AN: Okay people, I am going VERY far out on a limb here. So far that the limb may break and all of you may hate me for all eternity. Hopefully not. But I am going to attempt to do the first ever Newsies/Jurassic Park slight crossover…and I'm not really sure how it's going to do.  So bear with me…this is another one of my suspense pieces, and I'm glad to be back at the scare-the-readers-to-death game! Also, each chapter will be from the point of view of a different newsie, although I will repeat newsies. You guys know I don't want to write from the point of view of a newsie that I don't feel like I know or understand well enough, so if your favorite is not given their say, I'm sorry ahead of time- I didn't want to do them an injustice by writing about them incorrectly.

Also, I know that at this time, humans didn't know barely anything about dinosaurs, so I'm putting in a Galileo/John Hammond type person- he's really far ahead of his time, but also very stupid.

And I'm begging you people- I'm really nervous about this fic, so if ya don't like it…just stop reading…or something…cause I know there are gonna be people out there who are like, "Has she gone COMPLETELY INSANE???!!!"!

Summary: It's 1899, and hardly anyone knows what a dinosaur is, let alone knowing anything about them. But when a scientist who is far ahead of his time causes a laboratory accident, how will the newsies- and NYC- deal with these man-eating creatures loose all over the city?



            I sighed and rolled over onto my stomach, pulling the pillow over my head and trying to block out the sounds of the cricket that had been hiding in the bunkroom for the past week. I hated crickets. Nothing but s        queaking, every single damn night. And I couldn't possibly sleep with that going on.

            I suddenly heard a noise very different from a squeak, and I threw the pillow aside and looked around. No one else was awake, and the washroom light hadn't been turned on. I shrugged and laid my head back down, closing my eyes and trying to think of fluffy clouds and racehorses. Mush had said it would help me sleep, but I had news for him- somehow, fluffy clouds weren't as comforting to me as they were to him. But anything was worth a shot if I could get some sleep.

            Fluffy clouds. Fluffy clouds. Fluffy clouds. Fluffy- what the hell was that?!

            I sat up in my bunk and looked toward the window, immediately noticing that Dutchy had sat up and was also looking out the window in confusion. I met his gaze and we both got up at the same time and headed for the alley-facing window.

            "It's probably a drunk." I whispered to him as we looked out into pitch darkness.

            "Why would a drunk be throwin' around trash cans?"

            "Because drunks do stuff like dat!"


            I squinted my eyes and saw movement down in the alley- something was pacing down there, just below the fire escape, which was (thankfully) pulled up.

            "What is dat?" Dutchy ask, taking his glasses off and rubbing them on his shirt before putting them back on.

            "Looks like a big dog."

            "That'd have ta be one really big dog."

            "You got any better ideas?"

            A voice from behind caught us both off guard. "What are you bums doin'?"

            We spun around and Blink was standing there, adjusting his patch and tightening it.

            "There's somethin' in da alley makin' a racket. We can't figure out what it is."

            He smirked and flipped the locks on the window. "Well, I'll jest jump out there and shoo it off."

            I felt a knot tighten in my stomach. Something wasn't right here. I looked back down at the pacing form, which was now inspecting another trash can. "I don't think dat's such a good idea, Kid."

            "Why not? It's probably jest a dog. One a dem guard dogs from uptown or somethin'. You know how big those things are."

            "Well, yeah, but-"       

            I didn't even have a chance to finish before he slid the window open, a rush of warm night air hitting us as he climbed out onto the fire escape. He leaned over the edge, looking down at the 'intruder'.

            "Hey! Beat it!" he hissed, and quite suddenly we heard a growl from the 'dog'. A very loud, very strange growl. Blink leaned a bit further, trying to get a good look at it.

            I began to get very uneasy with Blink leaning over that far. "Blink, don't-"


            I didn't even realize what had happened until Blink had yelped in surprise and leaped back through the window, slamming it shut behind him. A few people stirred in their bunks, but luckily, no one woke up. The art of heavy sleeping was fully realized here.

            "What happened?" Dutchy asked. He hadn't had a clear view from where he was standing.

            I sat down beside Blink, who had fallen to the floor. Then I saw it- a thin red line across his right cheek. Whatever kind of 'dog' it was, it hadn't missed. And that snap I heard? It had been the creature's mouth snapping shut, luckily on air and not on Blink's head.

            "It tried ta bite him." I whispered to Dutchy.

            "But the fire escape's ten feet up!"

            I gently held Blink by the chin and tilted his head toward the dim light, and Dutchy gasped as the scratch came into full view. But it was only that- just a scratch.

            "That thing jumped at least ten feet in da air. There ain't no dogs dat can do dat." Blink said, staring at the window. I stood up and looked out, studying the ground below.

            "Well, whatever it was, it's gone now. I guess you scared it off, Blink."

            Dutchy suddenly snickered. "Either that or you didn't taste very good."

            Blink shot him a glare as he wiped the blood off his face. "Haha, very funny."

            We made our way back to bed, shaken up but not wanting to wake anyone else up. After all, the 'dog' was gone. If it had even been a dog.


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