If Only For A Little While: Ch 1

Beta: Kime

Kurama sat at his desk finishing up his homework when he heard his window being opened and the sound of someone . . . . . . stumbling in. That's when he looked up. The only person who ever came in through his window was Hiei and he never stumbled. It was Hiei, in a bloody mess. He held his right arm as blood flowed through his fingers. Kurama gasped loudly at all the blood. He looked from the shoulder wound to the wound that Hiei was not able to cover on his abdomen. There was even more blood coming from the deep gash on the far right of his abdomen, it ran along side the waist of his pants.

"Kurama, I need help." Hiei said weakly from blood loss. Kurama bolted up from his seat and maneuvered Hiei to sit on the bed. Kurama ran into his bathroom and retrieved his medical kit. He rushed back out with a large white box in his grasp. He sat it on the bed next to Hiei and opened it up. He quickly and as gently as he could at the moment removed Hiei's cloak revealing how serious the wounds were. Kurama grabbed a bottle of peroxide from the medical kit and poured the liquid into the open wounds, they continued to bleed, they needed stitches.

"Hiei, you need stitches, I have the materials . . ."

"Then do it." Hiei interrupted Kurama as he spoke still cleaning out the wound to be sure to prevent infection. Kurama nodded once and pulled out a small syringe and bottle of clear liquid. He filled the syringe.

"This is a numbing agent, you won't feel the needle as I sew up the wounds and it will slow circulation. So the bleeding should slow." He injected Hiei with the medication. As soon as he pulled out the needle he grabbed a already prepared stitching needle and set to work on Hiei's wounds. Hiei's shoulder wound took fifty-four stitches while the gash to his abdomen took two-hundred.

After Kurama finished tying the last knot he began to wrap the wounds to keep them sterile. He tied up the cloth covering the wound on Hiei's abdomen, the knot sitting on his left side. Kurama sat next to his friend's side, Kurama wanted so much to be more than 'just' Hiei's friend. He was brought out of his thoughts as Hiei leaned into him and rested in the curve of his shoulder.

"Hiei are you alright?" Kurama asked worriedly, Hiei wasn't known for being 'cuddly'.

"Please, just for once I want to feel safe, even for just a little while." Hiei said quietly as he slowly nuzzled into Kurama's shoulder. To say the least, Kurama was shocked. This was the first time Hiei had ever really admitted to needing some thing. Kurama snapped back into reality as he remembered Hiei's words. He gently wrapped his arm around Hiei, making sure to not disturb Hiei's wounds, he shifted so he sat closer to Hiei, allowing him to share in his body heat. Hiei felt so cold, a groan of pain escaped his lips.

"Nnng . . . . . Kurama, you're so warm. . ." Hiei whispered out once the pain settled. Kurama was having a hell of a time trying to contain him self. Hiei's state of distress had him admitting to things that he would of kept to himself otherwise. Kurama gave a cheeky smile to himself as he looked down at a unconscious Hiei. He shifted and laid Hiei down in his bed, he changed Hiei into a pair of sweat pants before removing the top blanket because it had gotten bloody. He tucked Hiei into the satin sheets and retrieved a clean blanket from a shelf in his closet. He then went and rinsed his blanket with cold water to keep the blood from staining it, before throwing it into the hamper. He made a quick change into some pajamas, then crawled into bed himself, thanking the heavens that tomorrow was Saturday.

He gave a soft smile as Hiei unconsciously snuggled into him for warmth. It did not take long for him to drift off to sleep. His dreams revolved around Hiei and wondering what had happened to his little Koorime. Even in his dreams he smirked at the ironic thought.

Hiei woke up groggily to the feeling of comfortable warmth and safety. He gave a massive yawn and shifted to stretch but stopped mid-stretch when he heard some one chuckle. He became fully awake within an instant, quickly taking stock of where he was. In front of him and across the room was a desk that he recognized as Kurama's. He moved his head to take a look around and he heard the chuckle again, it was coming from behind him. he turned to look behind him and saw a still sleeping Kurama.

"Mmmm, your... hair.. tickles . . . . . . Hiei." Kurama murmured as his eyes slowly opened to reveal sleepy hazed emerald green eyes.

"What am I doing here?" Hiei asked quietly.

"You came here wounded and asked for my help remember?"

"Yes I know that but what am I doing here in your bed, why aren't I outside?" Kurama gave a slightly hurt look before he answered.

"You fell asleep when you leaned against me so I put you to bed, you were so cold. Besides do you think I would of allowed you to leave injured like that." Kurama said gently. He rose up and took a look at his clock; it read 9:45am. He shifted and slid out of bed and went into the wash room. When he came out a few moments later he had the medical kit again. Hiei hadn't moved from the spot where he laid on the bed.

"I want to check your wounds. You took a lot of stitches and I want to make sure that they do not become infected." Kurama said softly as he sat the kit on his night stand then slowly helped Hiei sit up. When Hiei slipped his legs over the edge of the bed he noticed that he was not wearing his normal buckle up pants but a pair of oversized sweat pants. Kurama saw his confusion and gave a cheeky smile.

"I changed your pants before I put you into bed." He said as he began to unwrapped Hiei's bandages to check his wounds. He noticed Hiei cheeks gain a pinkish tint but didn't say anything as he dabbed some salve onto Hiei's stitches.

"We should be able to remove these by late this afternoon." Kurama said as he cleaned up the slight mess he had made after re-wrapping Hiei's bandages. He rose up and grabbed some cloths from his dresser before stepping into his wash room and changing. He returned wearing a pair of slacks and button up shirt, as usual.

"Don't you wear any thing else, besides dress cloths?" Hiei asked sarcastically. Kurama looked somewhat confused.

"Um, now that you mention it, I guess I don't. It's either this or the cloths given to us from spirit world." Kurama said thoughtfully.

"Tell me are all foxes neat freaks like you?" Hiei asked sarcastically.

"Heh heh, I don't rightfully know. I think it's just a personality quirk of mine." Kurama said sweat dropping and rubbing the back of his head. Just then Hiei's stomach thought it proper to voice its complaints to hunger. Hiei turned his head to look away as a deeper blush raised to his cheeks in embarrassment. Kurama's gave a soft smile before addressing the problem at hand.

"Sounds like your just as hungry as I am, shall we go and have some breakfast?" Hiei rose to his feet and picked up his cloak, giving it a once over before tossing it into Kurama's trash can. He then walked over to the window and proceeded to open it. Kurama watched a little confused.

"Hiei, where are you going?"

"To find some breakfast, you're going to go eat why shouldn't I" He stated flatly. Kurama was hurt by this, Hiei believed that he would exclude him from having a meal at his house; well he would just have to fix that.

"I meant for you to join me here for breakfast. What did you think?"

"What would your mother say 'Shuuchi'?" Hiei said reminding Kurama of his alias.

"Nothing she's not here. She leaves for work at five in the morning and will not return till about a quarter after six tomorrow. She has to fly to another city for a meeting or something; I wasn't paying attention when she told me." Kurama said sweat dropping as Hiei shook his head in near disbelief. He looked up when he felt Kurama lay a gentle hand on his shoulder. Hiei looked into Kurama's eyes seeing something warm and gentle in the deep emerald depths.

"So are you going to join me for breakfast?" he asked smoothly. Hiei nodded and came off the window ledge and followed Kurama to the kitchen. Kurama pulled out a chair from the table and with a firm grip pushed Hiei down onto the chair to sit before sliding the chair back to the table, before walking over to the refrigerator.

"Now you just sit there and I'll have breakfast ready in no time." Kurama said looking over his shoulder with a light smile. Hiei just sat and watched as Kurama moved smoothly through his kitchen. A few minutes later, Kurama sat a plate of egg, bacon, toast, and hash browns. Hiei cocked a eyebrow and poked at the hash browns with his chop sticks. Kurama chuckled gently.

"What is this?"

"Hash browns, diced up fried potatoes." Kurama informed lightly. He chuckled more as Hiei brought some hash browns to his lips and took a hesitant bite. His eyes brightened some as he seemed to like them. He soon had his hash browns finished and was nibbling on his toast and eggs before crunching down on the bacon. When he was finished he sat with Kurama at the table idly sipping at the orange juice Kurama had given him, Kurama doing the same.

"So tell me what happened to get you in this rough of shape?" Kurama asked idly.

". . . . Yukina was in trouble."

"Oh dear, is she alright?"


"Why didn't you have her heal you?"

"She was preoccupied with getting Kurabara healed."

"Oh . . . . ." Kurama said trying to mull up a response. Hiei looked up at him.

"I'm not going to kill him if that's what you're worried about, he did try to get her to take care of me first but he blacked out and I left." He took another sip of orange juice. Kurama face softened. Hiei had to look away, for some reason Kurama always managed to stir up some emotion with in him. Making him feel warm and his stomach do flips.

"Shall we go back to my room?" Kurama asked as he rose from his seat. Hiei followed behind. When the got into the room, Kurama motioned for Hiei to go sit on the bed, while he went over and pulled out a folding table and a small wooden case.

"Would you like to play a game of chess?" Kurama asked as he unfolded the table. Hiei nodded. Kurama sat up the board game and pulled the chair from his desk. After a few games Hiei felt his eyes become heavy and began to droop, he was trying hard not to fall asleep on Kurama.

"Go ahead and lay down, I'll finish up my homework and you can take a nap." Kurama said as he moved the table away and moved back to his desk. Hiei blinked then curled up on his side and promptly fell asleep. Kurama gave a sad little chuckle as he looked back to check on Hiei. He got up and covered Hiei with a quilt.

"Oh Hiei, what I wouldn't do for you. You only need to ask." He whispered as he moved away to go back to his desk.

"Will you lay down with me?" Kurama nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard Hiei's whispered words. He looked over to see Hiei's eyes slightly open and looking at him with something akin to longing. Kurama moved over to him and laid down behind Hiei and allowed him to scoot closer hesitantly.

"May I ask why you asked me to lay down with you?" Kurama asked. Hiei turned over so he was facing Kurama.

"I was cold, and for some reason I feel warm next to you. . . . . I like that feeling." Hiei said as he began to drift off into slumber. Kurama blinked several times before finding his voice.

"I love you Hiei." Kurama whispered as he nuzzled Hiei's hair.

"I think I love you too, Fox" Hiei whispered as he cuddled up to Kurama. Kurama smiled warmly, not a self mocking or sad kind of smile but a real smile. He sat a gentle kiss into Hiei's hair and followed him into slumber.