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Falling slowly through the clouds, no not falling floating. He was floating through the clouds and it was amazing, to feel the wind on his face and through his outstretched arms. To feel the cool breeze all around him and the sun shinning brightly just above him, through the clouds. The clouds he realized were fluffy and smelled like candy. He should have been delighted and overwhelmed, but he wasn't. Instead he found himself looking for someone. Someone to share such a strange experience with.

He was looking around every direction trying to find that someone. All he saw though were clouds, He flew by some clouds that were shaped like ducks some that resembled trains and even a tank, but found no one.

He was about to give up when he heard a teasing laughter followed by a voice.

"Giving up already?"

He looked around confused trying to find the source of the voice.

"Bet you can't find me?"

The voice laughed at him. He recognized that voice and quickly flew to a cloud shaped like a castle where the sound seemed to come from.

"Oh yeah"

He said smiling forgetting his previous worries. Having just found that someone to share his experience with. All he had to do was actually locate them.

He flew towards the castle and as he got close enough to touch it, it disappeared.


He asked to no one. He scratched his head and looked around. He sighed sadly and his shoulders dropped and he hung his head in defeat.

"Where did it go?"

As he felt warm tears forming in his yes, he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned slowly facing the person who was tapping his shoulder. He was greeted by a smile and beautiful sea green eyes. Recognizing the silver haired boy in front of him, he gave him a huge smile of relief before throwing his arms around said boy and spinning them both in mid air.

"Riku I found you!"

Said boy chuckled snaking his arms around the other's waist.

"You found me? I think it was I who found you Sora."

Sora barely heard him, he was at the moment too busy concentrating on how the sun light played on Riku's hair and how the warm breeze was making Rikus hair fly into Sora's face tickling his nose.

It was then he was rather surprised to realize they were no longer floating through clouds but they were now standing on a beach.

They were standing on yellow sand at the edge of the water. feeling the warm water hitting just above their ankles as the waves broke on the shore. they still had their arms around each other.

Sora pulled away from Riku, where he found another surprise Riku was no longer wearing a shirt just his swimming shorts as was he.

Sora watched mesmerized as water trickled down Rikus muscular chest down his abdomen, how it glisten with the sun light. At that moment he had the strongest urge to lean forward and lick all the water from Riku's chest. Wondering if it tasted as good as it looked. Sora's mouth became very dry.


Riku said . Sora looked up at Riku and saw the teasing smile Riku was giving him. He swallowed but was unable to reply. Riku frowned and cocked his head to the side.


Sora blinked and looked at Riku whose voice had just changed. He didn't sound like Riku any more.


Riku spoke again in that voice. Sora shook his head and closed his eyes. That voice sounded so familiar, but it wasn't Riku. It wasn't Riku but Riku was right in front of him. No it was Riku but not Rikus voice. Sora was confused his head was beginning to buzz. He decided the best way to prove Riku was there was to simply reach out and touch him. Sora reached for Riku opening his eyes in time to see Riku's form vanish. To be replace by a blury vision of him Mom.


Sora's eyes went wide.


He screamed falling from his bed, all the covers tumbling over, falling on him. His Mom was standing at the foot of his bed arms crossed looking annoyed.

"Sora your alarm has been ringing for the past fifteen minutes. Turn it off and get ready for school or you'll be late."

With that she exited his room. Leaving a very sleepy Sora to wrestle with the covers of his bed. He manage to get freefrom the pile of covers and turn his alarm off. He stood up bending down picking up his covers and dumping them back on his bed.

He stood there for a minute hands on hips. He had been having a dream a strange one, but he couldn't remember what it had been about. Though judging by his little friend southward it had been a pleasant dream.

With a shrug of his shoulders, he headed for the bathroom, which was connected to his room. One of the many perks ofbeing,an only child,meant he didn't have to share a bathroom or fight for it in the morning.

Sora took a little longer than he usually would in the shower, taking care of his morning problem.

He stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed and ready to face the world. He grabbed a towel off the rack wrapping it around his waist. He moved to the sink to brush his teeth, wiping the steam that had settled on the mirror from his shower.

He grabbed his toothbrush putting some toothpaste on and, looking into the mirror, began brushing his teeth. He spat the foam and rinsed his mouth. He leaned down the sink to spit the water from his mouth. When he straighten up he watched as a little drop of water dripped from his chin to his chest.

Seeing the water running down his chest he had a sudden flash, of standing before someone. Someone who was shirtless, someone who had water glistening deliciously from their chest. As soon as the vision came it went. Sora was left looking at his confused expression in the mirror.

"What the hell?"

"Sora you're going to be late again."

He heard his mom yell from the first floor of the house, his room being on the second floor.


Sora had no more time to contemplate his vision. As he quickly dried off and stepped out of his bathroom into his room. He grabbed some clean shorts and slipped a black shirt on. He slipped his shoes on and tied them quickly. He started to collect his books which he had left scattered through out his room, the night before as he finished his homework. At the same time he spotted his brush, grabbed it and started to comb his hair, while shoving books into his back pack.

Finishing his tasks, he took one quick glance at himself in the mirror hanging from the back of his door. He sighed , seeing his hair had again decided not to behave, and was all over looking messy. But he had decided a while back he liked his hair that way. So shrugging it off, he zipped his back pack and dashed down the stairs past the kitchen into the dinning room to the front door.

"Bye mom I'm going now"

He said taking a hold of the door knob.

"Sora eat something first."

"Not hungry."

He yelled back, turning to see his mom standing on the archway to the dinning room, she was ready for work in her suit and a cup of coffee in her hand. Despite the business suit she didn't look much like a business person, because at the moment she was giving Sora a mom look the one that said don't-give-me-that-I'm-not-hungry-thing, but she sighed.

"Alright. Your father called he won't be home until tomorrow and I'm going to be late today we are going through inventory. You'll be okay by yourself right?"

Sora rolled his eyes everyday it was the same thing.

"Yes mother"

He said a little irritated.

"Okay, but if you get scared or need something go over to Riku's until I get home. Okay?"

"Yes I know"

She smiled at him.

"Alright honey have a good day."

"Sure mom I'll see ya later."

With that he was out the door. He ran on the sidewalk towards his friends who had already started walking to school. They didn't have to walk all of them were old enough to drive. Though Riku was the only one with a car, but the school was close enough and the walk there always gave them time to talk.

"Hey guys."

He yelled. Tidus and Riku both sopped and turned to see Sora running towards them.

Sora caught up to them panting a little. Riku looked at his best friend and smiled, shaking his head.

"Over sleep again sora."

It was said more a statement rather than a question. Sora only grinned, not really needing to answer. They began walking again Sora walking between Riku and Tidus.

"Did you finish your history homework?

"Just barely"

Sora answered Tidus, he knew Tidus was asking him, since Riku was not in the same class as them.

"Oh guys, guess what?"

Tidus said as if just remembering something. Sora and Riku looked over at Tidus who was now walking backwards looking at them with a rather satisfied grin on his face.


Asked Riku not really feeling like guessing, though Tidus didn't mind since he just wanted to tell his friends the good news.

"I made it I made the J.V. Soccer team."

He said smiling proudly. Sora smiled back.

"That's awesome Tidus"

Tidus was a very good soccer player he had started to play soccer about five years ago and was amazing. Of course he couldn't compare to the school's soccer star who had been playing soccer before he could walk but he would get there.

"Hey Riku aren't tryouts for Varsity this week too?"

Riku nodded.

"Tryouts? I don't know why you bother Riku, I mean you are the team."

Tidus said complementing the school's soccer star.

"Thanks. But I rather know I earned my spot like anyone else."

Tidus seemed to contemplate Rikus words and he spoke with understanding in his voice.

"Yeah I know what you mean"

Sora looked from one boy to the other feeling a little left out. Soccer was one of the things Riku and Tidus had in common that Sora did not. Sora wasn't into sports that much and always felt a little jealous when Tidus and Riku started talking about soccer. With a little sigh Sora stared forward not really seeing anything, as he tried to tune out Tidus's rambling about soccer.

Tidus was talking animatedly, flinging his arms to the sides still walking backwards. When the heel of his foot caught in a crack on the sidewalk . He gasped feeling his balance go off, falling backwards. He decided there and then walking backwards was a very stupid thing to do and he would never do it again.

His poor brain anticipating the pain of his butt hitting the pavement, made a last effort to regain his balance by telling Tidus to grab something. Unfortunately the only something close enough was Sora. Tidus hands shot forward grabbing the front of Sora's shirt, to try to break his fall. It would have worked too if Sora hadn't been leaning forward trying to catch Tidus from falling.

The end result was in short a mess. Tidus hit the pavement hard. Even harder since Sora landed on top of him.

"Oww" Was all Tidus had enough air to get out.

Riku burst out laughing holding his stomach, not making a move to help his friends. Tidus blinked looking up at Sora who was in turn staring down at him. Tidus swallowed, he was holding Sora's hips in his hands. He wanted to let go, he really did, but he realized having Sora so close to him felt nice.

Sora was looking down at Tidus with concern. He was holding his weight up with his hands. Seeing Tidus wasn't doing anything he tried to get up.

"Geez Tidus are you okay?"

He said as he broke free of Tidus's hold on his hips standing up. Having a little more oxygen going into his lungs and brain, Tidus managed to think again, enough to answer Sora.

"Umm I think so"

Sora extended his hands and helped him up, glaring at Riku who had stopped laughing and was now chuckling.

"Man Tidus that was hilarious"

Tidus took Sora's hand pulling himself up, he dusted himself off and joined Sora glaring at Riku.

"I'm glad I amuse you"

Tidus said pouting. Seeing Tidus pout Sora smiled, remembering how Tidus used to pout when they were little.


Sora said he couldn't help but tease Tidus. He wrapped his arms around Tidus's neck and pressed their faces together cheek to cheek

"Wittle Tye, Tye got a boo-boo"

Sora knew he would regret his actions later on, but at the time it seemed so worth it.

"Phoo baby" With that he turned his head giving Tidus a big loud sloppy smooch on the cheek. Tidus gasped and Sora pulled away. He took off running and laughing as fast as he could.

Tidus was now gaping, touching his cheek were Sora had kissed him and took off. Partly to catch Sora, mostly so he could hide the silly smile that had crept to his lips from Riku.

"Sora I'll get you for that."

Sora laughed and ran while Tidus ran to catch up to him. Both oblivious to how quiet and serious Riku had become.

Riku watched his two friends running in front of him. He could have run with them, catch up to them with out braking a sweat. Though he had decided to walk by himself, to think why seeing Sora hug and kiss Tidus had made him angry, and why seeing Tidus smile and touch the spot where Sora had kissed him, made him want to punch him.

Riku gripped the straps of his backpack as hard as he could trying to calm himself. He slowed his pace even more and looked down towards his shoes. He sighed.

"Why bother thinking about it Riku. You know exactly why seeing Sora touch Tidus, or anyone makes you angry"

Riku knew exactly why, he just didn't want to admit that he had a thing for Sora. He figured it was just a phase he was going through he'd grow out of it, he was sure. He scoffed to himself.

"Yeah a three year phase and counting"

A giggle from his right made him loose his train of thought. He turned to see a short red headed girl walking up to him.

"Talking to yourself again Riku?"

Riku smiled at his friend Kairi and waited for her to fall into step with him.

"You know Riku, they say talking to yourself is one of the first signs of insanity"

She said teasing. Riku smiled.

"Well then, you are definitely one know all about that"

"Hey!" She said faking insult.

Riku chuckled and stuffed his hands in his front pockets. Kairi looked around them as if looking for something or more like someone. It was then she noticed Sora wasn't there. She like almost everyone else, had become so used to seeing Riku and Sora together all the time it was strange when one was with out the other. Since she could remember Sora and Riku had been best friends. They had been friends before she had moved into the neighborhood and even before Tidus had met them. Looking up at Riku she smiled.

"Where's Sora?"
Hearing Kairi ask for Sora, Riku looked ahead of them and nodded his head towards the direction where Sora and Tidus were. Riku watched as Tidus finally caught Sora tackling him to the ground. Both landing on the front yard of someones home. Riku had to fight the urge to run to them and push Tidus off, of Sora.

Tidus was currently straddling Sora's waist successfully pinning him down. He was tickling Sora mercilessly. Sora was laughing uncontrollably, trying his best to push Tidus off him. Kairi watched the whole thing giggling not noticing the frown Riku was wearing.

Tidus was too busy concentrating on tickling Sora to noticed the other two approaching. He was too entranced by the way Sora laughed. He loved the way Sora laughed and wanted to see him laughing, he himself was smiling.

"I'm ss...orry ... Tye"

Sora managed to gasp out between bouts of laughter. Tidus laughed and only tickled him more at hearing Sora using his childhood nickname again. It was only when Sora started wiggling around brushing against Tidus's groin, that Tidus decided if he didn't want to be horribly embarrassed it would be best to move away from the friction Sora was making.

He rolled off Sora sitting on the grass leaning back supporting his weight with his arms. He watched as Sora gasped for breath. Sora's eyes were closed to block the sun from his eyes. He felt someone stand before him, shading him from the sun. He opened his eyes to see Riku standing before him with a giggling Kairi behind him.

Riku smiled down at Sora, but not before Sora saw the slight frown Riku tried to cover up. Sora wondered briefly to why the frown, before Riku nudge his backpack towards him which he had dropped before Tidus had tackled him to the ground.

"Come on lazy we'll be late if we don't start moving"

Tidus stood and brushed the grass from his clothing looking down at Sora, who had made absolutely no move to get up.

"Come on Sora."

Tidus said. Sora pretended to be thinking Tidus's words over.

"Hmm. No thanks I like it here."

Kairi rolled her eyes and looked down at the boy she used to have a crush on just the previous year. It never seized to amaze her how childish her friends could be sometimes. They would act more like twelve year olds then the seventeen year olds they were. Then again she was guilty of doing the same so she tolerated their childish moments like they did hers.

"Well I for one don't want to be late."

She said and moved to Tidus hooking her arm through his.

"Come on Tidus, Riku'll take care of Sora"

Tidus was about to protest, but decided he didn't want to be late again, he had already been late twice that week if he were late again he would receive detention, and that would mean missing soccer practice and that was not acceptable. So with a sigh he started walking with Kairi.

"I'll see you guys at school"

Tidus said to them. Sora grinned and waved cheerfully, Riku nodded. Riku watched as they walked down the side walk and as soon as they were out of ear shot he looked down at Sora, crossing his arms.

"What's up Sora?"

Sora was never one to not want to go to school, not that he was over zealous about going to school, but he would never just decide not to go. So it was strange for Sora to simply decide to ditch. Sitting up Sora shrugged and started picking at the grass. He took a deep breath smelling the morning air and smiled.

"The grass is really soft and cool"

Riku chuckled and slowly shook his head. That statement had made absolutely no sense at all and in a way it made perfect sense. Sora was strange like that sometimes, saying things that were irrelevant to what they were talking about and in a way they weren't. Riku was really the only one who understood and knew how to read into Sora's words. Right now Sora had just meant it was a nice day and he wanted to enjoy it.

Riku extended his hand out for Sora to take. Sora looked up at Riku's hand and then back up at Riku and with a reluctant grunt took Riku's hand and stood up.

"Stop pouting, you look like Tidus. Besides school's only part of the day. You can enjoy the rest of it once we're out"

Sora's lip stuck out a bit more and he pouted.

"I'm not pouting"

"Whatever you say"

Riku said and started brushing Sora's clothes off. Sora didn't seem to mind or think anything of it and merely turned so Riku could get all the grass off. Riku kept brushing Sora's back. Trying not to linger on one spot too long, trying to not be too obvious to the fact he was enjoying feeling Sora's body even if it was just a quick brush through clothing.


Riku said when there was no longer any dust or grass left on Sora's clothes.

"Thanks Riku"

Sora grinned, picking up his backpack and swinging it on his back. Riku nodded.

"Sure now come on"


They made their way to school. Managing to get there a few minutes before the tardy bell rang. Giving them just enough time put away and gather books and leave each going their separate way, until lunch time.

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