Bad Timing 6: Gone fishing...

"How long do you think we have?"

"Until they find us? Not long: chances are there's already a helicopter in the air and headed this way as we speak."

"Is there any point to us running again?"

"I somehow doubt it: we've probably got our own spy satellite by now. Want a beer?"

"Sure. You know, it's a little depressing that we have to go to such extreme lengths to get some time away from our wives. You think the General's going to be upset about what we did?"

"We cut power to the entire SGC, disabled the security overrides, knocked out two Special Forces guards, stole a HUMVEE and drove through a roadblock. What could he possibly be upset about?"

"Probably the amount of grief the girls are giving him: two Sam's and two Janet's is not something I'd like to face alone."

"Yeah, one thing you never really explained: why'd Janet keep her old name when you got married?"

"She didn't want to be Janet Jackson."

"Oh, got you."

"We considered Fraiser-Jackson, but that makes it sound like her middle name is Fraiser."

"Not so good, unless you're a Seattle radio shrink."

"Still can't believe you used to watch that show. Cheers I could understand, but Frasier?"

"I'm not as dumb as I like to pretend."

"Glad to hear it."

"Are you trying to insinuate something?"

"Only that I was worried that someone as, and I use your own word here, dumb as you act a lot of the time could reach the rank of Colonel in the Air Force."

"Daniel, as much fun as it is to sit here and listen to my best friend insult me, we have a matter of perhaps minutes before a helicopter comes flying in to take us back to our beloved wives and all that that entails. Do you mind if I spend at least some of it fishing?"

"I'm not stopping you..."

The steady whoop-whoop-whoop of an approaching helicopter drifted across the treetops, getting steadily louder.

"Oh, for cryin' out loud!" Jack dropped his rod and looked up at the sky, "Why, Lord? Why do you do this to me? Have I offended you somehow?"

"Probably." Daniel downed the last of his beer, "Oh well, back to the grindstone."


"I must congratulate you, gentleman." General Hammond looked at his two subordinates, "That has to be a new record: you were away for almost 48-hours."

"Yeah, the girls already told us." Jack sighed, "How'd they track us down this time?"

"Luck: neither of them thought that the two of you would be dumb enough to go to your cabin." The General smiled, "I hear that none collected the pot this time."

"Let us know when it gets up to a few thousand and we'll consider splitting it with you." Daniel smiled weakly, "I'm sorry sir, but we needed some time away. Things have been getting worse the closer they come to term."

"We're kind of worried about what to do if they both go into labour at the same time." Jack looked genuinely worried, "We can't be with both of them..."

"Thor assures us that there is no way to reverse what Loki did." Hammond sat down, "You can't put two gallons into a one gallon jug. They did offer to clone the two of you..."

"Been there, done that." Jack shook his head, "And there'd be an argument as to who got the original and who got the clone..."

"And do you really want to live in a world with 3 Jack O'Neill's?" Daniel smirked, "Sorry; inappropriate humour is a way of coping."

"As Teal'c would say: indeed." Jack glared at his friend, "Maybe I'll tell the Janet's about that bottle of scotch you've got hidden in your desk."

"And maybe I'll tell the Sam's about the case of Guinness you have hidden in your garage!" Daniel smiled, "Checkmate!"

"Gentleman, please." Hammond rubbed his eyes, "I will talk to your wives and see if I can arrange some time off for you. I'm not making any promises..."

"You pull that off, George, and I'll make you godfather!" Jack looked like a drowning man who'd been thrown a lifeline.

"Colonel O'Neill please report to the infirmary." The bases PA system warbled. "Dr. Daniel Jackson please report to the infirmary."

"Oh no." Daniels face fell, "It can't be..."

"Impossible." Jack cringed, "We should have at least another week or two..."

To Be Continued?

As before, only if I want to torture them some moor...