AN: The final showdown! Are you ready? I'm ready! It short but action packed!

I should have a disclaimer on this, cause there is one point in it that I'm worried about some readers keeling over from a heart attack…but I'll make the same promise that I always do with these type stories…I always fix things! I know it's hard, but trust me with their lives!



            I began running for the bridge- we were so close I could practically smell the river water. Well, not really, but we were that close. Mush caught up to me just as the monster noticed us, giving chase immediately.

            "At least you're running this time!" I exclaimed, although this was hardly the time for one of my lame jokes. He didn't answer-he only gave me that look. I hated that look. It was like an 'orphaned puppy' look or something.

            "Where are David and Snitch?" He asked, looking over his shoulder.

            "I think they're gonna take up the rear."

            "We're not gonna be able to outrun it!"

            "Ya think?!" I asked, mostly being sarcastic.

            We reached the bridge, and Spot for once lost his calm composure when he saw what was following us.

            "HOLY SHIT!!!" he yelled, raising his gun and firing a few rounds.

            "Dat's not gonna do any good, Spot!" I yelled, and he scowled but threw the gun down. Suddenly he turned around and that sparkle came into his eyes- that sparkle that told me he had one of his 'ingenious plots'.

            "Mush, come ovah here! Blink…distract dat thing!" he yelled, and Mush ran over to join him as my jaw dropped to the ground.

            "Distract it?! What do ya want me ta do, dress in lizard drag or somethin'?"

            Specs and Dutchy joined up with me just as the monster got to us, and without even planning, we all three raised our guns at the exact same time and fired. Maybe it didn't really hurt it, but at least the thing was stunned. I saw Mush and Spot unraveling a cord right by the railing of the bridge and wrapping it around their wrists to support it better, and I knew exactly what they were planning. I turned around and started running right toward it, and my sudden movement attracted the thing's attention. As planned, it followed me move for move, and at the last second, I dived under the cord.

            The monster, with its bad eyesight, didn't see the wire. It's foot caught on it, and the thing tripped, its weight flying forward- and off the bridge. At first it seemed like the perfect victory. But only for a split second.

            Mush and Spot suddenly snapped forward as the lizard took the cord with him off the bridge, and in a split second, they were dragged over the edge with it. Gone. Just like that.


            I started to run to the edge, but Dutchy stopped me. I don't know why. Maybe he didn't want me to have to see my best friend die. Maybe he thought I'd jump off after him.

            Maybe I would've.

            "Mush, Spot…God, NO!" I screamed, trying once again to pull away from Dutchy, but ending up on my knees on the cement.

            It was impossible…Mush couldn't be dead. This was some kind of nightmare, some kind of cruel joke by God. I'd wake up. I'd wake up. I had to wake up.

            But…no. The rain was coming down once more, pounding me into reality. I barely felt the sobs shaking my body, barely felt the tears as they ran down my cheeks, mingling with the rain. How could it matter?

            "Blink…" Dutchy started, but he didn't seem quite sure of what to say.

            "HEY! SOMEONE HELP!"

            My head snapped up. That sounded like Mush- and it sounded like he was really pissed. But it couldn't be. He'd gone over the edge with the wire…hadn't he?

            "MUSH!" I yelled, jumping up and running to the side. To my astonishment, Mush and Spot were hanging on the ends of the rope, balancing the rope precariously, keeping it from sliding one way or another. One rail that the lizard hadn't broken on its way over had caught on the rope- the only thing holding them from a nasty fall.

            We pulled up Spot first, and then we pulled Mush back onto solid ground, and I attacked him in a hug that almost sent us both back over the edge.

            "Haven't I told you not ta trip man eating lizards unless ya know they're not gonna pull ya off a bridge?" I asked, trying to sound furious as I wiped the tears off my face.

            "Yeah, I think you mentioned that…but since when did I listen ta you?"

            Maybe nobody would ever understand…but for me, seeing that smile was worth facing all the rabid lizards in the world. Hands down.


AN: Finally done! The muses are letting me rest for at least an hour…then they'll be bugging me with another idea, I just know it. Oh well…tell me what you think!

Oh, and didn't I tell you that you'd be having a heart attack? * Hugs Mush and Spot * I promise never ever to have them pulled off a bridge by a t-rex ever again. You have my word. I'll do other things that are equally vicious, but I won't do that again. ^__^ Evilness! I love it! Wait…is 'evilness' a word? * consults her dictionary but then forgets the alphabet and can't find the letter 'e' * Okay…..I'm shutting up now…