Author: Jeff Baker (aka, Jeff-B, JA Baker, Sinister Dexter)
Pairing: Jack/Sam
Rating: PG
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Summary: Sam get's promoted, Jack makes his move…

Spoilers: None

Note: I know that I got a few things wrong with USAF rankings and such, but that due to my minimal knowledge of military maters.

Bad Timing

"So how is Colonel Carter doing today?" Asked a voice from the doorway, making Sam jump at an important time in her experiment: the first domino fell, and all the others went after it, snaking across the desk, setting off the carefully constructed traps and pitfalls as they went, resulting in a smoke-ring drifting up from a conical flask as a lighter fell into it. Sam grabbed a fire extinguisher from the floor and used it to put of the flames before the smoke alarm went off.

Jack smiled, "This is what you get up to when you're 'working' in your lab on down-time?" Sam blushed, "I can't help it: Jonas spent the past two days going through the back-log of tests. I swear the guy never sleeps!" She stopped suddenly and turned to face Jack, "Did you just say *Col.* Carter?" Jack came sharply to attention, "Samantha Carter, by order of the President of the United States of America, you have, as of this date, been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with all the rights and privileges there in." He smiled, "Congratulations Sam. I wanted to be the one to tell you, and Hammond said it was ok, as long as he get's to pin the eagle on your shoulder." He handed over an envelope.

Sam read the letter, "But won't this brake up the team?" Jack grinned, "I'm sorry to brake this to you, but I am a *full* Colonel, and although we are now technical the same rank, I still have seniority: SG-1 stays together." Sam saw a glint in his eye, "When you say that we are 'technical the same rank'…" Jack smiled, moving closer, "Certain rules no longer apply, if we don't want them to." Sam leaned back against her desk, smiling, "So, if we wanted to do something about something that we had wanted to do something about for a long time, we could do something about it."

Jack shook his head, "Ok, give me a second here." Sam laughed as he pretended to go through the motions of working out what she had just said. He suddenly took a step forward, closing the gap between the, coming to rest against her, "I think that there is something that we really should do something about, don't you?" Sam smiled, enjoying the feel of his body against hers, "Yes, Jack, I think we should." Jack leaned down to kiss her, and closed his eyes.

He hit the bard deck with a thump, sending jolts of pain from his knees all the way up his back. He instantly knew what had happened, and punched the deck, sobbing slightly, "You really have to learn to call first!"

Thor tilted his head to the side, "Is something wrong, Colonel O'Neill?"

The End