimension.

Well, they knew there were other dimensions of Spooksville – they had learned this long ago – but they did not know of the particular hellish dimension they had lived in once. When Sally had made the mistake of wishing Adam had never came to Spooksville.

Now, usually no one would have to tell Sally twice to be careful what she wished for – she had lived in Spooksville her whole life, but nothing can get through to an emotional, heartbroken teenage girl…and how could she have known she just happened to tell the wish to a vengeance demon?

Anyanka granted the wish.

They were then wished in a hellish dimension where almost all the gang had been turned to Vampires or killed. After the wish was made, only Sally knew what the world was supposed to be like, but she too was killed. Then it was up to the remainders of the gang – basically Bryce and a few others from school – to get in touch with Adam and bring him to help. Of course, none of them even knew Adam; they were just going by what Sally had said, because they were so desperate to be rid of their terrible world. They did not get hold of Adam. But instead, the Sunnydale gang turned up to help them – to help them destroy Anyanka's power centre, ridding her of her powers, and therefore making sure that Sally's wish was never granted…

All was restored in Spooksville and things were as normal as they ever were, and no one, not even Sally, ever knew what had taken place. The only one who knew was a bitter and now mortal Anyaka…who was now willing to do everything she could to get her power centre back – her necklace.

It was a bright and sunny – although slightly chilly – autumn morning in Spooksville. Red and gold leaves littered the grounds and swept back and forth by a temperamental wind. As always the air was filled with a deep sensation of mystical energy – something that would go by unnoticed by most of the residents of the small ocean side town of Springville. But for those who lived in the real world – the ones who lived in Spooksville and knew and was willing to face the horrors the town brought at anytime of the day or day – it was unusually high, and the gang in particular felt this and knew something big was coming.

Right now they were gathered inside the only decent bakery in town, having breakfast together and idle small chat. One might almost believe to look at them that they were a normal group of teenagers aged 15 –16, sitting in a normal bakery in a normal town. One would only have to listen to their conversation to know how wrong they were.

"I don't think a Klum-Klux demon is the same origin as the Kaliff," said Sally Wilcox determinedly, while blowing cautiously on a steaming mug of coffee, her addiction, and it suited her very well. She had long brown hair which she had down past her shoulders and intense hazel eyes to match. Sally was an assertive person with a sense of humour that you really had to be in the mood for. Although she had often got them into trouble and lead them into many of their more dangerous adventures, she had saved their lived just as many times. She was wearing long black trousers with a sleeveless red top and a long zipped up jacket.

"I'm gonna have to go with Sally on this one," said Bryce Poole, almost hesitantly. "Although there are some aspects of the Kaliff's features to assume it is from the same family tree as the Kli-Klux, there are no other aspects of it's personality or living and eating habits to connect it to them." Bryce was picking at a chocolate doughnut distractedly. He was a tall and well-muscled young man, with strong and well-defined face that most people would warm to straight away. He had a history of taking himself too seriously – and everyone else around him, even when living in Spooksville, it is important not to take life too seriously or it just might kill you. Literally. He was wearing blue jeans and a bright blue T-shirt.

"But most of the time, in demon culture, those things don't matter as much as physical appearance." Countered Star, neither agreeing or disagreeing with anyone and sipping a hot chocolate. She was had tanned skin, with dark brown hair and eyes to match. She was a practicing witch and had been so for a few years now, since she was 13 actually, and had found herself to be a very powerful Wicca. She loved Watch madly, and had waited patiently for the day that he would love her in return, which came when they were fourteen. He had kissed her and she hadn't let go of him since.

Cindy Makey shook her head suddenly. "We're discussing demon's feeding habits…" she shook her head again and went back to her jelly doughnut. Cindy hadn't lived in Spooksville as long as most of the others, but had lived there enough years to know how to handle herself in a crisis. She was probably the sweetest of the group. Only when fighting with Sally did she become a force to be reckoned with. She had long blonde hair and grey eyes and a heart-shaped face. She was wearing pink pedal pushers with trainers and a yellow jumper and a pink and yellow hat.

"This surprises you with these guys?" asked Adam Freeman with a smile. Adam had not lived in Spooksville as long as most of the others either, but he was the leader of the group. When push came to shove, he was usually the one who decided what to do. He was shorter than the others. He was very brave and sometimes his kind heart got them into trouble. He had short light brown hair and eyes to match. He was tanned with freckles, and cute features. He was wearing light brown trousers and a green T-shirt.

Cindy smiled back at him. "No I guess it shouldn't."

"Oh, quite your flirting you two, you're making me nauseous." Sally said lightly, sipping at her coffee.

Adam and Cindy glared at her but she just smiled sweetly at them.

"Seriously though," she said eventually. "Spooksville's been way too quite recently. Nothing's invaded, stolen, kidnapped or killed in weeks."

"Yeah, and I know I'm disappointed." Cindy said, making a face.

Sally stared hard at her. "You should be. This can't be good. It can only mean that something's coming. Something big." She paused and picked up her coffee. "Either that or Watch's vision thingy's broken."

Watch looked at her and raised an eyebrow. He had been staring out the window only half paying attention to the conversation, but had started listening at Sally's mention of a growing evil. He had felt it too. He had been feeling it for a few weeks now, but hadn't said anything because he didn't think it meant anything. Yet.

Watch was probably the most intelligent of the group. More a than a few times he had astounded them with his profound insights, not to mention acting abilities. His quick thinking had saved their lives many times. Yet he was also rather secretive – despite being his closest friends for over four years, Watch's history was still a mystery to them. Watch was, by nature, soft spoken and secretive, and didn't really speak unless he thought it was worth saying. He was notably handsome, with eyes such a deep and yet bright shade of green that they didn't seem real. His skin was naturally pale, and he never tanned, and his hair was jet black and always messy. His face held many scars, mainly from his childhood, but some he had acquired from their years of adventure in Spooksville. He was wearing black jeans and a loose black jumper. He spoke to Sally in his profound Irish accent, straight from the heart of Dublin and as strong as it was the day he moved to Spooksville, almost 9 years ago.

"There's nothin' wrong with me." He said mildly. "I don't actually control the visions that rip my head apart from the inside. If I did I'd cancel the subscription, I assure you…"

"Yeah, well, I wish you would get one!" Sally said. "I'm so bored."

Watch stared at her. "You're gonna regret that if I have one."

Sally shrugged. "Probably."

Adam suddenly looked at his watch. "Oh, man! We're gonna be late for school."

Sally checked her own and winced. "Damn, you're right." With a sigh she drained her coffee and stood up with the others and gathered their stuff.

As they stepped outside the bakery into the bright morning, they each felt the strong waves of spiritual energy wash over them. It was a feeling they had each come to associate with the 'spookiness' that pulsed through their seaside town. Very few recognised it for what it was, blaming their sudden chills on a phantom breeze. But the gang had been no ordinary kids, and they were now no ordinary teenagers. And they each got a distinct feeling that something very big was coming.

They shared anxious looks before hurrying to school.